The Hucksters

The Hucksters

A World War II veteran wants to return to advertising on his own terms, but finds it difficult to be successful and maintain his integrity.

A World War II veteran wants to return to advertising on his own terms, but finds it difficult to be successful and maintain his integrity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Antwan J J (nl) wrote: i really enjoyed this film it's just as good as the first film different style different attitude same goal

B C (au) wrote: Una comedia oscura bien escrita y bien dirigida. Se nota que el cine Latin Americano esta creciendo. A llegado la hora, y estamos en el punto de ver el nuevo cine Latin Americano.

Kerry M (nl) wrote: I didn't expect to like this film as much as I did. Saoirse Ronan was fantastic, and worked so well alongside Michelle Pfeiffer. There were a few weak moments, and the script wasn't always great, but overall it was really enjoyable. The 'Mother Nature' character, played by Tracey Ullman was really irritating, and felt out of place with the rest of the film, but that was my only real complaint.

Radivoj S (de) wrote: The story is about an encounter of two men in different spaces of life/happiness. The well-adjusted, surrounded by loving family F. and the bitter, sardonic and conflict ridden H. The dialog and interaction between them lead to the eventual swap - the one takes the (un)happy place of the other. They do not fall in love with each other, they rather become each other by being drawn into their respective worlds. The "kiss than never happened" scene is crucial - it's the point of switch, not of point of love realization. It is an amazing movie with a message that our spaces of love and happiness are "wobbly" and can be inverted at any point in life, especially if influenced by the opposite.

Robert P (kr) wrote: Low key but notable in its own way. the camera stays unobtrusive throughout most of this film. Absorbing more than spectacular and this film perfectly catches the therapeutic benefits of getting away from hassle in the countryside. Sleepily sexual, using the forest as a place where barriers drop and social conventions are stripped away, in this case along with clothes

Matthew P (br) wrote: Shakespearean delight

Rawballs B (jp) wrote: The film showed the essence of being small, can still be as huge as a dinosaur...

Matthew S (us) wrote: John Gregory Dunne and Joan Didion were, at one time, two of the best screenwriters in the business. It doesn't mean they were always successful. Their script for "True Confession" is a smart and intellectual examination of corruption at the core of two of the most hypocritical institutions in the world: The men who enforce the law and the men who offer forgiveness for their sins. The idea of using two brothers to represent The Cops and The Catholic Church is a strong idea. The idea of trying to bring in the infamous "Black Dahlia" murder is also an interesting twist. The problem is that Dunne/Didions' script is so busy being "smart" and "intellectual" -- they forgot to add some wit, suspense or anything beyond endless chattering. Duvall and De Niro are both solid, but their parts are are so restrained by dialog that neither can find a way out of the box. It probably didn't help that Ulu Grosbard was given the task of the film's director. Grosbard was exceptional with character driven films. It must have seemed the logical choice. Sadly, despite all the "chatter" neither characters are truly formed. The brothers are more like talking ideas than fully-fleshed characters. It is interesting that RT shows the critics' rating as 73%, but if one actually follows "the fresh" ratings to the reviews, most of these critics did not like the film. ?

mikey s (us) wrote: i want to see this movie i never even heard of it

Paul D (ru) wrote: I saw this film (and read the book) as a teenager and liked it, and certainly took away from it lessons in morality and the plight of the black man in the deep south that stayed with me vividly during my entire life. So it was a big shock to me after seeing the movie recently how much I disliked it. So much so that I did what I rarely do, read other reviews before writing my own. I had to do a reality check - how I could I not like this movie, based on an iconic and universally praised book, beloved as both a morality tale and history ? I was relieved to see that two giants, Andrew Sarris and Roger Ebert, also didn't like the film - phew, it isn't just me ! My impressions: stilted movie-making, almost as if they had filmed a stage play; manipulative, superficial moralizing; cartoonish, politically correct caricatures and fantasy scenes. A real disappointment.

Christopher B (de) wrote: Boring and pedantic in the opening minutes - the film, and Colbert's performance, comes alive in the middle with a satisfying ending which leaves you guessing up to that last minute. While the Japanese are definitely the baddies they aren't caricatures; and the shocking moments were truly shocking to 1950 audiences - they are still alarming today.

Allen G (ca) wrote: I've seen all but one or two of Nicolas Cage's films- some are exceptional, some are good, some are bad and some are excruciatingly horrid. I'll leave it up to you to decide how much "some" is for each of those categories but please take my word for it, this one is excruciatingly horrid. In fact, it's the worst Nicolas Cage movie I've even seen and I highly doubt there could ever be one as bad as it. My standards for Nicolas Cage films are low, very low, otherwise I'd probably kill myself for liking him so much but despite these low standards, this film made me want to kill myself. I dunno if it's because Nicolas Cage had agreed to do it or because it was just such a horrible experience but I quite wanted to die.This is monotonous autopilot Nic Cage here- I don't even know if he is awake for any of it. He smiles at one point and his ultra-shiny teeth are as close as he gets to actually acting. (they displayed real character!) The script is horrendous, I hated the look of the film, everyone involved seemed bored out of their skulls. The only thing I enjoyed about this film was Cage's hair (it's so terrible that it's confusingly beautiful and gracious). Every "action" scene in this film happened while my head was wishing that all of the characters die during it. That's not a good sign.As someone who has spent many hours of his life on Cage's works, through the bad and the good, I can say that if you plan to do the same- skip this one out, it's as bad as it gets. Watch the rest though if you are really committed- none get as bad as this.Actually, stay away from "Next" too, it's also horrendous. I pray for you Cage, please do better.

Nicola W (ag) wrote: Cheesy American acting which resembled a Disney movie. However, it was quite enjoyable, I liked the story. Zacs brother dies in an accident and he see's his spirit so meets with him everyday. He then gets a calling to save someone's life and I won't say anymore or it'll spoil the plot :)

Huw G (fr) wrote: A bit heavy on the battling and fighting, but pretty good sci-fi fun. Underrated like Jupiter Ascending.

Tyler R (au) wrote: I really tried. I felt so bad for the main lead as he looked and felt like frank. But the movie's plot was awful and had a terrible script and horrible acting. I had to stop watching it.