The Horror Show

The Horror Show

Detective Lucas McCarthy finally apprehends "Meat Cleaver Max" and watches the electric chair execution from the audience. But killing Max Jenke only elevated him to another level of ...

Detective Lucas McCarthy finally apprehends "Meat Cleaver Max" and watches the electric chair execution from the audience. But killing Max Jenke only elevated him to another level of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lucas G (ca) wrote: As expected, the sequel is even worse than the original one.

Keaton B (es) wrote: In a legion that's between "Truly classic" and "What the f**k did I just watch," there's Michael Arias' bold, adventurous, and masterfully crafted directorial debut, "Tekkonkinkreet (2006)".

Yasmin T (fr) wrote: Nice, I feel sorry for MatsukoI

Sergio H (gb) wrote: Lo nico bueno son los desnudos. Y ya.

El C (ag) wrote: A piece of Sh*t movie, shock value in the form of oral sex very explicit take, a few nudes, a vagina close up, no story here, no redeeming quality, actors are walking sh*ts full of annoying pauses, long non consequential shots, nothing good here, just a pile of 3 day old in the sun SH*T..What ever this wanna be director try to hit, he missed it by miles, like we say in Mexico he is pissing out side the pot..!

Sue S (br) wrote: Some of the worst acting I have ever seen in a horror movie and I've seen a ton of horror movies. Bad casting of every single role here with the exception of the amazing Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger. Half of this movie was exposition and there was only one cool death by Freddy. This movie could have been so much better but it was just terrible. Some of the dialog was the worst I've ever heard. Just cringeworthy crap. If you buy this movie I highly recommend you watch the version with commentary so you don't have to listen to the crap being spewed at you from these terrible actors. Robert Englund was the one and only highlight of this movie. It's too bad he was missing from almost the whole film.

Paul Z (ca) wrote: A shadow-filled paste-up of passages from the life of a creative man as a conflicting and mythicized figure whose torch burned short but bright and whose self-destruction is practically a foregone conclusion. Not only does Eastwood featherbed his love for jazz, it also marks a crossroad in his critical repute as a director, and lays the groundwork for a mosaic editing style that he would surmount with his much later biopic J. Edgar.

Daan D (jp) wrote: Good thriller. They use emotional issues to throw even more weight in the balance. It was so good the ending came too soon

Sue A (ru) wrote: Not as funny as it was when I saw it as a kid. But definitely had a few laughs.

James M (es) wrote: It's not the best action movie and is pretty much what you expect from a "bomb on a plane" story, but it does have a pretty good twist about halfway through which not many saw coming. It's no Die Hard, but it's better than most around its time.

(jp) wrote: Laughing at wannabe terrorists, that's a brilliant idea ! The acting is very good and the characters are a lot of fun, you laugh just looking at their confused or angry faces. And when they start speaking with their accent and english slang (or even rap !) that's even funnier than Sacha Baron Cohen's Ali G. I laughed throughout the entire movie, but I whish it was even more hilarious. It's a good and original comedy still. Eventhough I'm not a huge fan of british humor, some of their comedies are definitely worth checking.

Logan M (mx) wrote: It really didn't take a lot to impress movie fans of the 80s. "Lethal Weapon" is the poster child of the buddy cop genre, but as beloved as it is, it's hardly masterpiece material.

John B (gb) wrote: This film reminds me of being a teenager every time I watch it. It came out just as I was getting to the age of house parties and girls and all that stuff. It's well put together and is still very amusing to watch. The sequels never managed to live up to the superior original but then again not many do. The cast were all brilliant, Eugene Levy is absolutely fantastic as Jim's dad and of course Jason Biggs is hilarious as Jim. It really is a case of they don't make em like this anymore and if they did they probably wouldn't anywhere near as good.