The Horseman's Last Stand

The Horseman's Last Stand


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The Horseman's Last Stand torrent reviews

Bruno V (es) wrote: Thought this was a better movie when i bought it ...but my memory was a bit wrong , it's certainly not a bad movie ...just kinda slow . There where interesting conversations with Brad Pitt & Co do ....SOMDVD

Suanne W (jp) wrote: love that last forever..

Tyler H (jp) wrote: A cool little backwoods horror film, with some good performances, and great gore effects. It's directred by Cameron Romero-(son of the legendary horror filmmaker 'George A Romero') He shows some serious talent behind the camera for sure, I'm definitley looking foward to seeing what he does next. Definitley check this one out, espcecially if you love Backwoods horror as much as I do. 3/5

Bradley N (fr) wrote: No where near a bad a critic's make it out to be but the ending takes a dump all over the ending of Stephen King's Novella.

Todd F (es) wrote: A depressing slice-of-life film that chronicles the trials and tribulations of several strippers. The largely improvised dialogue adds a heightened sense of realism to the film, but this realism is undermined by a few ridiculously one-dimensional characters.

Anna Q (mx) wrote: I liked this movie when it came out. That's the last time I saw it. However, the soundtrack is awesome.

Douglas L (ag) wrote: The pacing of this film flows but makes jumps and in between everything we have amazing characterization. By the end of the film you want to see more of the characters. You dont want to see them go.

Francesca C (gb) wrote: Steven Spielberg, I think you might have watched this movie too many times! :)

Marcelo C (it) wrote: Triste a histria da irm da Catherine Deneuve...

Scott P (es) wrote: The scene where the DA's telling Harry that they can't prosecute Scorpio because of all the **** he pulled getting him is all that I wanted to see Ice Cube blast at Schmidt and Jenko in 21 Jump Street. Just because you read him his Miranda Rights doesn't excuse all the damage, explosions, recklessness, murder, death of undercovers, and all kinds of other bull they did. Good movie regardless, and I can't imagine how both scary the real Zodiac killer was and maybe what schadenfreude relief or hope this movie gave to people who were living in that time.

Faris A (jp) wrote: great movie to watch

Phillie E (kr) wrote: Stoners really enjoy this one.

Konner D (ru) wrote: Bizarre, ambitious, and far too many levels to keep up with. I loved every second of this movie.