The Host

The Host

A parasitic alien soul is injected into the body of Melanie Stryder. Instead of carrying out her race's mission of taking over the Earth, "Wanda" (as she comes to be called) forms a bond with her host and sets out to aid other free humans.

When an unseen enemy threatens mankind by taking over their bodies and erasing their memories, Melanie proves that love can conquer all in a dangerous new world by risking everything to protect the people she cares most about. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristal C (fr) wrote: A sweet but pretty standard kids-go-to-a-competition doc. The world of Irish dancing is truly bizarre in terms of the sheer number of devotees but the film does a good job of showing why these kids spend so much time doing it. I wish there maybe hadn't been SO many people to follow (I think the Russian dancers were kind of pointless) but ultimately I enjoyed the ups and downs....but not enough to pay to see Riverdance.

Celene T (jp) wrote: Insightful and deep enough to make you wanna revisit each party's past, present and future... A cold reflection of the harsh realities of the sex industry in a series of intertwined tales that are artistically articulated yet poignantly portrayed...

Paula W (us) wrote: good movie...can learn from it.

Matthew H (ag) wrote: Suffering from a rushed through screenplay and a kooky feel to it, this movie is like a kid who had to much caffeine: unpredictable, unsettling, and clumsy.

Rachel M (es) wrote: it was funny and touching.

Daniel V (it) wrote: There are some very funny moments in this Steve Martin comedy, a remake of the 50's sitcom, The Phil Rivers Show. Bilko is a con man who just happens to be in the Army. Even though he even cons them, his platoon loves him and his superiors don't trust him but mostly leave him alone. Boasting an impressive comic cast that includes Dan Akroyd, Daryl Mitchell, Chris Rock and the late great Phil Hartman as Bilko's nemesis. Not even in Martin's Top Ten but at least top 20, maybe 15.

Stuart K (us) wrote: Directed by Kevin Hooks, (Fled (1996) and Black Dog (1998)), this is a very silly action film done on a low budget, but it made a bankable action star from it's lead, and it had a very silly comedy English baddie as well. It should fail on every conceivable level, but heaven knows, it does and it's got some good action along the way. After his wife was killed in a hold up, former police officer John Cutter (Wesley Snipes) has taken a job training flight crew on how to handle hostage situations, his boss Sly Delvecchio (Tom Sizemore) offers him a top job at Atlantic International Airlines, so John catches the next available flight to Los Angeles from Miami, but also on the same flight is international terrorist Charles Rane (Bruce Payne), who has been captured and is being sent to Los Angeles by the FBI for trial. However, there's some passengers on the plane, including flight attendant Sabrina Ritchie (Elizabeth Hurley), who kill the FBI agents and hijack the plane, and that means John has to take action and put a stop to Rane's activities, meaning a premature landing in a rural airport as well. It is a very silly film, but it's actually quite enjoyable and it has it's moments, it was done for quite a low budget, and this was one of Hurley's earliest film roles as well. Snipes manages to handle the wisecracks ("Always bet on black!") and the action well too.

JeanPhilippe G (fr) wrote: It is simply an entertaining action movie but it is far from being anything new.

Dax S (br) wrote: Amazing, acting and story was incredible.

Camille L (au) wrote: Documentaire retraant la vie de Spalding Gray (auteur de monologues qui s'est suicid en 2004), And Everything is Going Fine est un nouveau grand film de Steven Soderbergh, un documentaire-collage qui retrace la vie de Gray sans jamais lui trouver des circonstances attnuantes. C'est une plonge dans la vie d'un homme qui ne s'est jamais rellement trouv sa place et c'est ce qui rend And Everything is Going Fine absolument passionnant. A travers des extraits de monologues et d'interviews, c'est une vie amricaine qui se trace devant les yeux du spectateur. Cela colle parfaitement la vie de Gray et rend le film aussi tragique qu'hilarant.

Gary F (jp) wrote: Full of so many problems that critics and fanboys willingly overlook because the bandwagon demands this movie be declared a "Masterpiece."They relied heavily on conveniences and plot holes to make this movie work. They ignored their past movies just so the narrative of the film could be held together. Like there suddenly being mass casualties in Sokovia. When if you remember, it showed everyone who wasn't part of the mass that was flying towards space running away on all sides, so they couldn't have been hurt by debris. And it showed them get everyone but Quicksilver off of the floating island alive. So this movie had to ignore the events of Age of Ultron to work.They conveniently left Vision out of the beginning of the film so he wasn't there to clock the bomb vest Crossbones was wearing. It also relied on everyone forgetting that the US government had been infiltrated by Hydra, so why trust control of powerful beings like the Avengers to the UN when there is no guarentee there aren't evil forces working there that would exploit the Avengers for their own gain. And I loved how none of the Avengers saw fit to mention to Ross that had they done nothing, the human race would be enslaved and millions would be dead. And none of them shoved in his face that if they hadn't have been there, the invasion of New York still would have happened, and everyone in the city would have died because the government fired a nuke at the city to stop the invaders. The Avengers had to sit and not defend themselves just for the sake of the story.The "Civil War" was more like a scuffle, used to try to make it seem "deep", but it was just a display of their powers and an excuse to shoehorn in Spider-man.Makes Tony look bad because he knows Bucky is innocent of killing the leader of Wakanda, but doesn't bother to tell anyone that way he can keep Steve and the others as criminals.It was mighty convenient that Tony realized Steve was right, otherwise he wouldn't have shown up so Zemo could show him the conveniently placed camera footage that conveniently proved that Bucky had killed Tony's parents while brainwashed. Even had "expert" assassin Winter Soldier stand and stare at the camera so everyone could get a really good look at their killer.This movie was just so bad. Everyone bashes Batman vs Superman, which did have it's problems. But not enough to warrant a 26%. 60-70%, maybe. But while everyone made sure that only the negative aspects of that movie were focused on, the same people make sure that this movie's good points are all that is focused on. Instead of a 90%, it should have pretty much the same score I'd give Batman vs Superman. 60-70%. Full of flaws, but the good do outweigh the bad.So it's hypocritical to give this movie universal praise when it relies on so many plotholes and conveniences just to function. Fill any of the plotholes and it falls apart.