The Hollow

The Hollow

It's Halloween eve on Shelter Island, and the small town is preparing for a killer storm. But the dark clouds gathering over the island are bringing with them a curse one-hundred years in waiting. As the woods give birth to an ungodly and insatiable creature of fire, bones, and earth, three sisters must scramble to stay alive through the long dark night of the Hollow. For it's not something you can kill. It's only something you can try and survive.

The film tells the horrific story of three sisters who try to stay alive during a killer storm on Halloween eve as the woods give birth to an ungodly and insatiable creature of fire, bones, and earth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Hollow torrent reviews

Noah F (ag) wrote: Dennis Quaid's dead-on performance really stands out in this thriller devoid of scares, character development, or good dialogue.

Keith T (us) wrote: From the director of Not Quite Hollywood, which was a good fun documentary about Australian exploitation cinema, this is another doc, this time focussing on Filipino-shot exploitation movies (a great deal of which seem to have been helmed by Roger Corman). It's a blast, with some great talking heads from the likes of Sid Haig, Joe Dante and the always dapper John Landis. There are some hilarious anecdotes and plenty of clips from the offending movies, and if anything this rollicks along at a better pace than 'Not Quite Hollywood', although it does seem to stop quite suddenly without reaching a natural stopping point. A very entertaining watch for genre fans.

Zachary P (us) wrote: This was really funny

Roy C (br) wrote: Astonishingly, the first installment is preferable to this hypersapien non-massacre (I like it when video game adaptations are self-conscious of their roots).

Lance U (gb) wrote: corny little creature feature, complete with mediocre acting, but a decent level of cgi and gore

Zhanyi J (ca) wrote: Am I missing something? I don't get the father and son sexual tension. Don't really see the purpose of the movie as well.

Sharon W (gb) wrote: I tried to like this movie but it just fell flat for me. I didn't particularly like the main character which meant I didn't really care what happened to her and her obsession. I thought the friend at the restaurant with her funny sex-capades stories was more interesting.

Eric H (de) wrote: 61* is an amazingly wonderful made for TV movie. Everything is right on target from costumes to colors to physical movements. 61* tells the little known behind the scenes story of the New Yankees 1961 baseball legends, Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle. It's a heart-wrenching depiction of the heaven Mantle went through most of that season and the hell Maris suffered. It has parts that makes one want to cry and others that are quite funny. The performances are excellent! Not a single person seems phony or half-hearted. My favorite was Barry Pepper who brought Maris back to life and forces everyone to see what a hero he really was. This movie witnesses the All-American dream that every little boy has of being a fantastic ball player but shows how that dream often turns into a nightmare. It's an amazing story with amazing exactness and amazing performances. What a fantastic piece of work!

Christian H (us) wrote: A multi-Oscar winning romantic comedy starring Jack Nicholson as an incredible misanthropist.

Senor C (br) wrote: I should have saved this for Shocktober because it's a good Halloween movie. It's basic John Carpenter meets Tales from the Crypt w/ a really good cast. You get Robert Carradine as a serial killer in the first segment, Stacy Keach losing his hair & then becoming hairy as a Wookie in the 2nd, & Mark Hamill losing an eye & having it being replaced w/ a killers. Then you get a bevy of directors like Wes Craven, Sam Raimi & Roger Corman in cameos. Not quite Creepshow but definitely better then Tales From the Darkside.

Dimitri S (jp) wrote: A good movie.It's a simple story, but it's good very good.The best movie with Hulk Hogan.Some scene's are very fun.

Cole B (gb) wrote: If you don't love fear of a black hat you don't love yourself.

Sean N (fr) wrote: Sweet kills, awesome boobs, movie makes you wanna suck on some boobs, big hair and big boobs and awesome kill scenes with a drill.

Charlie G (kr) wrote: Very disappointing movie.

Carl M (ru) wrote: A crazed scientist steals the original manuscripts for the legendary monsters Dracula, The Wolf Man, The Mummy, and Frankenstein so that he can bring them to life using a machine of his own design, but things go horribly wrong when his virgin sacrifice escapes. The creatures are restored, but at only three feet tall! Now, the miniature monsters must track down the girl and bring her back to the lab so that they can be returned to their normal size in order to wreak havoc on the world! Charles Band and Full Moon Entertainment present another tale featuring a group of tiny terrors, this time employing veteran actor Phil Fondacaro in the role of Dracula. Fondacaro takes the character seriously despite the campy nature of the script, and gives one of his best performances to date. Bill Moynihan's stuttering scientist provides more fun with his odd, quirky behavior and foolhardy delusions of control. Additional praise goes to Gabriel Bartalos in charge of the special make-up effects for coming up with a series of excellent design updates for the hideous creeps. Like in so many other Full Moon flicks, the mood is kept light and playful, with story falling second to entertainment. For a cheesy monster romp, these ankle-biters are sure to please!-Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

Kate C (ca) wrote: There's something fascinating about someone starring in their own autobiography... you have to wonder just how close to the truth it is and to what extent it was "hollywoodized" If you like WWII movies you have to include this among them. To not would be negligent. I would suggest watching this with Stalag 17.

Michael E (au) wrote: Could have been a good movie. Bad script, and bad directing.

Kevin R (au) wrote: Life is very wonderful but it is dangerous if you dare to live it. There are five very different people staying at a hotel. Their paths cross randomly throughout a very interesting weekend. Some stories are sad and some appear to have promise that they hope will develop into something special. Ultimately, everything may not be what it seems and relationships unpredictably develop. "I am going to live. I'm going to have a good time while I can." Edmund Goulding, director of Mardi Gras, The Razor's Edge, Riptide, The Devil's Holiday, Women Love Diamonds, and The Trespasser, delivers Grand Hotel. The storyline for this picture is very smart. The plot seems predictable but the end is awesome and very surprising. The acting is mesmerizing and the cast delivers remarkable performances. The cast includes Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo, John Barrymore, Wallace Beery, and Lionel Barrymore. "Who are you?" "Someone who happened to be hiding in your room." Grand Hotel popped up while I was looking for Joan Crawford pictures to DVR. I was impressed by the cast and the story of the dying man reminded me of Kurosawa's Ikiru. This movie seemed like a 7 or 8 until the very end when everything came together beautifully. This is one of those movie that creeps up on you by surprise and is truly a must see. I strongly recommend this picture. "It can't be so easy to die." Grade: A