The Homefront

The Homefront

Despite the increasing reality of military invasion, an American family struggles to keep up an illusion of normalcy.

Despite the increasing reality of military invasion, an American family struggles to keep up an illusion of normalcy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim R (kr) wrote: SULLY! Good movie! lots of stuff you wouldnt think about!

Ammar Z (mx) wrote: A one-note on-the-lam saga that's primarily notable for its simplistic celebration of the outlaw life through endless shots of writer/director/star Jason Momoa in sunset silhouette.

Nn S (de) wrote: Seems 'Grave Encounters' got lost in its own maze.

Al M (de) wrote: Based on the urban legends that claim the small town of Stull, Kansas is a gateway to Hell, Nothing Left to Fear takes a promising premise and some decently creepy imagery and squanders it in a film that is nothing but tedious and predictable.

Emanuele Z (mx) wrote: It starts very well but doesn't deliver. What's the whole point? The destruction of a man? he's fine apparently

Laurel S (kr) wrote: My frist look at Steven Strait....sooo hot! Its an okay movie!

Shaun B (ag) wrote: It's funny....Yeah I said it!

Mackenie B (ag) wrote: This movie was soooo sad.

Frit F (es) wrote: Epic, Stunning, Powerful, Well Made, & immersively edgy and dramatic throughout. I don't know how this doesn(TM)t have more acclaim. This film should have won Best Picture.

Andres G (de) wrote: very good movie aldo has a weird pacing. goes from fast to slow to super fast then a bit slow then super fast. the end its mixed. it is clear since there are just 2 of them they are near god levels. a sequel was not realistic considering one was about to fight to the death on a planet prison and the other one jumped into a random universe to redo his life.

Niall D (kr) wrote: Terrible direct-to-DVD sequel.

Adhitama R (nl) wrote: Very satire but I spot a number of plot hole in this movie. Overall it's an enjoyable and fun movie. Thumbs up for Laura Dern

Greg W (jp) wrote: good horror adaption of a Steven King novel

Ted K (es) wrote: what was i thinking?

Alex r (es) wrote: Surrealistic, raw and engrossing, Alejandro Jodorowsky's Fando y Lis is a film that has striking images of brutal violence, images that will stick with you long after you've seen. As a film, this is quite an interesting picture for what it is, and it's a film that is more for a specific type of audience as the film will surely polarize more mainstream viewers. Jodorowsky is one of those filmmakers where he crafts a film that reaches for the most bizarre aspects of cinema. He pushes the boundaries of what art is supposed to be, and this film is for the most shock art. Jodorowsky manages to craft a film that shocks and makes you question what you're watching. As a matter of fact, due to its content, it caused riots in Mexico upon release and the film was banned. I guess by today's standards the film is pretty tame, but back then, this was something else. I liked the fact that the film tried to do something quite different with how it presents us with an idea, and with that being said, it's a surreal picture that pulls you in a nightmare, one that you can't look away. Alejandro Jodorowsky picture is a captivating fantasy that is entertaining for viewer that enjoy obscured, midnight movie cult cinema. The film is not something that I would recommend for viewers who are new to his work, as it's quite bizarre, shocking and at time astounding with what happens in the film. For viewers of cult picture, you'll surely find exactly what you're looking for with Fando Y Lis, and it's a well crafted picture, even if it's not that coherent in its meaning. You'll still be trying to find what the film was about after you've seen, kind of like David Lynch's Eraserhead, which I think that like Lynch, Alejandro Jodorowsky left it up to the viewer to find meaning within the film.

Helen L (ca) wrote: oh! Cad! William Powell is great as the father

Sidrth P (nl) wrote: It is an awesome family movie in the world of fantasy...

Elise C (kr) wrote: Such a silly, ridiculous film, but somehow it works and you can't help but love it. It's cute.