The Horse's Mouth

The Horse's Mouth

A somewhat vulgar but dedicated painter searches for the perfect realization of his artistic vision, much to the chagrin of others. Playing Gulley Jimson, a deceptively scruffy bum, Alec Guinness captures the essence of an artist possessed by the need to create. Guinness' performance and his Oscar -nominated screenplay create both stirring drama and hilarious tomfoolery as the vagrant Jimson races from bar to pawnshop to wealthy art patron to fulfill his artistic quest. Kay Walsh is brilliant as the cantankerous barmaid doomed to help Jimson on his wildest mission yet.

A somewhat vulgar but dedicated painter searches for the perfect realization of his artistic vision, much to the chagrin of others. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wes S (kr) wrote: Nothing too special here. These bland couples with their bland stories while the rest of the world dies off more interestingly, it really isn't exciting. The movie tries to be tasteful and artful with the concept, but it just comes off as missing.

Don S (au) wrote: Sorbo is not much of an actor in my eyes - he has no range and only one expression (like the character Derek Zoolander). The ladies are what make this western watchable. Sorbo is taking 3 oddball women to a train station in order to pay off his bar tab and damages from a fistfight. The ladies, played by Dominique Swain, Jillian Armenante, and Felicia Day, are joined on the journey by a fourth, Jamie Anne Allman. These women have more stones than the hero. Just worth a look.

Bolly B (br) wrote: Paul Bettany & Kirsten Dunst work really good together, I like them. I love the scene when he leaves a message on the telephone and her father answers hahaha!

Sara S (jp) wrote: Seems corny, but actually a really interesting film about the actual person behind the music, image and media interpretations.

Tom H (jp) wrote: 19.03.2003,21.11.2016

Tyler S (nl) wrote: I loved this movie.It has all the makings of a cult classic.....Good actors in a low budget off the wall comedy full of a good performances.It's about a family who has little money who move from place to place living outside their means in Beverly Hills so their daughter can go to prestigious schools. They have an uncle Mickey a relative who pays their rent to live beyond their means in Beverly Hills and basically what they go through living outside their comfort zone and the things they encounter. You have Vivian played by Marisa tomei who escapes from rehab who is Mickeys daughter. In turn for him paying the family rent they watch after VivianAl Arkin plays the father a 65 year old who refuses retirement. It's just fun to see what the family goes through. It's really good comic writing.

Christian H (au) wrote: Fun, old cartoon that generally displays the message of real injustice and the horrors that communism brings. It's not entirely faithful to the source material but can be an engaging short treat.

William P (es) wrote: DISGUSTING, FILTHY MOVIE!