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ith financial troubles threatening to shut the camp down| Samantha uses her gymnastic prowess to start a horse-dancing team to raise money and
save the camp!. When one of America's most promising young gymnasts| Samantha Wick| is cut from the Olympic team| she decides to follow her dreams of horseback riding by joining a
girls horse camp

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Users reviews

Alta F (de)

What a composer. He became a Christian and withdrew for months to an Estonian monastery and composed some of his music there. His minimalistic modern classical music is used in this movie. Photography, actors, storyline - everything get praise, but the music of the Estonian composer Arvo Part is not well known

Brett H (br)

It's a good time, not to be taken seriously. The acting sucks but the puppetry and animation of Belial is quite fascinating. Very odd and interesting premise that is full-on B-movie and doesn't try to be anything else

Brian K (it)

Thought with Aamir Khan at the helm, all those pratfalls seem to just wash over you. You can always expect a level of corniness to teacher/student movies like this

Doctor S (jp)

opular enough to have spawned a mini franchise of five sequels, and counting!. Leads Desmond Harrington and Eliza Dushku form a good survival team and behave with a measure of brains. It is really only interested in the horror factor and delivers on that goal with some good scares and stretches of sustained white-knuckle peril with a siege on a forest ranger's tower a standout set-piece. Dispenses with almost any backstory for our characters - only an upcoming wedding is discussed with any detail - and our inbred villains have even less information. Lean and mean, this Texas Chainsaw/Hills Have Eyes tale of terror takes place in the wild forests of West Virgina

Gabe C (nl)

This looks very interesting

Giovanni M (gb)

A complete mess of underused talent and unfunny gags, Year One would have worked better as an SNL sketch

Jason O (gb)

ok but not as good as the first two

Jay T (us)

Stolen moments can be sweet, but there's a price for stealing. Of course, reality eventually discovers our main characters in their fantasy land and we're left holding our breath again. And then, when those hidden wants are finally revealed, we're able to exhale for a little while. I enjoyed the smoldering mutual attraction, the initial looking and not looking, the yearning to touch and be touched without ever acknowledging it. Why anyone would want to hurry this film along is beyond me. "Breathe In" is a purposefully slow burn with deep long breaths

Jericho A (au)

Pollack must have had a ball shooting because even if his story was a piece of shit with characters that were not well-written enough for 2 veteran actors to just fuck it up, at least he had a good view. You've got a love story set against literal cinematography catches. It's easier to sleep through this than anything else. It's easier to jump through a needle's eye than watch this with full focus

Moni K (jp)

Also not bad acting at all. It was decent