The Hour of the Furnaces

Divided into three segments, namely 1 Neocolonialism, 2 Act for liberation, 3 Violence and liberation, the documentary lasts more than 4 hours this deals with the defense of the revolution ...

It addresses the politics of the 'Third worldist' films and Latin-American manifesto of the late 1960s. The Hour of the Furnaces (Spanish: La hora de los hornos) is a 1968 film directed by Octavio Getino and Fernando Solanas

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Users reviews

Abigail M (nl)

). Esther Williams is a treat to watch. Really no good plot going on here, but the swimming scenes make me smile every time. This movie rocks! I remember watching it as a kid

bill s (mx)

a guilty pleasure for sure. . . . God help me but I liked this movie and though there was a lot of chemistry between the two leads

Brian H (it)

A bit empty at the end though. He spearheaded a sexual revolution. Good film with a very good message

Daisy E (it)

That teamed with the strong female character and themes of self, sexuality, friendship, family and love make it one of my favourites. I adore the whole aesthetic of this 90s classic. Cher meddles, as in all comedies, which is frustrating but it's the foundation for comedy capers and also understanding for a girl in high school. Josh and also Travis represent the male gender seeing the girls as strong idols to love and share with, compared to characters like Ethan who get pissed when they get the get the wrong end of the stick to whether a girl is into them or not. She betters herself whilst staying true to herself, a 15 year old girl, learning to live in a society that doesn't take pretty girls seriously. Cher goes shopping when she needs cheering up, balances Buns of Steel with learning a new word everyday and looks out for her father, her teachers, her friends and charities. And that's why I love it. That, to me, is what this film is about. Josh sees her in a different light, for all her good and her bad, but in a good way. I like her because she's herself and she doesn't think it's fair that she's not taken seriously based on what's important to her. That's what makes her likeable to some and not others. Cher isn't perfect

David D (mx)

t has it's sad moments but overall it was very funny and entertaining to watch! 5 out of 5!. Awesome movie! I like how the movies love interest works


Dolemite was a bad man

Dinesh P (nl)

Supposed to be comedy but cannot find a drop of comedy in the film

Jacob C (fr)

Interesting concept but it didn't pluck the heart strings it was trying pull

ld p (us)

our stars. It is comic witty and wise. most critics along with just about anybody who has seen it rate the film highly. I really enjoyed it. The film is a very nostalgic look at Paris of the early 1970s, the kids and their parents and teachers. The kids learn to kiss and make fun of each other. It is cute and funny and in some parts painful. Great film about adolescents and their school and one pupil who has less than the rest. Anyway 06/12/09 finally watched it. The title translates to "Pocket Money" from French, I always heard about it and it might have even showed in Lubbock I had just graduated from TTU and was living there. Excellent 1976 Franois Truffaut movie

Michael B (ag)

It is nearly impossible to find this with English subtitles. The director knows what she's doing, but since I don't even speak German, I can't tell anything else. I've seen parts of it in German