The Home and the World

The Home and the World

When the movie opens, a woman is recalling the events that molded her perspective on the world. Years ago, her husband, a wealthy Western-educated landowner, challenged tradition by providing her with schooling, and inviting her out of the seclusion in which married women were kept, to the consternation of more conservative relatives. Meeting her husband's visiting friend from college, a leader of an economic rebellion against the British, she takes up his political cause, despite her husbands warnings. As the story progresses, the relationship between the woman and the visitor becomes more than platonic, and the political battles, pitting rich against poor and Hindu against Moslem, turn out not to be quite as simple as she had first thought.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1984
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,   india,  

When the movie opens, a woman is recalling the events that molded her perspective on the world. Years ago, her husband, a wealthy Western-educated landowner, challenged tradition by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Viktor N (de) wrote: A "female" version of The Hangover in real time instead of backtracking your steps. Has some funny moments but not enough to be good.

Ryan D (kr) wrote: The heroes in this movie dont really appear as ones, nor do you care as much as the movie begins to drag along. Freelancers potential at being a good film died when they brought 50 cent into the picture as well.

Jao R (us) wrote: it's corny and entirely predictable. slow-paced with a lot of repetitious scenes. concept's been done before and done much better.

Private U (mx) wrote: I knew nothing about this movie going into it, which is perhaps why I liked it this much. I thought it portrayed 2 human sides: selfishness and selflessness. The younger brother left me wanting to be a better person, whereas the older brother showed what I feel most people would want to do when they come across a lot of money. Overall it was a good story, filmed creatively, and had a nice soundtrack. I would recommend it to most people.

Joseph W (br) wrote: Finally a Marky Mark film that I really like. I love the theme of the film of one man proving everyone wrong that he to can make a name for himself and it's never to late to follow your dreams.

Catherine V (mx) wrote: Interwoven stories combined with beautiful artistry keeps this one on my list. Butterflies...I'll never look at them in the same light again.

Kirsty W (br) wrote: Loved it as a kid, still love it. Worry about the 'high cockalorum' bit though...

Jason R (it) wrote: For a low budget with a lot of dialogue, its magnificent. And a young robert duvall shows off his acting chops.

Cindy C (it) wrote: Let Spin Out with Elvis Presly

Stella D (ru) wrote: requiring a big dose of suspension of disbelief from the get go but, that aside, a very good low budget thriller. nice pairing of young william holden and nancy olson in the same year they did 'sunset blvd'. funny to see barry fitzgerald as the police inspector threatening suspects and telling his men, 'make it look accidental'

Harlan H (ag) wrote: This film was just ok for me. I liked the cast and the story idea but the films plays really slow throughout. It wasn't as funny as I had anticipated. But I am a Cary Grant fan so I still enjoyed watching it.

Joel K (ca) wrote: Great modernized western film noir movie set during a feista in a place called San Pablo, New Mexico. Thomas Gomez was rightfully nominated for best supporting actor for his role as Pancho. Gotta love Art Smith's accent in this movie as well. The feista atmosphere with the film noir lighting make the movie a lot of fun for me. Robert Montgomery and Wanda Hendrix are also wonderful. Just a delightful film. Love the ending.