The Housemaid

The Housemaid

A piano composer's family moves into a new house; when his pregnant wife collapses from working to support the family, he hires a housemaid to help with housework.

The hero, a composer, has an immoral relation to a maid. The maid is jealous of his wife and gives vent to her bad temper to him. When the hero rebukes her, she asks him for dying together for love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mad M (nl) wrote: Not bad, bit of a chick flick. Light and easy story. Interesting story. Good characters and performances.

Kenny A (fr) wrote: THis movie was absolutely terrible. Half a star is being too generous. Between the two leads, there no chemistry, and the Aunt was just there for a sub-plot. There was no character develpment, things were put in only for plot purposes - as if this movie had much of one - and there were plot holes you could drive a truck through it. The accents sounded terrible, the songs had bad lyrics,and the dancing made me cringe. I've seen more convincing acting from elementary school plays, and and better costumes in a child's costume chest. All in all, this movie is terrible and if you dont want to waste a couple of hourse of your life, DONT SEE THIS.

Foong M (us) wrote: The story elaborates in a intriguing way, like peeling an onion, slowly revealing the truth. Also in one part, the director tried to link a character back to the previous movie, Double Tap.Chapman To is a great supporting actor in this movie! The way he moved, he spoke show the natural characteristic of the role he played. Bravo!I am a bit disappointed with Louis Koo, where I expected him to be more illustrative in some part of the movie. For ex, the way he explained to Daniel Woo the minimum amount to invest in his hedge fund company; how he made his choice between his girl friend and his influential superior Li Bing Bing, and the part where he chose to be killed than to be arrested.It is no doubt that the role is meant to be a complicated, yet always a calm person, but there is something missing. He managed to play a complicated minded person, with lots of secrets and dilemma in life. But somehow it doesnt appeal to me to that character.Overall, it is worth the time to watch.

Josh R (us) wrote: In the end I was simply disappointed that this film and its acting team could have been given so much more to work with--specifically the screenplay. A wasted opportunity for an inspiring Christian film.

Steph S (de) wrote: It looks like a cute film to watch sometime.

Robert I (kr) wrote: I really like this film. Weaved the shorts of the book together pretty tightly. Very well done.

Chris D (ca) wrote: I don't mind a British period piece once in a while but this cheeky upper class snobfest is about as riveting as equestrian dressage...Reese Witherspoon is the only light in all the gloom.

Martine F (gb) wrote: Denne filmen digger jeg! M HA DEN!!

Michael L (jp) wrote: When horror adds a laugh.

E L (ag) wrote: A film which doesn't quite know what it is - drunkenly careening from commentary to a conventional love story and looking like a music video in between. While it has some hilarious moments (like the girls teasing a reporter on the hunt for a "drug problem" news story), it isn't enough to carry this film.

Logan M (nl) wrote: Unbearably unlikable.

James B (de) wrote: Wowie Wow Wow! A-rooo-gah, a-roo-gah! Yes! More please!Kind of a mix between "The Stepford Wives", sixties vintage "Casino Royale", and "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World". (The later only in style). What a fun screwball sixties comedy, featuring a musical number with Sam and the Apemen (Musical Instruments by Vox).Hey, it stars the one and only Vincent Price. Plus, a cameo by Annette Funicello!"The End?" - unfortunately it is.

Eric B (ag) wrote: A decent plot is hit over the head with a battle axe by the illogical writing of Shyamalan's worst, the subtlety of Bayhem, and the skill of Tommy Wiseau.

joe i (ca) wrote: Let me start off by saying I am a fan of this series. While they were never scary, they had a sense of fun that made even the worse of them enjoyable. This reboot, now in control of WWF entertainment, lacks all of that. Not just talking about technical issues, such as the lighting that makes this movie way too dark. The acting could of been fine if the actors were any chance to have fun. The worst exploit though is that they have, I guess not being a wrestling fan, a prominent wrestler in the role of the Leprechaun and all they have him do is grunt. Warwick Davis was the most fun as the sass talking villain in the first 6 movies and now the villain is just a barely seeable, grunting, no personality creature. It is time to end it if you are not gonna have fun with your crazy concept