The Hot Scots

The Hot Scots

The stooges apply for job as 'Yard Men' at Scotland Yard, thinking they'll become detectives, but instead wind up as gardeners. When they learn that detectives are need to guard a Scottish castle where valuables have been disappearing, they masquerades as Scotsmen to get the job. After a spooky night in the castle, the boys expose the servants as the crooks.

The stooges apply for job as 'Yard Men' at Scotland Yard, thinking they'll become detectives, but instead wind up as gardeners. When they learn that detectives are need to guard a Scottish ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert C (br) wrote: Any movie featuring a machine gun-wielding obese vampire fighting Nazis is going to get attention, and although it initially has some outrageous, politically incorrect humor it loses steam.

Andika Y (es) wrote: I thinks this is a great film which teach all of us how to save our environment to children and grand children. As simple as that.

Dana A (fr) wrote: Jim Broadbent and Colin Firth were amazing in this too bad the movie wasn't. Somewhat boring about a whiny kid who hates his fun father. There were far too many moments where the characters are captured in mirror-reflections. There are far too many moments of characters staring off into the distance. And the plot and themes are too simple.

Harald W (br) wrote: Incredibly stupid movie. The entire plot is totally unbelievable/improbable. The notion that pre columbian indians could build an underwater city with a mechanism that will mover huge rock boulders to reveal an opening is just too much. I understand that it's an adventure movie but at the same time it is supposed to play out in the universe we currently inhabit... Had it been in a Star Wars movie it would have been ok but here it is too much to accept...

Guilherme N (gb) wrote: Extraordinary and beautiful Annette Bening's performance. Kind of TV esthetics, but captivating essay about actor's solitude in his art and life.

Gino P (jp) wrote: its ok, but I imagine this is much better as a play.

Stuart K (us) wrote: Directed by Sydney Pollack, (The Way We Were (1973), The Electric Horseman (1979) and Tootsie (1982)), this was Pollack's follow-up to his multi-Oscar winning Out of Africa (1985), but he had struggled to find an ideal follow-up to it, however he found this tale of a gambler set against the backdrop of the Cuban Revolution as one with potential. But it does drag in places, despite good intentions. On Christmas Eve, 1958. Professional gambler Jack Weil (Robert Redford) comes to Havana, Cuba on a boat from Miami with the intentions of gambling, but he's also been asked by Roberta Duran (Lena Olin), to smuggle in U.S. Army Signal Corps radios for the Cuban revolutionaries. Roberta's husband Arturo (Ral Juli) is a key figure in the revolution, but he is keeping his agenda very hush-hush, Arturo originally wants Weil to raise money for the revolution through gambling, which Weil refuses to do. He soon finds himself in a game of espionage, where there's a lot of betrayal going on, and he's got a big high stakes poker game planned with Havana's elite. It has good intentions, and a good cast too, but it was a difficult production for all concerned and it shows, despite a good score by Dave Grusin and sun-snogged cinematography by Owen Roizman. But, that doesn't make for a classic film, it feels like the opposite of a passion project, a film made for the sake of it.

Brinn O (jp) wrote: It had the same stye that the first one had, but less fun scares. Still worth watching though!

SUGARFALL S (kr) wrote: Despite the camp and amateurish approach to dealing with aliens this movie is oooozing charm and magic and sentimentality as it captures so many elements of childhood movies of this era does so well. I wish they had taken a more explorative approach to their journey, but hawke and Phoenix are fantastic at such a young age it doesn't matter too direly

Richard L (ag) wrote: Bela LUGOSI stars (and overacts) in this movie about rugged sailors working on a ship on which there is a mysterious killer.

Pamela D (gb) wrote: JUG FACE (2013) IndependentWRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY: Chad Crawford KinkleFEATURING: Sean Bridgers, Lauren Ashley Carter, Kaitlin Cullum, Larry Fessenden, David Greathouse, Katie Groshong, Scott Hodges, Alex Maizus, Daniel Manche, Chip Ramsey GENRE: HORRORTAGS: hoodooRATING: 8 PINTS OF BLOODPLOT: A young woman faces a moral dilemma when she is targeted by a mysterious, bloodthirsty entityCOMMENTS: With shadings of Pumpkinhead (1988), Rawhead Rex (1986), and Population 436 (2006), Jug Face is an updating of Shirley Jackson's short story, The Lottery. Creative nuances and good timing keep things interesting, giving it a unique feel.Despite a colorful theme of human sacrifice, Jug Face is no camp-fest. While set in the Appalachian backwoods, the film is free of insulting clichs and cartoon stereotypes. Quick hints and flashes of carnage make the gruesome goings-on good and scary, instead of sophomorically transforming the story into a gory makeup effects smorgasbord. Refreshingly for a horror film, there's no stilted exposition. Less is more, and enough information is conveyed by the characters' actions that we get the gist of the situation, which is all we need. Any extra would make the story silly and the filmmakers understand this.And what is conveyed in Jug Face is that in the deep hills, there's a small cluster of inhabitants who maintain an insular, intact community since the time of their pioneer ancestors. Back in those days, a gurgling, blood-filled pit in the middle of the woods kept the crops from failing, healed their smallpox, and kept calamity at bay. The locals have paid tribute to it ever since. Sadly, it's a hungry little pit. The spirit who inhabits it has developed a hankering for human flesh. These days the only calamity is the tantrum the pit throws if it doesn't get its fill, so the followers see that it does. When the pit entrances a local potter to make a jug with a particular resident's face on it, it's sacrifice time. The backwoodsmen hasten to bring the chosen neighbor to the chopping block so they can receive the pit's continued protection. But what good is the protection if it means anyone can die, not from pox or famine, but from being sacrificed? Not much, according to young Ada (Lauren Ashley Carter) who decides to defy tradition upon discovering that she's the star of the latest blood-letting.Her decision to resist however, causes all manner of mayhem as the hungry spirit in the pit reaches out for alternative flesh -abducting neighbors at random and dragging them kicking and screaming to its subterranean abode, leaving bloody trails of entrails and dismembered limbs along the way.Jug Face is fun and fresh. There's no belabored dialogue, or melodrama in Jug Face. Every scene contributes to the whole and moves the story alongJug Face doesn't offer any great revelations. There's no twist ending, but the denouement spares us a Tinseltown-mandated "happy" resolution. When the credits roll you'll realize you've enjoyed a simple and straightforward, but effective horror story.

Scott D (ag) wrote: 18 years later, the movie is as fresh and stylish as anything to come out in the next 18 years. If I show somebody one David Lynch film to start them off, it is this one. You get a little of everything from Lynch's enigmatic bailiwick in this beautiful poem on celluloid. The music is perfectly assembled and arranged, it allows the viewer to feel at home in the unpredictable plot-maze. Robert Loggia delivers the goods here, and causes me to wonder what great roles he could have played over the years had he not been typecast so often. Bill Pullman tries hard to take the movie down with his Al Gore like wooden-ness, but that is perfect for the Lynchian lead-male meme so it works. Patricia Arquette is versatile and makes everything look better, her work here will go unnoticed in the annals of thespian-ship but it deserves respect. I guess I've watched this movie a few times, so I am biased. Lost Highway is not my favorite Lynch film, but it is the one that captures the best about him most easily. I have never walked so carefully around coffee tables until I saw this movie. Ouch.

Thomas C (ru) wrote: It's almost impossible to believe that Leone hit two perfect movies in a row. But he did. Once Upon a Time in West shows different aspects than its predecessors, and doesn't hide a vein of nostalgia for the "good old times" from the perspective of the protagonists, who feel the time of their kind is gone with the beginning of uprising of technology.

Well A (fr) wrote: Sem dvida o melhor da saga at hoje. Possui uma acidez, um sarcasmo sem precedentes no gnero. A chegada a Dullock clssica.

Piero G (it) wrote: En lo particular a mi si me gusto, tiene la esencia y los guios del juego que a mas de un fan le debe llenado de emocin pero para sentir eso necesitas por lo menos haber jugado la saga.