The House on 92nd Street

The House on 92nd Street

The US Government tries to track down embedded Nazi agents in the States.

Bill Dietrich becomes a double agent for the FBI in a Nazi spy ring. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The House on 92nd Street torrent reviews

Private U (gb) wrote: I love the Cirque shows. The added water element blew me away!

Serge L (es) wrote: Wow, a summer movie for teens that just feels like reality. Nothing in the film seems made up almost. The acting is plain spot on. The boy in particular. Oh no, everybody was just great. The arc of the story was also plain perfect. In the extras of the dvd, there might be subtil smell of homersexuality that might have been in the film. Btw, one author is like the twin of a well know Qubec actor. Many characters were like stolen from Qubec. If this occurs in Florida, it makes a lot of sense. Really fun, touching and dramatic film. I was pleasantly surprised.

David P (ca) wrote: A mildly interesting premise that is marred by a slower than paint drying pace and key information that is held back until that last possible moment to be used as a twist that you were not suposed to have already figured out.

Paul N (au) wrote: I won't say it went on for ever, but the band section seemed to be 10-15 mins too long for me. Apart from that, a good, engaging film.

Poot T (br) wrote: While the story is a tad predictable and recycled, the good comedy, amazing animation and fun characters make this movie very enjoyable.

Jeremy C (fr) wrote: Very funny. But super goofy and chessy.GRADE:B-

Andy T (mx) wrote: A brilliant expose about how badly the Bush Administration messed up the first few years of the war in Iraq and how the consequences of that resulted in all the problems we've had there and the reasons while we are still there now. This film shows what a bunch of inexperienced, bumbling, idiotic people were in charge and how they didn't listen to the advice of experts and how the whole mess could have been avoided. Whether you liked George W or not everyone should see this. You'll be appalled.

Nick R (mx) wrote: Interesting look at hecklers and critics.

George B (ru) wrote: It's very boring. The cinematography and editing is terrible, amateurish. I bet most of this isn't even historically accurate.

bill b (gb) wrote: extremely low budgetbut it has some funny moments

Michael R (nl) wrote: More of the same on display here. A unnecessary prequel that effectively neuters the mystery surrounding one of horror's most enduring icons.

Lisa B (nl) wrote: I personally only gave this half a star because -5 stars wasn't an option. I literally threw it away immediately after watching. I was hoping for a good lesbian story...what I got was a crazy and rude girl story (both girls) who are both arrogant also. I don't see the draw to this film at all. I'm all for artistic but I didn't even get that from it. Even Jerry Springer would rate higher in my opinion.

Andrew L (de) wrote: A recurring statement I make when talking of the 'new' trilogy is the cardboard acting, & it doesn't come any more obvious than in Episode II. Although it starts to tackle more mature & dramatic storylines than it's predecessor Episode I (Anakin's hot headed nature that leads him to the darkside, heads getting lobed-off, etc) the performances of Portman & Christensen fail to make any of the tender moments between them credible or even bearable to continue viewing. Even though the events of the film set the stage for the following episodes (i.e. shows us where the storm troopers came from), it is ultimately a rather pointless edition in the series.

Christina N (ca) wrote: drama. drama. drama.

Grant K (br) wrote: I only made it ten minutes into the movie and couldn't take it anymore. Completely and utterly inept in every possible way, and dated beyond belief. Based on the first ten minutes.

Oscar H (fr) wrote: Mnga kvalitetsskdisar och en Natasha Henstridge som faktiskt passar riktigt bra som kylig, knslokall alien gr det hr till en sevrd erotisk scifi-thriller. Mot slutet tar specialeffekterna ver, och d blir det Alien 3 ver det hela. Allts smre. Jag och medtittande Henrik frvnades ver hur tydligt filmens sextema genomsyrar hela filmen. Noterbart r att filmens upplsning r exakt densamma som i bde just Alien 3 och Terminator 2.

Peter W (ru) wrote: There is a death by a pressure cooker.

Yesenia F (jp) wrote: my favorite movie of all time

William M (de) wrote: now what man would by a movie based on this movie cover

Gregory C (fr) wrote: i guess i'm on a kick. this is my fourth cassavetes. as intense as the others i've seen but (a little) less menacing and (somewhat) less intentionally inarticulate. grainy, edgy camerawork and terrific acting performances all around. i really need to buy the criterion box set.