The House on Carroll Street

The House on Carroll Street

Emily Crane is fired after refusing to give names to a 1951 House Un-American Activities Committee, and takes a part-time job as companion to an old lady. One day her attention is drawn to a noisy argument being conducted largely in German in a neighbouring house, the more so since one of those involved is her main senator prosecutor. Starting to look into things, she gradually enlists the help of FBI officer Cochran who was initially detailed to check her out. Just as well when things turn nasty

Emily Crane is fired after refusing to give names to a 1951 House Un-American Activities Committee, and takes a part-time job as companion to an old lady. One day her attention is drawn to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason B (us) wrote: This is just another possession film. Nothing to special about this one. The story is a bit slow a little low budget as well.

Kristi M (es) wrote: Where do I start? Mid life crisis movie with miserable men who party and wallow in their despair. Everything is too excessive- it's overacted and seems like it's trying to force the audience to feel what....sorry for them? Shed a tear? No idea. It's supposed to really surprise you with twists but the movie foreshadows it from the very beginning so it's not a surprise at all. The sound editing is really bad too- I had to turn it up when there was dialogue and down when the music plays (good music, but still that meant I had to fiddle with the remote like every 10 minutes) Just watch Very Bad Things instead.

Alex O (it) wrote: Awesome movie! Gonna go watch it again.

Frances H (us) wrote: A fun watch with some nice special effects, but the main reason to watch it is Helen Mirren.

David W (au) wrote: Jessie and Celine meet again 9 years later to discuss what has happened overtime, change in opinion in the sequel that excels like the original

Evan A (ag) wrote: Long film, but in a good way. Fine acting and a wonderful story. Encourages us all to stand up and be better than ourselves. Proof that Hollywood can still make a good film.

Stefanie K (de) wrote: I absolutely love this movie!

Kaitlin L (gb) wrote: 1) Who wrote this script? didn't help i watched this on a channel that turned every swear word into "bug off" etc. lol2) Oh Keanu...i love you so much for your unique brand of acting...i can't decide if its bad or just so good that no one can possibly get on the same level lol3) WTF!!!???

Bob G (au) wrote: I have thoroughly enjoyed this movie every time I have seen it!

Bill B (kr) wrote: Overall I found this film watchable, though it never fully blew my skirt up, y'know? The idea of a wife secretly protecting she and her husband with witchcraft is entertaining, but a lot of the set-ups for calamity left me wanting more, so perhaps my expectations are what let me down with this one.Rental?

Ross C (br) wrote: One of the lesser-known John Fords. Beautifully photographed in BxW and very moving. Great score, almost a musical.

Randy L (ca) wrote: really enjoyed the unusual structuring of the narrative. somehow, though, as good as the acting was, it got wearying and I was finally wishing for some conventional biographical and historical facts. def. worth watching though.

Anna B (kr) wrote: More interesting, perhaps, in the earlier scenes which appear to be more of a portrait of a milieu than the intense character drama it ends up being, but it's still really good anyway, in spite of the weird reliance on the logic of dumb action movies, which, on the upside, results in some unbearably tense sequences (e.g., it contains one of the most implausible yet somehow terrifying car chases I've ever seen). It may have been a little unsatisfying in the end, but I wasn't expecting it to go where it did, and I always appreciate that.

bill s (de) wrote: If you go in with low expectations,this movie will not even meet those.

Bobby D (kr) wrote: Not a great bio-pic, everything was pretty average in the story telling of the late and great Hank Williams.

Josh M (de) wrote: A muddled confusing mess of a film with an ending that will make you laugh in pure confusion then anything else.