The Hit List

The Hit List

A hit man's boss refers him to a client, a dangerous woman who mixes business with pleasure.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:1993
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   murder,   police,  

Charlie Pike is a pro hitman, but when he meets Yancy Butler, everything starts falling apart. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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AZ D (jp) wrote: Riki Takeuchi is the Yakuza tough guy icon that just oozes cool!

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Private U (nl) wrote: The suspense and story is just as fantastic as early Guillermo del Toro

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Laurel K (br) wrote: Touches some important issues without making you feel you're being preached at. I never knew where it was going.

oxana (jp) wrote: This is not my type of movie, per se (I am no fan of AC/DC, for one), but I gave it a chance since I wanted to see Sam Worthington in it.Mark my words, this is not your usual burial, but then, this is not your usual group of people either.Spurred by a promise made 12 years before, four friends go on a trip to take their dead friend to his final resting place - beside a legend whom they think saved their lives on one night in Sydney. Problems start right off because not all of them are willing to go (whether it is a promotion at work or problems with an Asian Triad). Next, of course, they have to get their mate's ashes - and take them to Perth.A journey full of trouble, adventures - or disasters, however one likes to look at it. The movie is touching and humorous at the same time, without going overboard at any point. It is adorable how these four men are trying to fulfill a promise, and how in the end it brings a whole lot of people together to finish this one journey together.I didn't necessarily like the music, but the movie was better than I dared to expect, and the actors were rather good.

Li K (es) wrote: I know I end up saying the exact same thing every time I watch a Woody Allen movie, but it still applies and I'm gonna say it again. The man makes me feel better about life, and I love him for that.

Ryan S (gb) wrote: A well put together documentary on the life and dreams of Walt Disney.

AAAA A (fr) wrote: Kind of slow, and the end made no sense to me... :(

(ca) wrote: Illustration of the friendship between the 3 japanese girls was brilliantly done...kinda sad when one of them is leaving...

Stark J (fr) wrote: You know the feeling you get when you sit down to watch a Seagal film? The one where you expect over the top hammy acting, a poor script and an over preachy spirtual or (eastern) religious message? Well you won't be dissapointed then. What may dissapoint is the fact that, at heart, it's just not very good, not even for a Seagal movie.

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Charlie P (mx) wrote: Love VP but this isn't the best thing to see him in. He's great in it but I didn't think it was as good as other Poe adaptations.

Stacey O (es) wrote: Interesting thriller. Well worth a look if your a Stephen dorff fan.

Klaas L (ca) wrote: You should have seen it!

bill s (br) wrote: Intelligent romantic comedy with some good performances....a winner.