The House of Orphans

The House of Orphans

A couple with their daughter move into their dream home, what they don't know is that the house has previously been an orphanage! The orphanage was selling child labor or sex slaves. The couple who ran the operation were revealed and executed, but before they died, the woman pronounce a curse,on both the city and the orphanage. The orphanage burned down, but the foundations remained. On that basis, they re-built the house again.

A couple with their daughter move into their dream home, what they don't know is that the house has previously been an orphanage! The orphanage was selling child labor or sex slaves. The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicola F (mx) wrote: This fillm has a strong start and its a nice idea, but it gets a bit twisted at the end

Jonathan W (jp) wrote: Fascinating look at the career Lee Atwater, Karl Rove's godfather of political slime and the man who got George Bush I elected. I was too young to vote in '88, but I do remember some of the campaign. Will the rise of the internet and the people-powered flow of information help to end the efficacy of Atwater's tactics of BS? We can hope.

Davis M (ca) wrote: Too much like the tv show and the entire dialogue track is obviously recorded in post which is making everything feel much weirder and artificial. The risk you run when you take a tv show and make it a Feature, you lose the aliveness and spontaneity that makes sketch comedy work in tv world.

Raya P (au) wrote: Sharon Stone still got it. but that can't be the base of the whole movie.

Calvin R (mx) wrote: Bring it on, was a solid fun cheerleading spoof.

David B (ru) wrote: delightful. i've watched this over and over again throughought the last ten years. love the dance sequence. if you're not used to very stylized 'acting' it can be a bit grating so beware

AD V (ru) wrote: Cheesy, somewhat gory, Italian tale of witches, rituals and something to do with a pregnant woman that didn't really make a whole lot of sense. Normally this is something that automatically turns me off but dammit I have a soft spot for low-budget 80's Italian horror and this one fits the bill. ***SPOILER*** Especially one that kills off David Hasselhoff.

Robert B (us) wrote: XTRO (Harry Bromley Davenport, 1983)[originally posted 27Mar2000]In the world of 1983, everyone was happily proclaiming that alien life would be warm and happy, and would like to eat Reese's Pieces and mashed potatoes. Ridley Scott? Who's he? We remember the little guy with the healing touch and some greys who like to play Simon with a really, really big board.Harry Bromley Davenport singlehandedly brought the menace back into extraterrestrial life with XTRO, a low-budget British film from 1983. I saw it once, upon release, and it scarred me for life. Of course, I was fourteen at the time, and I have often wondered whether I was exaggerating the brilliance of this little gem in my head when placing it in a position of prominence on my 100-best list. Thanks to the wonders of ebay, a copy came my way last week, and Saturday morning I had a chance to sit down and relive the wonderful world of nasty, disgusting aliens who like to abduct people and do extremely tasteless things to those still on earth.It hasn't lost a beat. Sam Phillips (Philip Sayer, best known-how depressing-for Shanghai Surprise; his career was cut short when he died in a car crash in 1991) is a family man abducted by aliens when only his son (Simon Nash, who only made two more motion pictures, Breakout and Brazil, before going on to a TV career in the nineties) is around to see. Of course, his wife (British TV mainstay Bernice Stegers) assumes he's gone off and left them... until he shows up again three years later. How he gets from his alien abductors back home is the first twenty minutes of the film, a marvel of proto-splatterpunk low-budget effects making that must be seen to be believed-- assuming your stomach can handle some of the nastier bits.In a reversal of what Sam Raimi had done two years previous in his classic The Evil Dead, Davenport dispenses with the gore early on, for the most part, and spends the rest of the movie building suspense. It's a tricky way to do things, since if you set the audience up with a gorefest for half an hour and then work on atmosphere, what most of your audience will leave saying is "good beginning, then it gets real slow." Again, this movie isn't for everyone-- along with an appreciation of fuzzy horror [viz. The Ninth Gate review for a definition] (especially in the soundtrack), you have to have the stomach for some of the gorier scenes and an appetite for the surreal (Maryam d'Abo-- in her acting debut, by the way-- in the bathtub. If you've seen the movie, you know exactly what I'm talking about).This is a movie that truly must be experienced to be believed-- and it's unforgettable, at least for seventeen years. My original ***** still stands.

Lyndall M (fr) wrote: carry on take of tony and cleo! poor caesar! very funny parts! enjoyed it, though.

Arlene S (ru) wrote: Trippin' balls, man.

Ryan C (us) wrote: A Spanish-like Hitchcockian delight!

Bert E (ru) wrote: art house film that was boring and dead.