The Holding

The Holding

A heart-pounding suspense thriller, set on an isolated farm in England's beautiful, rugged Peak District.

The story of Nacy and her family who has a lovely farm. Aden who was a friend of her husband Dean offers to work for food and lodging. After that, she has a love affair with Aden. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James B (us) wrote: A great inside look on what it was like to face the greatest from the view of other great fighters and there battle with him.

CM K (ru) wrote: No substance, no excitement. Just European ennui with a dash of blood.

Vinay K (gb) wrote: Again a very under rated movie. Rarely do we see such a masterpiece movie in hindi.

Alex K (mx) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Michael M (au) wrote: I hadn't watched this movie in probably 20+ years and I must say it hasn't really aged all that well. But with all the drama surrounding the Hulkster these days, I was afraid Netflix might pull this movie and I had to rewatch it before that happened. It's easily one of the most awesomely cheesy late 80's movies right up there with Bill Cosby's "Leonard Part 6." I hope whoever they tapped to score this movie never worked in Hollywood again because it's fucking terrible. And I'd also like to know when Hulk and Vince were sitting around trying to name his character, why would they choose something as lame as "Rip"? I've got to give credit where credit is due though...Joan Severance was really smoking hot back in the day. And this movie still has one of the best lines ever "Well if it isn't the teeny wangers." Hilarious.

Jenn M (ag) wrote: Great film! Woods, a great lawyer turned lacky to guilty drug related cases lawyer teams up with a young bright eyed bushy tailed Downey Jr in order to free an innocent client who is up on murder charges for an in prison killing of a racist gang member in self defense. Instead of focusing on this crime, they delve into the original case of why he is in prison. Although he appears guilty, there is a rather intricate plot underfoot and in the end Woods reveals the truth. Fantastic movie, would watch it again in a heartbeat.

Daniel M (us) wrote: Man, what a fantastic piece of bollocks this film is. I felt trapped under the collosal amount of trash that was being thrown at me AND I OWN THE BLU-RAY... Let me explain... I am damn sure that Fellini was an influence on Lloyd Kaufman, even if it was only in his filmmaking philosophy which is "since we can film anything, we will film everything". Complete, total disregard for taste, logic and even continuity and yet though i was fully aware i was watching total, undilluted crap, i found myself hooked. You know, really what is the point of me analysing films when my world is rocked by something this intellectually offensive. There's a poetry to it i tell ya, give me this anyday over Le Dolce Vita. At least i can find a point to this, Kaufman's anti-masterpiece, which is instead of tiring yourself with flipping off someone straight in the face for 90 minutes, why not instead frozen your finger in carbonite, make about 230 odd 3d copies of it and preserve each one onto celluiod so instead of seeing 35 or so frames per second, you can treat your audience to 35 or so fuck you's per second and my days what a sight that is. God bless Troma and their defiant refusal to contribute anything to society.

Stephen G (fr) wrote: Probably the greatest adult-oriented animated feature ever made. If you're a fan of great animation and you've never seen this movie, then what the heck are you waiting for?!

Marilee A (mx) wrote: I remember seeing this, but the story is too fuzzy for me to honestly rate it, so I would like to see it again.hopefully some Lovely Network will take the Hint, yeah, like they are in tune to Moi

Matthew H (fr) wrote: Being a huge Sam Rockwell fan, I can't believe it took me this long to see this film. Wish I had done so sooner! Rockwell delivers another crackling, layered performance and is definitely the glue that keeps the film together - and keeps you glued to the film. It's a funny, dark, offbeat and charming film - but equally unsettling. It has an unusual pace and rhythm which might turn away some viewers, but for those who appreciate something less generic made with an artistic touch, this is a great night's entertainment. Rockwell is still on the top my wish-list to work with.....