The Hot Potato

The Hot Potato

The 'Hot Potato' is an exciting new British period ‘caper movie’, in the spirit of ‘The Italian Job’ and ‘Two Way Stretch’ and is based on real events which took place at the end of the 1960’s in London’s East End.

London's East End 1969. Based on real events. Two chancers 'find' a lump of Uranium and crisscross Europe to find a buyer. Accompanied by Danny's girl,the lovely Carole. They encounter a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Najd G (mx) wrote: I'm still deciding if the plot is more ironic that this movie had the Seahawks as the worst team in football (in the very year they entered the draft as Super Bowl champs in reality), or that this movie was about the Browns slam-dunking a draft by making picks based off athletes' character (in the same year they drafted up to get Johnny Manziel).

Sasha C (ca) wrote: Actually pretty entertaining.

Kevin C (kr) wrote: A truly miserable, awful tale powerfully investigated and discussed in this fantastic documentary. A film that lingers with you, and I believe will haunt me for weeks to come.This is a film about loneliness and secrecy. Domestic violence and possible child abuse are covered, but perhaps given second billing to the 'how' question. How could she sit there for three years? How could she be wrapping Christmas presents, but nobody miss her on December 25? A problem is perhaps her family refusing to be interviewed, although maybe that would elicit more angry emotions. And as a viewer perhaps we shouldn't be trying to solve the mystery.On C4 last night so catch it on 4oD if you can. And ring all your relations/friends straight after.

Aleksandar J (it) wrote: Grupa nekakvih vojnika se nalazi na prekrasnom tropskom ostrvu u potrazi za vanzemaljcem. Vodju te grupe, kapetana O'Benona, od djetinjstva proganjaju kosmari u kojma mu se dinosaurusi sa crvenim ocima obracaju preko TV-a. Luckily, na ostrvu upoznaje serifovu babu, koja ima iste kosmare. Hrabra ekipa uz pomoc babe otkriva da vanzemaljci oce da izazovu smak svijeta unistavanjem ozonskog omotaca. Normalno, nije u pitanju nista sto nekoliko raketa s obliznjeg broda ne moze da rijesi. Ovaj film je poznat po tome sto sadrzi najgore specijalne efekte u istoriji ljudske vrste. Kad sam vidio kako je taj vanzemaljac ubica animiran, htio sam da placem.

Cornilia V (mx) wrote: Poor production quality.Wasted my time watching this film.

Peter F (ag) wrote: The current "mumblecore" champ is a nice tragicomic road movie, but I just wish the characters weren't all so unlikable.

Sophia M (it) wrote: not as predictable as many others!!!!! so yeah it was a gud movie!!!!!!

Glgnes C (gb) wrote: A Fatih Akin movie. About being a minority. People, love, feelings, homesickness, no absurd actions. Great movie.

Shane H (br) wrote: Chappelle needs to be in more movies.

Harry W (mx) wrote: Being a New Zealand production with such a ridiculously out-there concept, Black Sheep sounded like a treat with thrills and laughter alike.Without taking much time, Black Sheep immediately reveals its intentions to satire trope of the horror genre. Horror comedy is a genre which takes a lot of work to perfect because there has to be an appropriate balance to ensure thrills and laughter alike. In the case of Black Sheep, the film definetely leans more towards the comedic side. The production method and general narrative is very clearly a parody of B-grade horror movie tropes with Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead (1981) echoing throughout the entire film, while the premise centres on a combination between body horror and werewolf mythology. This could have been a clever blend of shocks and laughs, but Black Sheep pursues too much time attempting to parody itself to be much of a legitimate horror film. By attempting to capture so many horror tropes, the direction of the film ends up scattershot which results in the best intentions of the feature being undone.There is much ambition to praise in Black Sheep as there are many horror genres that it wants to parody, but it pursues a few too many without drawing sufficient tension in the first place. The predictability of the narrative is forgivable, but the film ends up parodying itself too much to pass off as having any real horror value. The focus on humour overloads the film and interfers with its horror ambitions by preventing it from ever being serious about anything, resulting in a distinct lack of tension. Yet at the same time, the reliance on horror tropes prevents Black Sheep from functioning as a consistent comedy. The comedy isn't really all that developed because it relies on crude visual humour to carry it, so it certainly isn't the most intelligent. There is also a half-assed attempt to satirize the stereotype of young environmentalists with the addition of character Experience who is more annoying than laughable. Black Sheep is definetely more on the comedy spectrum than horror, but it doesn't really rest consistently as either because it is burdened by a lack of focus. I kept looking at Black Sheep and thinking that I should have loved the film because it really had some good gimmicks going for it and effective direction, but it's an all too clear fact that gimmicks cannot supplement a narrative. At best, Black Comedy is entertaining in parts. The way that the film uses prosthetic effects is a refreshing throwback to the glory days of blood and gore that weren't overly reliant on visual effects, and the way the film uses pupptery evokes a nice humourous element. The prosthetics in the film are used very well because they create a creepy design for the titular creatures, and the moderated use of blood and gore in the film serves to benefit the experience. Black Sheep also employs the tactic of combining shots of regular sheep with close-ups of prosthetic creatures to style itself after the type of B-movie that it parodiesThe New Zealand scenery is also very nice, so the visual experience is a very effective one. The soundtrack is also well-composed.And being a New Zealand film about sheep, Black Sheep is absolutely begging for at least one moment where someone makes a joke about bestiality. Black Sheep gets away with this on a level subtle enough to not be cringe worthy yet blatant enough not to miss, and it's clearly one of the funniest part of the film. As far as the script goes I certainly got more laughs out of this one line than any of the others, but that's also partially because of the character who said it. Characterization is clearly no a strong point of Black Sheep, but I did get a kick out of the role played by Tammy Davis.Tammy Davis portrays Tuker, the bumbling and lovable loser. His Maori nature gives Black Sheep a nice cultural touch for one thing, but it also gives the man a distinctive manner of speaking which is played for comic value. Given that he plays the one character in the film who doesn't pretend like anything around him is worth taking seriously, he effectively provides a nice lighthearted touch with a likable nature to him. Tammy Davis clearly has fun with the role and approaches it with an appropriate carefree attitude, and while everyone around him is busy being melodramatic Tammy Davis offers a supporting role where he provides sporadic comic relief which hits more notes than it misses. Tammy Davis offers the finest performance of Black Sheep.As far as the rest of the cast goes, Black Sheep manages to get some fairly appropriate performances out of its cast. Though few of its actors are majorly recognizable stars, they manage to fit the profile of Black Sheep very nicely. Even with melodramatic drama at the helm of the script, the cast manage to keep up with the ridiculousness of the story through some effectively intense performances. Nathan Meister manages to convincingly convey a real scaredy cat by constantly remaining in a state of fear, and Peter Feeney effectively grasps a feeling of dark egotism which progressively becomes more intense as the story pushes into darker territory. Glenis Levestam also delivers a likable effort. Unfortunately, Danielle Mason doesn't create the same result with her character Experience. Like I said, Experience is a lame character and there is nothing Danielle Mason can do to change that. She simply plays the part with the one-dimensional repetition in which she is cast into and brings forth the lack of effective comedy into its lifeless form. It's difficult to take much joy in her monotonous and laughless effort since she isn't convincing in humuourous or dramatic form, so the fact that she stands as an unknown cast member is not surprising in any form.Black Sheep offers a dedicated cast and a display for Jonathan King's sense of style, but the scattered attempts to balance horror and comedy results in meandering comedy with minimal thrills and sporadic humour.

Greg W (gb) wrote: awesome another one of those movies think black narcississ or "the letter" that takes u to an exotic location even though all shot on hollywood studio backlot!

Justin R (es) wrote: A Great biographical western, wanna see the new Brad Pitt movie

Dylan G (jp) wrote: One of the all time great 80's action movies! A-

Christian E (ca) wrote: nails it's storytelling style with performances that are perfect

Cameron B (br) wrote: I saw an early screening of this in San Diego (this was back in 2011, not sure why post production took them the better part of 2 years, but oh well) and have to say forget inappropriate, gross, or offensive, the biggest problem for this movie is that it was just NOT FUNNY. Considering the some of the bigger names on this list (including the much-fallen Adrien Brody) I did not expect the Maltese Falcon, but something in the vein of Borat. That never happened. Each of the random compilation of unrelated sketches that pop out of an iPad seems to try to push the envelope further, but ultimately fails because they are uninteresting or annoying. Even fans of Johnny Knoxville and Sasha Baron Cohen would have watched most of these sketches fall completely flat. Each and every sketch was either forced, completely staged (in the case of Ari Shaffir's shock-and-offend Amazing Racist) or everyone on the screen just going through the motions.Do yourself a favor and skip this one entirely. Regardless of your taste in films, this one misses every mark and is not worth the hour and a half.

Tina S (ru) wrote: Rock Hudson is hot but weirdly paired with Jane Wyman. Loved the 50's glam though.