The House of the Blue Shadows

The House of the Blue Shadows

A young man, who unintentionally killed a little girl as a child, returns to the house where he was born, the place where the accident happened.

A man, who unintentionally killed a little girl when he was a child, goes back to the house where he was born, the place in which the accident happened. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The House of the Blue Shadows torrent reviews

chip r (gb) wrote: I'll be putting this movie on over and over for my kids when I have them. Liam Neeson in it is a plus!

Danny H (jp) wrote: Not the greatest movie ever!

Gareth W (ca) wrote: One SCARY movie. Why Because its based on true facts.

Zane T (br) wrote: This movie wants to be too serious for the first half and too cartoonish for the second half that it's one muddled mess of southern cliches all around. James Garner plays a Sergeant Major with a Sherman tank that is fully armed for some reason even though he just uses it in ceremonies. When he movies to a Georgia Army base in North Georiga, even though the red clay and pine suggest southwestern Georgia, he gets in trouble with the local sheriff played by G.D Spradlin, as if it was a Mad Magazine cartoon, because of a bar fight involving his right hand goon, played by James Cromwell. Long story short, the sheriff arrests Garner's son played by C. Thomas Howell, violates every civil liberties law in the book and Garner uses his tank to bust his son out of prison. This is a cartoonish movie in which we are supposed to root for Garner who is doing the right thing. But I'm left wondering. Why not contact the ACLU? Surely, the Georgia State Patrol would have gotten involved. What about Army CID. I could go on and on. There are a million plot holes in this movie as the town the hick sheriff controls consists of a bar, a few trailers, a sheriff's office and not much else. Why the hell would a military base nearby leave a town so dead? One of the few questions this movie asks but doesn't answer.

Alex S (au) wrote: Brilliant action thriller with the awesome Charles Bronson

Brandon R (de) wrote: This was physically painful to watch.

c l (es) wrote: if the script, acting, and direction of this movie isn't pedestrian and down-right wooden enough for you, there's the reprehensible plot device of insisting on maintaining a war hero's reputation. think of all the kids who look up to him, him whose "courage purifies war". harlow is probably the best thing going for this, and i don't even like harlow.

Anthony J (jp) wrote: Whenever I think of 80's horror movies I always think of The Shinning Friday The 13th Nightmare on elm Street and Childs Play. This film is a great example of a silly idea succeeded.