The Holy Girl

The Holy Girl

Amalia is an adolescent girl who is caught in the throes of her emerging sexuality and her deeply held passion for her Catholic faith. These two drives mingle when the visiting Dr. Jano takes advantage of a crowd to get inappropriately close to the girl. Repulsed by him but inspired by an inner burning, Amalia decides it is her God-given mission to save the doctor from his behavior, and she begins to stalk Dr. Jano, becoming a most unusual voyeur.

16-year-old Amalia looks to save the soul a middle-aged doctor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather G (ag) wrote: Loved it! Even better than the first!

Dann M (jp) wrote: Quirky and offbeat, The Hollars is a lighthearted and entertaining indie comedy about family. When his mother is hospitalized, John Hollar returns to his small hometown and reconnects with his estranged family. Starring John Krasinski, Anna Kendrick, Charlie Day, Richard Jenkins, and Margo Martindale, the film has a pretty good cast. And, the comedy is well-written and has a clever wit to it. Yet the pacing is kind of slow and the plot meanders at times. Also, there's really not a lot of character development. But despite its problems, The Hollars is an enjoyable film with a strong message about the bonds of family.

Greg W (ru) wrote: another 'game of thrones' knock-off with a bit more blood n gore thrown in 4 good measure.skip this sequel and see the first 2011 'ironclad' much better than this pale sequel

Galle C (ca) wrote: Ca partait d'un bon sentiment.L'histoire reflte trs bien le quotidien d'une future jeune mre...c'est surement l que le bas blesse. Un chouille trop de r (C)alismes qui englue le film dans une mise distance filmographique.Pio Marmai et Louise Bourgoin forment un trs joli couple. Tous les autres personnages sont insignifiants (normal si on suit la logique de la maman...)

Anthony V (ru) wrote: Don't usually leave comments but DAMN I had to leave something on this One. Seen it a few weeks back in theaters while I was in New York. Awesome movie was surprised to see Chadwick Boseman as the lead character (same actor who plays Jackie Robinson in 42) and Peter Greene is always a good actor to see always puts on a great performance. Also was pleased to see the good production values it was a nice touch to the movie. Definitely, adding this one to the collection.

Christopher S (kr) wrote: Much better than the Public Enemies movie. The title was a bit misleading, but overall, still a good movie. The animation was spot on and I appreciate the fact that Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly, Susan Eisenberger and Ed Asner reprised their respective roles.

frankie t (br) wrote: This film is genius, I nearly wet myself with laughter, its the funniest film ever, the main character Bulla is just insane nothing like I expected, you wont be dissappointed.

AD V (de) wrote: Super gory, graphic slasher that features some nasty deaths and a genuinely mysterious killer . Too bad the script sucks due to its annoying lack of logic from both the characters and their situations.

John D (nl) wrote: Makes me want to see Troll 2, even if it doesn't seem to delve all that deeply into the phenomenon.

Ilja S (jp) wrote: Rise of the Lycans almost falls in the 'it's so bad it's fun' category, but the constant cuts, shaky cam and awful cg take you of any good action. The fact that there are no stakes make this prequel totally unnecessary.

Roy C (kr) wrote: The title conceals a dark truth.

Ragesh S (us) wrote: The story is based on the Angel Makers of Nagyrv.

Trent W (ag) wrote: Loved the direction from Gallo and loved the scene of Ricci dancing in the bowling alley. It's been too long since I've seen this and I can't wait to check it out again.

Julia O (us) wrote: The first time I saw this on late-night cable, I'd never heard of Russell Crowe. Not only was I absolutely convinced that he was a gay man in real life (wrong, grasshopper -- it's called tremendous acting), I also knew that he was going to be a HUGE star. Happily, I was right. This movie is based on a stage play and it tends to get preachy and is, well, stagey, but the story and acting are both so great, who cares. A tearjerker.

Andreas W (br) wrote: A masterpiece of movie making.

Josh I (fr) wrote: How can you not love young Alec Baldwin chewing scenery?

Veronica H (jp) wrote: Worryingly realistic :) it was a great movie for Aussie kids! 'Movie info' listed here is misguided - Tasmania is a very small state (in culture, not area), not a country. Not aimed at American adults any more than Thomas The Tank Engine is. Saw the Young Einstein music video on mute at the gym in Sydney this morning, which is why I was reminded of it - was giggling the whole time :) American kids would probably like the movie actually.

Dave C (gb) wrote: Love Mozart. Just wonderful !

George E (au) wrote: Had a good start, but after that it seemed very downbeat. This wasn't even a thriller, first of all. It was a psychological drama like Birth and Little Children. The guy that played the blackmailer was awful. His character was worse. Nothing really happened throughout the film. It was boring. The ending was anti-climactic (what a dumb villain). Wow, didn't she cry too much when *SPOILER* the blackmailer dies? I mean, the guy wanted $50,000 from her, and he wasn't even in love with her. She didn't really like him, too. There was no connection between them throughout the film.

Darren R (jp) wrote: I'd give it six stars if that were possible.