The Home of Dark Butterflies

The Home of Dark Butterflies

Haunted by his traumatic past and cautious about the prospects of an uncertain future, a fourteen year old boy named Juhani winds up in an isolated boys' home known as The Island. Juhani (Niilo Syvaoja) has been shuttled between foster homes and temporary families for the past six years, leaving any prospect of stability in his life a faded dream. When Juhani winds up in a remote shelter for troubled youth known as The Island, he has little idea of how ruthless superintendent Olavi Harjula (Tommi Korpela) can truly be.

Juhani, 14 years old and tormented by a childhood trauma, has changed several foster parents from the age of eight. He is taken to an island, where there is a boys' home, run by a strict ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason C (it) wrote: Even though Billy Bob tries his best, the material is so very hack and just plain not funny in every way that it is pretty unbearable.

Novyl S (ca) wrote: I cannot believe I sat through this crap passing itself off as a movie. It wasn't just the acting or the storyline ... It was everything! It COULD have been an interesting and fun movie - but it ended up being dull and silly! I cringed everytime "The Chairman" came on he scene!!! Watch at your own risk!

KJ P (fr) wrote: There are good films, bad films, and then those that you know are not good but you just can't help but enjoy for reasons unknown. "Step Up" is one of those films, because I enjoy how the actors think they are in a serious film, when the emotion and pacing is so cliche that it becomes amusing. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum are great together, but that is probably due to the fact that they fell in love on set and got married in real life. "Step Up" has some of the worst script-writing even with the standards set by this lame story. As a juvenile teenager is forced into community service, he finds an interest in ballet and romance blossoms. This film is very lame, oddly directed, and almost every scene is handled sloppily, but the chemistry saves this film from being utter garbage. In the end, I would almost call this a guilty pleasure, but that would be way too generous.

Gabriel L (fr) wrote: The incarnation of creepiness!

Carsten (mx) wrote: Funny French action movie with the meanest cop ever on film. The story is unfortunately so thin that even the lovely Monica Bellucci cant pull it higher up!

Jamie S (ag) wrote: what a fucked up film! not really got a plot but was entertaining anyway.this is another film i'm glad i didn't lend to my nan! think it would have finished her off!

Harry W (br) wrote: Under intense lobbying from a friend who loves Kevin Kline, Dave was said to be a film that could not be missed.Although I felt like Dave wasn't as funny as it really deserved to be.While I felt like the material in Dave was clever as its story followed a strongly original concept and truthfully depicted the nature of the white house while satirically examining the nature of American politics as a whole, it just wasn't the right kind of funny on a consistent basis. It was easy to look at Dave and think "that's clever" and "that's funny" but not so easy to really find myself laughing. I know Dave is a comedy, but I didn't find that it had the comedic energy to really leave audiences likely to laugh too much. Perhaps the film is dated and perhaps politics simply isn't that funny a concept, but Dave didn't have me laughing. It had me entertained and I admired its clever comedic elements, but I didn't laugh at them. I guess its satirical edge was a loose one, and its examination of political comedy really didn't stretch as far as other films have such as Warren Beatty's 1998 political satire Bulworth. To contrast the two, Dave was lighter in nature but didn't examine dramatic elements as deeply as Bulworth, nor did it present many situations that left me laughing. The doesn't mean that Dave is a bad film, it simply means that its the kind of comedy film funny for its material and concept moreso than its jokes.And the other thing was that the energy didn't feel all in there. While the script was a clever one which was truthful and effective, it could have been funnier if its delivery was a little more charged. The actors all give a fine effort, but if director Ivan Reitman had taken an angle which gave more passion to the script treatment and tried harder to ensure that the comedic delivery was more energetic, then Dave would most likely be funnier. The film felt real, but perhaps almost too real to soar into comedic territory all that much.But like I said, I still enjoyed Dave.I enjoyed it more as a light dramedy with a comedic concept than as a single handed comedy. I found that it began as a comedy and then took a really meaningful look into the political world. While touching upon certain concepts rather lightly, it still did it in an amiable way. It examines the somewhat reckless nature of politics and how some people carelessly throw millions of dollars away over senseless campaigns and such. Without being a self-indulgent criticism of the White House, Dave stands to make some strong political points of its own while working as a parody of them. Essentially, it manages to find the right balance between being a satire of politics and a straight political film which isn't always easy to do.And it looks at everything intelligently because Dave refuses to become burdened by an excess of talking with too many big words, because while the script uses intelligent themes and language, it also takes a lot of clever and humourous looks at a better way to actually run a country which makes it a politically intelligent film. The script in Dave makes a valid commentary on the political system while giving it a nice satirical edge without going into over-the-top gags. The fact is that Dave is a funny film for its jokes and for the fact that it is possible that such a story could happen, as well as revealing what happen when a person goes into politics with the intention of pleasing people who deserve a fair go in life, instead of for monetary gain. Dave is a film that a lot of politicians need to look at and come to the realisation of how things could improve.The thing that is most great about Dave is Kevin Kline's performance. The man is a comedy genius, and he proves that by playing the titular role in Dave. Kevin Kline steps into the part and performs it with depth and passion and delivers his lines with true dedication to the character. You can see that it is no challenge for him because he seamlessly deviates between playing a character and playing a character playing his own character easily by putting his natural charisma into the part. Dave features one of Kevin Kline's best performances to date because he carries the entire film from start to finish with a charismatic and hilarious leading performance. He delivers his lines with natural leading charisma, and it encourages him to progress through the story every step of the way as if the character he plays is his genuine persona. Kevin Kline carries the comedic nature of Dave on his shoulders very well, and it reminds us just how funny he is in a leading performance.Sigourney Weaver is a nice presence in Dave because she easily steps into the role of First Lady Ellen Mitchell with charm and sophistication without challenge. She embodies the level of class necessary to the part without challenge and serves to produce a great chemistry with Kevin Kline. Sigourney Weaver's restrained but meaningful effort in Dave produces a romantic edge for the film which is played off very nicely and contributes to the characterisation of the titular Dave very nicely. Sigourney Weaver is genial in Dave.And Ving Rhames is always a good presence, taking on the role of the President's Bodyguard with ease and well timed line delivery, as well as the fact that he physically fits the profile of the part well.So although Dave did not prove to be quite as funny as I had hoped, it was a very cleverly written political satire which had a nice light nature, a sufficient quantity of laughs and a great leading performance from Kevin Kline who successfully holds the film up on his shoulders.

Benjamin S (ru) wrote: Not as good as the play, whenever Tony's character leaves the apartment that is when nothing works. Thelma Ritter is hilarious as usual. The three stewardess' are great too, Tony Curtis and Jerry Lewis are fine, but this wasn't directed well.

Duncan B (ca) wrote: Ive never seen another movie like this. It takes place during the 1968 democratic national convention amidst the riots. it uses actors placed right in the action, part doc and part drama, it is worth a watch for anyone interested in politics or film.

Joseph L (it) wrote: Wow. Sure, it rips off Psycho. That doesn't mean it isn't a classic in its own right. William Castle was a genius at creating fear and then playing with it: a b-movie auteur. The gore is still visceral even today, a credit to his directing. And the plot twist is actually worthwhile and creepy as fuck.

Sylvester K (jp) wrote: One of the cutest films I've ever watched, City Lights is probably Chaplin's masterpiece. It's got an acceptable length, fantastic acting and a well written story. The ending is one of the best acting in the history of cinema.

David B (ca) wrote: Enjoyable Heist movie. Good interaction between the leads, pity about the plot.

Stephen C (mx) wrote: Before they went on to create some of the most memorable British films ever made they gave us tight little thrillers like this one. Its no mistake that this feels a little like a Hitchcock movie in places ,as Powell had worked for Hitch in the early part of his career. The best thing about the film is that even the bad guys are given dimensions in there roles. Conrad Veidt is good here as a u Boat captain sent on a mission to destroy the British fleet at Scapa flow. Pressburger never results to obvious panto villainy ,insted giving Veidt some ace dialogue. With a smashing twist and of course Powells masterfull visual eye this really is a perfect Sunday Afternoon movie treat

Mayank A (fr) wrote: Got in thinking it was a Poker movie but it turned out to be a Road movie, the journey of the two addict gambles is well made, the acting really good, it has its moments but doesn't provide any entertaining value.