The House of Tomorrow

The House of Tomorrow

A contemporary and lively documentary, The House of Tomorrow chooses to focus on the future and to encourage the idea that people can have a hand in their own destinies, whatever the odds. ...

A contemporary and lively documentary, The House of Tomorrow chooses to focus on the future and to encourage the idea that people can have a hand in their own destinies, whatever the odds. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian H (au) wrote: Noir Ensemble can be delicious. This movie seems lazy.

Phillip S (es) wrote: Insufferable. Over-long, hyper-stylized, dreary. It seems Gaspar No hopes his visual flair will stretch the flesh of his "narrative" enough to drape over the bare and brittle bones of "Enter the Void". Extended and tedious aerial shots push what could've been a short well past the two-hour mark. And I do mean tedious. The over-used strobe effects are enough to kill an epileptic, resurrect them, and then kill them again. The first five minutes are an Apple screensaver seen through a dirty lens. There's enough absolutely pointless sex to make any twelve year-old boy weep for joy that his parents have a Netflix account. One stretch in particular, near the end of the film, shows room after room after room of hollow miserable porny sex. Of course decked out in strobe effect and featuring glowing genitals with neon Lovecraftian tentacle auras undulating from them. Repetition abound, as the camera re-visits all of the worst parts of its subjects' lives ad nauseum. Hackneyed misogynistic Freudian nonsense heavily at play, ie. male sibling sexual ownership and incest undertones. I have ZERO personal issues with sex, but jesus. From time to time I get the sense that if a good deal of attention is paid to aesthetic and there's enough sex, it somehow passes for quality cinema. Like, if there's enough T&A to get your seat wet and someone spent more than five dollars on the cinematography, its FILM. Caps Lock. Save yourself two-and-a-half hours and watch Steve McQueen's far superior "Shame" and then furiously masturbate to PornHub alone on your couch in the dark.

Dhonj M (it) wrote: its very nice to watch, just tried it.

Josh F (au) wrote: Mediocre but worthy of watching to realize the reality of the ongoing brutal murders of women in ciudad Juarez in Mexico. There are better movies regarding this subject though.

Joshua L (mx) wrote: Can be seen on the Sci-Fi channel and stars Bruce Campbell. My mother always warned me that this is what would happen if you stumbled upon an alien training mission . . .

Daniel I (mx) wrote: Original storyline that makes this twisting tale of female mobsters unlike anything before it. Carey departs from her diva persona and holds well, a role of vulnerability and fiestyness. The representation of the maffis is not one of glamour or reference to other o.t.t portrayals of gang life. The interweaving story strand of little girls lost works well to bring all three characters together as does the the three-glass twist at the end of the film. Undeservedly panned probably from Mariah haters and well worth watching!

Ankur S (mx) wrote: Shot completely in digital format, this documentary sheds light on the problems in Africa, particularly Uganda, while displaying a rare sense of optimism

Happy B (de) wrote: It isn't even good enough to rate

Anthony L (jp) wrote: "Only the dead have seen the end of war." - PlatoBlack Hawk Down is a totally unrelenting and nail-bitingly gripping war film, helmed with astounding finesse by Ridley Scott. BHD is filled with an enormous, brilliant cast (incld. Tom muthafuckin' Hardy), S?awomir Idziak's exquisite cinematography and one of the most tense and overwhelmingly visceral climaxes ever put to film. By the 90 minute mark, my pulse was pounding and my heart was on the verge of collapsing. Even though I feel that the character development in the film could have been fleshed out better, BHD is still a wholly intense vision of the horrors of war that still captivates me on multiple viewings. Note: Ewan McGregor's love for coffee is an accurate depiction of how much I care for it. In fact, I'm having a cup while writing this review.

Alice (ca) wrote: Weird. Nancy: Let me tell you about love. You don't ask, you give.

FilmGrinder S (mx) wrote: 68%"Nothing can destroy the doctor!"-Clifford "Doctor Detroit" Skridlow (Dan Akroyd)Nothing except the Dr.

Liam C (jp) wrote: In my top 25 movies i've ever seen definently. A bloody riot (literally).

Miguel R (br) wrote: Robin Williams is great, but Flubber is such a horrible movie that it's not worth your time

Brock M (jp) wrote: If one is an Arthur Ransome fan, seeing this film is a must. No matter how bad the film is one is obliged to give it a five star rating.

Emod L (mx) wrote: 99%Artful, quotable, but still thematically subtle, There Will Be Blood is a certified classic, anchored by mesmerizing performances by Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Dano.V: 82%

Allan C (au) wrote: Classic sci-fi film that clearly inspired Ridley Scott's "Alien". After completing their mission to Mars, a spaceship crew is terrorized by an martian who's hitched a ride on their return trip. It's certainly no "Day the Earth Stood Still" and is definitely closer to MST3K fodder, but it's still a reasonably suspenseful and atmospheric sci-fi thriller despite the poor acting and limited budget.

Jamie C (ag) wrote: A good film if you're under 10, Any older and you won't really enjoy it, But for its time it was ok, But nothing that will be remembered.