The House by the Cemetery

The House by the Cemetery

A deranged killer lives in the basement of an old mansion and pops out occasionally to commit grisly murders that include be-headings.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:1981
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:jealousy,   scar,   ghost,  

In New York, Dr. Norman Boyle assumes the research about Dr. Freudstein of his colleague Dr. Petersen, who committed suicide after killing his mistress. Norman heads to Boston with his wife... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The House by the Cemetery torrent reviews

David W (gb) wrote: ' (C)' (C)' (C)' (C)' (C)

bill s (ru) wrote: It eases into a Blood Simplesqe type feel with a few surprises but a rather bumpy first 30 minutes....not a bad overall mystery noir.

Tina C (gb) wrote: it was okay...i don't really remember

Jenifer M (de) wrote: If you like Christian Slater then you will enjoy this movie it was pretty good!

Christopher L (au) wrote: Fun, funny, bloody and gory. Nothing more, nothing less.

Ray C (nl) wrote: This is camp. The movie doesn't take itself serious, the plot is whack, acting is over the top and sometimes ridiculous. In the right mood (or under the right medication), this could be a very funny movie.

Andrew P (br) wrote: In this installment - surprisingly, it's kind of a downer - we begin to see the kids question their lives as they look back at themselves from the first two films. Still, the series remains quite interesting.

Panos M (fr) wrote: A wonderful treatise over the right for education and the various methods of pedagogy, photographed in excellent black and white and directed by Truffaut in a poetic, sensitive way.

Pete S (mx) wrote: Its trying to be scary movie. but the writers arnt any where close to the wayan bros. the wayans are bad .. these guys just suck ..waste of film.

Terry M (fr) wrote: Save me from this movie! It isn't over yet but so far there is dog that wrestles people - his "killer move" is peeing on. In their face. There is a long lost talking monkey that the dad thought was his childhood imaginary friend but is in fact a real talking monkey. It's only been on for like 15 minutes. Oh and the soundtrack! The jokes! The dialog! The cgi moving mouthes. Ugh. So bad. So bad.

Magical W (mx) wrote: There isn't a single performance here that I thought was below average. That's quite an achievement for a YA movie book. While it's predictable, the mystery behind this universe is enough to compel me to finish this movie.

Shaun T (fr) wrote: This is a must-see Scottish comedy drama that surprises and amuses throughout.