The House of Secrets

The House of Secrets

Two men stumble into an old mansion, and get involved with a crazed scientist, torture chambers and sinister medical experiments.

Two men stumble into an old mansion, and get involved with a crazed scientist, torture chambers and sinister medical experiments. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pascal S (de) wrote: Encore une bouse ultime...heureusement on voit quelques nichons par ci par l!

Allen G (au) wrote: Herzog succeeds yet again in giving something that is truly fascinating- this time it is a cave. A really, really, awesome cave. Herzog's narration in this one didn't interest me as much as it usually does- his observations just didn't do as much for me this time round for whatever reason. Maybe the obvious beauty of the cave itself made the words pale in comparison. In fact, for once, my mind felt more mystified by this cave than Herzog's seemed. He does however manage to make us feel like we are in there which is quite a treat considering how hard it is to access. It resembles your usual documentary for the most part which many of Herzog's recent works have done. As always though, Herzog is all over this and so if you aren't a fan then this may run a little longer than it needs to for you. In comparison to much of his other works though I found this to be pretty on-topic. Plus, as one critic noted:"(Cave of Forgotten Dreams) might have been a worthy film at 60 minutes long, but then it wouldn't have been a Herzog film."The camera work is astounding considering the difficulties involved and the score is magnificent too- both of these things meaning that this documentary lives up to the Herzog-standard of atmosphere quality. Herzog usually cares more about the people involved than anything else but in this case the cave represents the people- he isn't so interested in today's people but rather those from many thousands of years ago. While this is a great approach it is also a difficult one and Herzog's usually, unexpectedly personal interviews, with, well anyone, are gone here and replaced with more typical and in my view, less interesting topic-based interviews.I was going to give this 70% but since I know how much Herzog fought to get the mutant albino crocodiles in there I think it deserves 80%- it adds something so unexpected yet to exciting- surely how the discovers of the Chauvet cave must have felt when first realising what lies within.

Djmk T (fr) wrote: I honestly don't know why I keep watching these cheap zombie movies. Call me a sucker but I do love the zombie genre. However, this falls far from such great zombie films such as the original George Romero films, etc..

Jason C (jp) wrote: Funny, exciting, visually stunning and with moments of real drama and pathos - and you will never think about cheap velcro wallets in quite the same way ever again. Brilliant.

Fiona C (au) wrote: The story of General Romeo Dallaire, the leader of the UN mission into Rwanda in 1994. It was a fairly damning indictment on the politics of war, the tokenism of the UN, and the damage that war does to the human spirit (not to mention the genocide of 880,000 people in a matter of days.) I couldn't help but get the feeling that General Dallaire is an inherently good man, but that he carries such a tremendous burden that has left him haunted and broken. It made rathar sad viewing, but something that has given me a great deal of thought. Definately worth watching.

Paulo C (mx) wrote: Ah pois ! Estes senhores (The Funk Brothers) eram uma autntica mquina de fazer sucessos.

death w (mx) wrote: too obvious.. worth watching only once.

Alan F (es) wrote: while the remake may be visualy and technicaly superior, andy lau is no jet li and the original excells above a decent remake on the basis of the many martial arts scenes, including jet li doing some amazing hand tied behind his back cartwheel flips. the sheer love of kung fu scenes shows in this film while it does look dated, it looks like something from the 70s more than something from the early 80s. amazing and worth watching for jet li's martial arts skills and the many weapon forms, the monks are far more badass here than in shaolin 2011, wich is a loose remake of this movie. Thier are 2 sequels that i know of. If your a jet li fan a must to watch.

Scott S (nl) wrote: Horror Express (1972) -- [6.5] -- Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing play rival scientists trying to contain a defrosted prehistoric creature aboard the Trans-Siberian Express in this moody, well-paced midnight horror flick. You'll have to suspend your disbelief where science is concerned, and also in the casting of Telly Savalas as a crazed Cossack, but the film has quite a bit to offer otherwise -- including Lee and Cushing at the top of their game, nifty miniature photography, narrative pacing that well exceeds most Hammer and Amicus fare, a fairly nifty creature, a modest amount of gore, and a spooky score driven by a haunting whistling motif. You'll find countless home video releases available (it's a public domain film), but Severin Films' 2011 blu-ray and dvd release is by far the best-looking and, I believe, the only transfer of the movie in its original aspect ratio.

Stefanos T (jp) wrote: I love Bonjour Tristesse primarily because Jean Seberg was on screen all the time. She's a good actress, not great, but she has an amazing screen presence and she is so charming that you can't hate the movie. The rest of the cast is also great, most notably Deborah Kerr. I really liked how the film was structured, going from black and white to color. It really emphasizes the sad and bleak reality that you have to face after a fun summer vacation.

Donna S (ca) wrote: Not the best Nicolas Cage film but the premise was good.. A few twists and turns especially the ending, i think it had the potential 2 be alot better though, but i'd say it's worth a watch as it kept me intruiged.