The Horse Soldiers

The Horse Soldiers

A Union Cavalry outfit is sent behind confederate lines in strength to destroy a rail supply center. Along with them is sent a doctor who causes instant antipathy between him and the commander. The secret plan for the mission is overheard by a southern belle who must be taken along to assure her silence.

A Union Cavalry outfit is sent behind confederate lines in strength to destroy a rail/supply centre. Along with them is sent a doctor who causes instant antipathy between him and the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather T (br) wrote: This is going to be awesome!

Jim L (nl) wrote: This is a sleeper for sure. I had never heard of it until I ran across it on Netflix and loved the story. Not as good as Stand By Me, but a similar vibe with a bit more darkness. Overall this is a must see film, it is really great and should be on your short list of movies to check out this weekend!

David G (br) wrote: A slick thriller with good performances but a boring plot that lacks any reason for being made.

Eve C (es) wrote: Trs bon film, made in India. La preuve qu'il n'y a pas que Bollywood en Inde...

Etta W (ru) wrote: good movie. entertaining.

John A (au) wrote: A Nice Tense Thriller, Which Builds Up It's Atmosphere Effectively. This Plot Has Been Overdone Countless Number Of Times, But It's The Script, Direction And Performances Which Stand This Film Above Many Other Films With The Same Formula. When This Film Was Originally Released It Looked Ridiculous That Terrorists Would Hijack A Plane With A Nuclear Bomb And Plan To Crash & Detonate It On American Soil. Now After 9/1, The Whole Movie's Tone Changes And Becomes More Realistic And Tense, This Is A Movie That Has Grown Better With Age Due To This Fact.

Neil M (de) wrote: You can't keep a good (or in this case, evil) vampire down. Once again picking up exactly where its predecessor left of, Bloodlust: Subspecies III follows the tribulations of Michelle Morgan as she becomes an ever-increasing vampire.When we last left off, Radu had been once again been slain, this time by Michelle. Unfortunately, it was in Mummy's crypt. The she-creature captures Michelle after her sister leaves her they can move her at nightfall. Mummy uses Michelle's blood to resurrect Radu, then magically transports them to Castle Vladislas, leaving Becky and a lot of police officers scratching their heads.Michelle seems to accept her role as Radu's fledgling "play-thing" and wants to be taught the ways of a vampire. Radu takes her under his wing, at the behest of Mummy who wants Radu to destroy her. Upon learning where her sister is being held, Becky and Mel enlist a military-type to infiltrate the castle in order to save Michelle's very soul.Shot at the same time as Subspecies II, Bloodlust was meant to be the swan song for Radu and Michelle, though the final moments left many wondering if that were actually true.Once again, the acting is above average than what you'd exepct. Ted Nicolaou writes and directs still keeping the same tongue-in-cheek approach he brought to part II. Ion Haiduc is stand out in his comedic performance once again as Lieutenant Marin.In these review I've neglected to mention the subspecies themselves. That's because, and this is especially true of II and III, they only have brief roles and not much to do. They appear only in the opening moments of II and the closing moments of part III. They're a great design by David Allen and its a shame they couldn't have a larger budget to really bring them to the forefront.As the final part of a trilogy, Bloodlust works well, though a short five years later Charles Band would dip into the vampire pool again with Bloodstorm: Subspecies IV.

Joel A (gb) wrote: believe the first & the best of the several Sesame Street Features that have been produced, Simply the story of Big Bird being moved from Sesame St to a bird family he doesn't connect with a flee's back to Sesame Street.Filled to the rim of star cameo's and although this film is simply and aimed mainly for children it has enough humour for adults to appreciate.Much better than I thought it would be and surprisingly stands the test of time...

Greg W (fr) wrote: this is the second film (that I'm aware of) based on harold robbin's 'the carpetbaggers'

Daniel N (jp) wrote: Great Juvenile Delinquent Movie, these movies are priceless, the teen angst and peer pressure are classic.