The Hours

The Hours

"The Hours" is the story of three women searching for more potent, meaningful lives. Each is alive at a different time and place, all are linked by their yearnings and their fears. Their stories intertwine, and finally come together in a surprising, transcendent moment of shared recognition.

The first story takes place in 1929, in the town of England Richmond, Virginia Woolf is trying to start writing the novel Mrs Dalloway.The 2nd array is 1951, in California. Laura Brown, a gentle wife is preparing the birthday cake for her husband. While preparing, her mind concentrates on the book Mrs Dalloway. At present, Clarissa Vaughan, a fifties woman prepared for prize of her friend- poet Richard. She wonders her feelings for Richard and his girlfriend living with Sally Lester . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill W (gb) wrote: I'm a sucker for Kristen Bell, and coming-of-age stories, so this movie gets at least 2.5 stars just for showing up. It's a weird one because the director seems to think she made a comedy, but she totally didn't. It's pretty dark stuff, and probably the best acting Ms. Bell has ever done.

Alvaro S (jp) wrote: just because it is in L.A

Toby W (kr) wrote: Liked it, good acting and the fight scenes were fantastic. Story could have been tweaked a bit, I do wish I could have seen it in 3-D but other than that good movie.

Joshua F (de) wrote: Another Roma (gypsy) flick by Tony Gatlif. Again, the highlight is the music.

Jason W (au) wrote: Really well-shot, but a bit too long for my tastes.

Alex F (au) wrote: I "can" believe just how awful this movie is in nearly every way possible. No one can argue that point. Its just another Seagal film to point and laugh at. People take it seriously, I just sit there and laugh my ass off.First, Seagal's own voice is dubbed half of the time. Someone completely different takes over.Second, there are so many major continuity errors.Third, Seagal is too funny to take seriously in this. Proof? The poster is obviously edited to make him look in shape.Fourth, the story changes during the editing stages.Fifth, it makes for a good unintentional comedy and isn't for anyone to take seriously.And last, the entire supporting cast is killed off and Seagal survives with some random Asian extra who is swiftly introduced in the final scenes... wow. But hey, I was cheering for the guy instead of anyone else. This extra was the most compelling actor. Honestly, he had only two lines and just followed Seagal around with a gun. He gets thrown against the wall, beat up, and still walks out alive. Cheers~

Heather H (de) wrote: Iranian film about community living on a boat, really isolated, and living under the authority of a controlling captain. it's apparently a metaphor for life in iran...

Becky B (ca) wrote: Better than people give it credit for.

Your F (br) wrote: Boring, forgettable movie with a mild message.

Jonny H (ru) wrote: This is reasonable compared to the first. Still funny, but he has gotten a lot older to be pretending to be an 18 year old.Again, if my Cantonese understanding was a little better, I would have understand more of the oral comedy. Visually, it's still satisfying. Athena Chu's sooo cute :)

Luc L (mx) wrote: A weak and forgettable story.

Nancy G (br) wrote: ...I still listen to the soundtrack!!!

Jacob B (kr) wrote: A-"They call me... Mr. Tibbs"This quote has been parodied in the animated films 'The Lion King' and 'Sausage Party' and remains to be one of the greatest quotes in the history of film. I have heard that 'In the Heat of the Night' is a staple of modern times for its commentary on racism, leading it to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. Sidney Poitier didn't win the Oscar for 'Best Actor', but his tense, angry performance is one worth mentioning when talking about one of the greatest characters in cinema. I admit that the film is laughable and doesn't hold up well at times, but it is still a great movie that is worth a viewing.

Andy T (ru) wrote: In an exploration of thinking, master of film direction Akira Kurosawa perceptively created a riveting story with an extremely simple foundation, and provided insight into humanity as a whole.

Richard D (de) wrote: While I wouldn't call this top tier De Palma, I think it's definitely better than it's relatively poor reputation would suggest. It seems to have a reputation as an overly sleazy Hitchcock rip-off that pales in comparison to it's sources of inspiration ("Rear Window" and to some extent "Vertigo") because it substitutes exploitation for suspense. Well ... yes and no. It is somewhat inferior to the Hitchcock flicks (hardly a huge criticism since those are among his best films), but it's not really the fact that De Palma transforms Hitchcock's subtext into text that makes it inferior. If anything, it's less careful plotting and a weak lead that mark the film as inferior De Palma, not the supposedly rampant sleaze. It's actually a fairly tasteful film given its subject matter. It has at least two amazingly constructed suspense sequences that make this worth a watch for anyone that admire De Palma.

Leonardo Malacay S (it) wrote: Un reparto muy guapo y escenas de accin bien logradas para una historia de amor nada sorprendente

Eddy C (gb) wrote: Awesome movie, better than the original cut and now makes more sense

Dave J (mx) wrote: The Anita hill sexual allegation trial