The Human Factor

The Human Factor

When Arthur Davis, a junior bachelor in the British secret service's African section, is seen taking a file with him to meet his girlfriend Cynthia- the brass fears he may be the leak to Moscow, and allows Dr. Percival to terminate the 'risk factor' by poisoning to avoid a scandal. In fact Davis's desk chief, Maurice Castle, is the double agent since the South African communists helped him smuggle out his black lover Sarah M., meanwhile his wife and mother of schoolboy Sam, to force him to cooperate with the Apartheid government. When Cornelius Muller, the South African official who failed to get him in Pretoria's power, visits London for the anti-communist operation Uncle Remus, he points out Castle still is the natural suspect

When Arthur Davis, a junior bachelor in the British secret service's African section, is seen taking a file with him -to meet his girlfriend Cynthia- the brass fears he may be the leak to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mary H (es) wrote: It's amongst the blackest of comedies as director Ben Wheatley explores the nuances of budding love in his newest film. Sightseers surrounds Tina and Chris, played magnificently by Alice Lowe and Steve Oram, as their caravan holiday road trip quickly turns into a rampage of red, taking out anyone who crosses them. The brand new lovers both appear to be quiet, meek individuals with not much of a life to speak of. Chris longs to be noticed, to have some semblance of power. The poor guy can't even get a stranger to pick up the ice-cream wrapper he littered. Things change when Chris "accidentally" runs that guy down, brutally slicing him open to bleed out on the pavement. It's the first time we see into Chris' dark sociopathic mind. As the body count rises, it's impossible for Chris to keep his murderous tendencies from Tina. He manages to justify his actions to the psychologically stunted woman so desperate to be loved and not only does she accept him for what he is, she joins him on his killing spree. I know that what I've described sounds like a horror film, but this collaborative story from director Wheatley and actors Lowe and Oram will have you laughing from start to finish. These characters externalize with great humor what so many of us think about when we encounter people who walk on us. While it is dark and twisted, it is witty all the same. Sightseers is not for the faint of heart. Gore must be tolerated and a twisted sense of humor is a must to truly appreciate the film. If you enjoy movies like American Psycho (2000), Jawbreaker (1999), or God Bless America (2011) you will surely find this movie to be entertaining.

Jacky L (kr) wrote: dun be too hard on this one, and it can be quite an enjoyable, entertaining watch. there were a few hilarious moments that had me cracking up.

Marc M (au) wrote: Keep it in your pants, Lady Liver

Candice F (au) wrote: The Smurfs has no need for so much silly action but Gargamels fails really brought the laugh out of me. If they really wanted it to take place in NYC they should have more places to explore than just an office, apartment and a toy store. I would have liked to see them on the statue of liberty because it would build up more suspense if they had more places to explore.

Andy F (gb) wrote: How can so many people involved in making a movie produce something so pedestrian? It wasn't until the climax that I realised I had seen this film before, that's how memorable it is! It has the odd moment in the build up, but this is horror by numbers and barely worthy of a look.

Melissa G (ca) wrote: Only for grown people!!

Joe H (fr) wrote: In blending humor and wit with the tragedy of human folly, Short Cuts deftly navigates the balancing act of suburban disconnect and self-absorption in LA. Altman doesn't pretend to sympathize with his characters, examining them objectively from a distance while inviting us to assess for ourselves. Imitating real life, the story is often uneven, and gives its characters varying degrees of closure without spoiling realistic ambiguity, and some subplots are left open-ended altogether. Despite its many challenges, including a running time that just exceeds three hours, Altman's Short Cuts is ultimately an engaging and rewarding experience, and although it was released in the early 90's, the film's glimpse of middle class egotism is applicable now more than ever in the age of social media.

(jp) wrote: I would give it 5 stars if there wasn't animal cruelty in it. Seriously it reminds me of myself eating that poor water turtle because i was forced to. It is more horror than anything watching animals being killed. Other than that, this movie is perfect to the max. I don't even care that it's long. The acting is perfect and I adore Leslie Cheung. For a while I was wondering how he actually acted and I see that he is not just handsome, but also talented. I just have a serious animal loving problem.

Russ B (jp) wrote: 5/30/2014: Meh. A great cast, but not many laughs or action.

Baurushan J (fr) wrote: The story is about twins named Chad and Alex who are separated as babies after their parents are shot by a underground criminal cartel. 25 years later, Chad is now a karate instructor and Alex is a cigar-smoking crook who are both played by Jean-Claude Van Damme. They are both brought back together by their family bodyguard Frank played by Geoffrey Lewis to team up and avenge their parents' deaths. And amongst them is the nasty over-the-top assassin named Moon played by Bolo Yeung. This is another one of Jean-Claude Van Damme's movies that should be praised and not hated because he proves here that he is a truly gifted actor by not only starring in more than one role but also showing his amazing action skills yet. Never have I seen such Over-18 action-packed fun in ages, especially from The Muscles from Brussels. Double Impact gets a 10/10.

k l (ag) wrote: One of the wildest Felliniesque fantasies that contain some of the best and worst of Fellini's imaginations.

Paul P (us) wrote: The opening scene is of a pastor giving a sermon to the town churchgoers. It lasts about 10 minutes and nothing particularly sexy happens. But Bergman's direction makes it feel like your an active member in that church and it sets the stage for this film experience. Gunnar Bjornstrand has the ability to look physically sick, mentally exhausted and completely lost without speaking a single word. God's silence with man is the major theme but maybe the more shattering thing is how Bergman displays man's inability to hear or listen to others. One of Bergman's best for sure!

Devils A (fr) wrote: Rare to have such a complex twist unfold so well

Daniel K (fr) wrote: 3: My kind of film. It takes a truly specific and narrowly focused picture to successfully convey a universal message and that's exactly what the team of women filmmakers have done here. It made me think of an anti-Austen film in the end, but that's really over simplifying it. Alternatively, it could easily remind one of the Austen biopic "Miss Austen Regrets". Austen and the protagonist here made similar life choices and had somewhat similar careers, although a century and half a globe apart. It's a very compelling story set in a time and place that I'm sure will always fascinate me. Great casting and great performances. Judy Davis is absolutely superb as I think she's been in everything I've seen her in. It hits all the right genre notes, but then veers off in another direction in the end. It makes it a much more powerful and complex film, even if it will undoubtedly disappoint some viewers at first.