The Hudsucker Proxy

The Hudsucker Proxy

A naive business graduate is installed as president of a manufacturing company as part of a stock scam.

A naive business graduate is installed as president of a manufacturing company as part of a stock scam. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrey B (fr) wrote: Very impressive movie with a mind-blowing performance from Michael Shannon and the incredibly terrifying slow-building atmosphere of a man going crazy (is he though?).

Will S (jp) wrote: I just didn't like it

Jennifer H (de) wrote: There's a big lesson to be learned here. Don't go play in a graveyard with your jackassy friends, you'll just get impaled by a fence.

Private U (us) wrote: An above average neo-noir that I'm probably being more generous to than I should because it's Canadian. Juliette Lewis' French accent got annoying fairly quickly, but her performance was still quite good. Gina Gershon looks great and does her usual decent acting job. On the negative side, Callum Keith Rennie was a bit irritating with his sub-Christopher Walken performance, and Bruce McDonald's direction was a bit too show-offy at times. Overall, recommended.

Jeffrey M (kr) wrote: Funny, self aware, and sometimes absurdly campy, Party Monster is a different sort of fact based crime drama. The humor mostly works, simply because it's so daring, and seems to have the right sort of actors for the job. The performances themselves seem befitting of the film's tone, with Macaulay Culkin certainly having some stilted moments, but it seems to work for his character, and is, perhaps, at least somewhat intentional. The story-line itself takes a while to find its footing, and the third act never seems to really have the climax that it should. We never fully get a sense of why Culkin's character did what he did. This also speaks to the film's thin characterizations, we never fully emotionally empathize with them.However, the film does enough right to make it watchable, with some good humor, a few good dramatic scenes, and some wild performances.3/5 Stars

Al M (kr) wrote: A thoroughly cheesy but still entertaining cyberpunk action film, Freejack plays more like a comedy now than it did in the early 90s, but it still manages to be a thoroughly engaging bit of B-level sci-fi. Plus, it is has Mick Jagger!!!

Alessandro B (ag) wrote: Classic B-movie with lots of irony, fun, and gory effects

Troy A (it) wrote: Pretty fun movie. Hanks, Wilson and Candy are great. Plus Long Duk Dong is in this.

Diogo C (jp) wrote: stuff got very surreal in the muv. next time you''ll be shagging a chick keep on mind that your kids can born with the semblant of a cthulhu spawn

Augustine H (us) wrote: "Love and Death" is a watershed of Woody Allen's films for which Woody starts to involve philosophy in them. he made the critically acclaimed "Annie Hall" after it. The humurous approach elaborating philosophy becomes his trademark. Woody explores god-human relationship and matters about love and death (of course!). The dialogues are wiser than but as hilarious as his previous works like "Sleeper". It's funny to see he and Diane Keation become Russians. The events they encountered were ridiculous but laughable enough. Also, the spoofs on Ingmar Bergman's works like "The Seventh Seal" and "Persona" are movie fanatics cannot miss!

Michael B (ca) wrote: This is a very good film with excellent dialogue and several very memorable scenes. Empress Carlota's fury against Napoleon III's desertion of her husband and Emperor Maximilian's poignant request that the Mexican song "La Paloma" be played at his execution, are two examples. When I visited the Hofburg Palace in Vienna in 2008, I saw a dinner service made for the Mexican Imperial Family, which was fascinating. Maximilian was something of a dupe and didn't deserve his grisly end in 1867. Empress Carlota lived on in Belgium till 1927, outliving her husband by sixty years.

Jacob B (kr) wrote: Thanks to a lack of characters we have to care about, I Am Legend brings in one of Will Smith's best performances as well as a solid emotional heft to overcome it's mediocre special effects. B+

Amber B (us) wrote: i enjoy watching this movie