The Hopeful

The Hopeful

Rising from the ashes of media scrutiny and surrounded by critics who are watching every step, waiting for him to fail, Cody Keith finds himself relentlessly chasing his dream to play big ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:record breaking,  

Rising from the ashes of media scrutiny and surrounded by critics who are watching every step, waiting for him to fail, Cody Keith finds himself relentlessly chasing his dream to play big ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Hopeful torrent reviews

Matt H (it) wrote: These kind of prison movies are really becoming tedious and uninteresting.

Dave S (br) wrote: Chris Evans is quality in this! Good film!

Jorge P (ca) wrote: I accept stupidity from people in horror movies but these people are the most %[email protected]!##%*&, they are just idiots. They don't have a little bit of brain. After the cannibals killed their friends, the last couple try to escape and they somehow began to trust in the cannibals. The stupid girl asked why are they dancing? the guy said I don't know. do you think they are going to kill us...I don't know?...Hello.... you are among cannibals!!

John J (kr) wrote: Impressive FX meets comedy stick on beards in this 2+ hour snooze fest.

Mark H (de) wrote: Two violent scenes from this film are forever stuck in my head, and i'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. The screenplay is an interesting premise, being that the film runs backwards in it's storytelling from end to start, however the excessive violence seemed almost too much, but then again, it wouldn't be a memorable film without those scenes either, as the plot isn't much to remember.

Julian D (de) wrote: Wow, the director lived among the homeless for two years to make this. It paid dividends, in the end. The dedication and comradery really show throughout.

Tero H (jp) wrote: This was a surprise of a film. The first half of the movie seemed, well to put it frankly, dull - except for the vision which went by the name of Isabelle Adjani. Otherwise I had problems watching the movie, because nothing seemed to be happening for the first half. Then about halfway to the movie it got more interesting. Adjani's character suddenly turned from a strange bimbo into a real person, the depth of her character just materialized right there with her face. Great acting. The rest of the cast was doing just fine as well, all the characters seemed like people, not like cardboard personalities as in many modern Hollywood movies. I had forgotten to turn off the hollywood-mode, but despite it I have to mention that the movie was indeed slow-moving, slow-paced. The storytelling seemed for a while to just stay in one place, which really taxes the movie quite a lot. I found Adjani's face to be more beautiful than any other scene. Like someone pulled the curtains and the sun shone in, she personified some kind of ethereal beauty. Like the scene where she walks over the sand road in a pure white dress, one sees the summer with apple trees or something in the background, hearing the sand make a sound under her heels, her skin is tanned brown after lying in the sunshine on the grass in the french countryside against the white dress, and she looks inside the car window at her future husband asking 'am I ok?' She also has a talent for acting sudden mood swings. My other favorite scene is where she's turned into a nine years old at the end of the movie in the mental institution. I think that great acting. Well, a real movie. Its french. If you like Isabelle Adjani and french movies, you won't do badly by watching this. It's not for kids though. Anyway, hard to describe this film.. it all revolves around Elle and Pin Pon. The end is very surprising too. I can't really give an advice on how to watch this.. Its not particularly fast exciting or easy to absorb movie either, you have to be in a certain mood to get most out of it, perhaps some sort of withdrawal from hollywood-rubbish would have been helpful before watching this film. Well, its not what you think.. See the purity of illusion.

DeMarkus H (ag) wrote: The 2013 Documentary is 100 times better - this film left out much needed info