The Hotshots

The Hotshots

A story about inventor who invented a cool bike and goes on racing competition but has a lot of problems on his way.

Недотепа-изобретатель пытается выгодно продать свой усовершенствованный велосипед. Но его никто не принимает всерьез. Более того, за долги ему грозит три месяца тюрьмы. Спасаясь от преследования судебного исполнителя, герой неожиданно выигрывает гонки… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Hotshots torrent reviews

Pee W (kr) wrote: its beautiful, funny and just... relaxing silent film

Bart L (us) wrote: An excellent small movie that captures small town Canada to a 'T'. Great acting performances and the main characters were all believable and familiar.q Highly recommend!

Jeffrey H (br) wrote: I was up late on a Saturday with an itch for a baaad movie. I was not disappointed. It was bad in all of the right ways, and left me with a dirty feeling afterwards, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. This movie was intended to be offensive and violent and it succeeded with flying colors. Most films these days will give you a fancy title and not deliver on what want or expect to see. With this film, what you see is what you get and they deliver it in spades.

Jordan J (kr) wrote: I have to admit, I enjoyed this movie. This movie has a couple of flaws but to me it was ok. To me this movie doesn't really stay true to its original source but this movie was still ok to watch. This movie definitely could've been better but it's too late now. This movie will get a B-.

Madhuri D (gb) wrote: The movie's so close to my life. I've gone through every feelings that the 3 gals have gone through. Maybe that's why I like the movie. Apart from the picturisation of Khuda Jaane of course.

Martin S (ag) wrote: The melancholic anxieties of a French young girl taken to the extreme. Insightful and sibling-innovative.

Cain L (jp) wrote: Fun and campy martial arts film with Kurt Russell with his best John Wayne performance.

Matt K (mx) wrote: There are a couple of goofy annoying scenes that should have been cut, but otherwise it's a very engaging medical drama. Richard Dreyfuss is great as a man who is paralyzed for all but about 3 minutes of the movie. I would have like to see more of John Cassavetes, but oh well. A good film.

Tommy (us) wrote: Great premise, there's a monster that lives in the sand but the movie is way too slow, not enough death. Typical bad acting like almost every 80's horror film.

Oscar T (ca) wrote: What a killer movie! The "must" for every "Rastaman". Having very strong documentary features, this film keeps surprising the viewer every minute. It is (at least for the first half an hour or so) as if someone just shouldered a camera and followed Horsemouth around Kingston doing his daily hustlin' business. Most of the the main characters are real people, playing themselves, esp. reggae artists and producers, and most of the locations are real as well. Later the plot turns into kind of a Robin Hood scenario, when the ghetto people strike back against the upper class mafia guys. What I like most about this movie is its many layers. It's like a deep insight into Jamaican society of the late 70's, the golden era of roots reggae, in all its many aspects like class struggle, Rastafari, family and religious issues. Several times, like in the opening scene or when Horsey gets punched by Sunshine's father, characters directly address the viewer personally by facing the camera which I've never seen used like this anywhere else. Technically it's remarkably well done (apart from some pretty dark underexposed moments), for instance they manage to have many songs of the soundtrack coming from actual sources in the picture. In one word: Great stuff, not only if you're into old school dub and reggae. If you have it, treasure it! If you don't, get it and then treasure it.

Jane G (jp) wrote: Should have been called "Boobies of Beverly Hills" -- there were breasts everywhere you look. And while the rather earthy depiction of a young girl coming to terms with her body was interesting, it never really resolved in any way. Not that I expected a "very special episode" but still it would have been nice to have had some kind of story arc.

Ed Fucking H (ca) wrote: Ummm not really sure why so many people have been bashing this film, but it was actually pretty good. Not outstanding or anything, but at least slightly above average, even if I don't buy Mickey Rourke as an Injun for a second. It does have some pretty good characters, a good story, good pacing, good performances and a good line up. Nothing really surprised me either but this was still an easy way to kill 80 minutes. Worth a watch.