The House of the Seven Hawks

The House of the Seven Hawks

A ship's captain gets mixed up with murder during the hunt for lost Nazi treasure.

A ship's captain gets mixed up with murder during the hunt for lost Nazi treasure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dillinger P (jp) wrote: The topics that Kids for Cash attempt to investigate and bring to the forefront of the world, are indeed compelling, emotional and fill you with rage. The film looks into what was labelled The Kids for Cash scheme, where by through a string of human rights not being in place in the U.S. a former judge was able to send away a high volume of children, to juvinile prison, without proper representation and get paid vast quantities of money for doing so. Kids for Cash attempts to retell the story of some of those children who were indeed confronted and imprisoned for minor crimes as children and it also looks at the judges accused of heading up this atrocious scheme. The problem is that, there is so much going on in this film and in the justice system of America, that the film cannot contain its corruption, emotional weight and an overall message that its trying to send. It starts out fine, it gives you a clear set up to what is taking place, however very soon after its set up, the film just plunges head first into an abyss and never really manages to surface again with its head held high. Its a tough subject to call, straight of the bat you want to hate and despise these judges, however thankfully after the director has a series of interviews by the accused, the story opens up, giving you what all documentaries should, both sides of the coin. The problem is that once it opens up that aspect, it opens up a minefield that completely forgets what the film started off trying to achieve. You are never really sure if this film is about the justice system, the kids for cash scheme, the media frenzy that surrounds it or the fact that children are essentially running the risk of being put away for years for committing minor felonies, due to schools not wanting to confront problems. This hurts the film, it wants to tackle it all and although I applaud their attempt, I dont feel like they successfully managed to spend nearly enough time touching on these subject. It also does not help that the structure of the piece is all over the place, this film does not have a recurring theme throughout, it keeps flitting and jumping about, scatterbrained and unable to contain this vast amount of information, in which to convey it in a palletable manner. That is not to say however the Kids for Cash doesnt do a decent job, it does. It is extremely enlightening to actually be presented with a system I had no idea about, its emotional to see families torn apart by racketeering, fraud and a justice system which is clearly so corrupt and it is also interesting to see the point of view from "The Bad Guys" as such. There are some really powerful moments in this documentary, it has a lot to say, but thats its downfall. It has so much to say that it cant present it in a full and digestable fashion, meaning you find yourself overwhelmed with so many different issues, statistics and cases that its difficult to remember everything. There are far to many family contributors for what they set out to do for example, however I get the feeling the makers went in with keeping the familes at the forefront and got lost the further down the rabbit hole they got. This is a decent watch and it is worth your time, however I cant help but feel if the makers took a step back for a moment and really thought about exactly what information they wanted to present, rather than shove everything in our face, especially in a film thats running time is nowhere near as long as it should be to deal with all these topics, and hope we can take away as much as possible, then we could have had something far more honed in and impactful.

Gaspar O (fr) wrote: I've always liked Danny Trejo, but he's become another of those actors that will take any role for a paycheck. This is one of those. I don't even feel sorry for him after the beheading. Oops, spoiler alert. The hunter tried so hard to look and sound like a badass that he was just comical. The effects sucked and, once again, people fighting for their lives left behind more guns than you'd see at a church sale in Kentucky. Despite all that, it wasn't a complete stinker. Lots of beheading, stabbing, shooting and chainsawing kept it fun...and light!

Bradford W (br) wrote: I've seen this movie three times and each time had to fight back tears. There's something alluring about how transparently raw this film comes across. This is a must see!

Ben C (fr) wrote: Not as good as the first, but Fred 2 is becoming one of my favorite movie series.

Michael F (jp) wrote: I was Laughing the Whole time

Craig S (it) wrote: The English lesbian period piece about the supernatural, taboo and the like set around a woman's prison. It is prisoner for a different time with a bit of in-cell snogging and hard dykish prison guards. Made for TV, but I saw it as part of the Mardi Gras Film Festival. Interesting enough, but not terribly engaging.

StorytellerShannon M (es) wrote: This black comedy/film noir reminds me a lot of the movie "Brick" though it has a less serious tone to it. It's about a wanna be journalist high school kid known as Funke who has yet to write an article but still boasts he will someday get into the Northwestern program. His big chance comes along when the high school president is accused of stealing SATs and suddenly he's big in town. He even gets the high school hottie but it wouldn't be much of a movie if that was it and things turn out to be more than he expected. Bruce Willis has a supporting and unusually funny role as the high school principal a former Gulf War veteran who lost his legs yet still remains patriotic and can still smack kids around because this isn't public school, babies. The one line bits in this picture are awesome and so graphic it is definitely not for children. Minor nudity, too, so stay away prudes. There are film noir references all over the place and ya gotta know your gumshoe detective stories to appreciate the nuances. So many that previous reviewers have rightly pointed out that you should run this picture with the subtitles so that you don't miss things. It was poorly marketed because the company went bankrupt but you should know it garnered rave reviews at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. The budget was $11.5M but because of matters mentioned above it only yielded $6M at the Box Office so far (Wiki).CHARACTERS/DIALOGUE: B plus to A minus; STORY/PLOTTING: B plus to A minus; HUMOR: B plus; CLUE TRAIL: B plus; WHEN WATCHED: end of March 2012;OVERALL GRADE: B plus to A minus

Alan P (us) wrote: An entertaining, if forgettable, midnight flick.

Mikael S (jp) wrote: It's a mystery by itself that this movie isn't more appreciated - should be a huge success - I myself almost died by laughther when I saw it the first time. Filled with absurd, fine tuned Brittish humour and absolutely splendid acting by world class performers, this was in fact the very film where I saw the fabulous greatness of Michael Caine for the first time. After that, I see this actor in a quite new perspective... and it's not saying anything about his judgement or performances, unfortunately. I've must have been missiing him completely in all the films I've seen.BUT... you must like British, subtle humour, then you will have a field day, I promise you. Give your face muscles a thorough massage before, just in case... and a doctor nearby.

Russ V (gb) wrote: Probably the only remake released nearly 20 years after the original with the starring role played by the same actor, Never Say Never Again is a very good Bond film, that is certainly worth a watch for fans of the Bond movies, although casual fans won't be missing much, especially if they have already seen Thunderball.

Alyssa M (mx) wrote: It sounds pretty stupid...

David H (au) wrote: Funny and Amusing Italowesternstyled US-Western with Hottie Raquel Welsh

Robert P (ca) wrote: Pointless misoginistic rubbish. One of a very select group of films where the 4th wall is broken by sheer awfulness

Jude P (ru) wrote: Can not get out of it ! It will blow you.

Russell H (it) wrote: This was just kind of ridiculous and not really exciting. I usually like Kurt Russell but he seemed to be a non factor here.

Josh M (fr) wrote: A "wrong place at the wrong time" film that is a little extravagant. The situation that the two boys are in and the situation that the sheriff is in are on two different sides of a spectrum. Their paths would probably never cross unless a movie was made about it, hence a movie for us to watch.