The Human Pyramid

The Human Pyramid

Jean Rouch gives a group of black and white teenagers a "what if" question: what if they socialised with each other? The teenagers then improvise their own characters and situations.

The arrival of Nadine, a new student, in the Abidjan Lyceum is the starting point for a discussion about interratial relationships. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sreekiran M (nl) wrote: OOSARAVELLI SCORE 57/100 A movie review by M. Sreekiran "Chameleon enters the show"Introduction: Oosaravelli is directed by Surender Reddy ( famous for action movies ). In all his movies, tata sumo gets blowed up, and even cars and lorries collide. His movies are purely for, action satisfaction. We have Jr.NTR in this movie. We already know him as a mass actor, who is famous for action scenes. With surrender reddy what else we can expect. Simply in one word I can say Total violence. The title oosaravelli means, chameleon , which can change colors according to situation and NTR(TM)s character justifies the title. The concept is quite normal. It is once again a revenge drama focused on a literal past and also some promise. The narration in the movie is not convincing, and looked rather odd and childish. Plot Development: The movie begins with few rowdies searching for NTR called as Tony. We have a different introduction of the main character and then we see his shades and the motive behind all these stuffs are confusing. After the first half ends, I still need the main reason for his rather unusual behaviour. The second half once again lacks , focus for 15 minutes or so , then the main story opens up. Now we finally get the story after 90 minutes of silly screenplay. The story wraps up in, ten minutes and then we get again the routine drama and gets a climax. By the end of the movie, I felt that there was nothing exceptional in the movie. Character Development: Jr.NTR as Tony is a special character introduced. But his characterization made no sense and his histrionics keep changing at regular intervals. Just like a chameleon, he keeps changing colors and this confuses the audiences. But fans will not care as they have a different NTR on screen. Tamanna as Niharika has got an important role in the movie. Her character development is quite good in second half. But in first half, it was bad. Prakash raj plays the don in the movie. His costumes might make him look like don, but his role is very minute and he is totally wasted. Rest others had no role to do, in the movie as they appeared. Shyam had an important role, but ended like a cameo role. Overall character development is mediocre. Performances: Jr NTR has done justice to his acting in terms of first half and also during the emotional scenes. Anyway I needed more of emotion in his eyes. During songs, I see regular steps. Probably he forgot his talent, or just acting like a chameleon. Tamanna is good in second half, but looked pale and shouting at an idol, in the thundering storm. Prakash raj is just shouting and stabbing people, and it appeared forced to me. Rest others are just ok.Dialogues: Dialogues in the movie are a bit classy and also massy. There are few mass dialogues for NTR, but there was no tempo in the dialogue. Tamanna had shouting dialogues. Prakash raj had regular dialogues to utter and show his villainy nature. Presentation: The movie has some good visuals and also nice camera work at certain instances. The best song of the movie is Brathakali , which is poorly taken. I am totally unhappy with the result of the song. Nenante naaku song is nice to hear, but I expected a lot of zooming and facial expressions, on the characters. I was disappointed. DSP(TM)s music is good and background score was enough to deliver. It was not gripping and neither boring. Cinematography by, Rasool is good for two songs. During action scenes, the graphic work looked childish and required a lot of clarity. Slow motion work during the climax battle is totally a waste. Who cares for the slow motion? I am totally disappointed.Editing: Editing in the movie required a egg shot on the face of the person. The first half is totally a waste, filled with unnecessary comedy and senseless romance friendship scenes. If the second half is good, the first half has spoilt everything. Sound Mixing and other departments: Sound mixing is good. During songs, I felt the DSP mark and also during certain scenes, audio dubbing is good. During action scenes, I felt that a strong score is missing. I expected a typical mass score during the fight scene or atleast Simhadri type score. It was disappointing. Costumes were good enough. Art work was missing in the movie. Graphic work and CGI needed a lot of improvement.Improvements Needed: 1) Editing 2) Graphic work 3) Characterization of Tony needed clarity4) Villain characterization5) Camera work needed focusing during songs6) Dances from NTR should have been effective7) Dialogues needed tempo8) Narration needed much focusBottom line: Oosaravelli may be different for NTR. But for me it looked silly, weakly written plot with over stuffed action scenes and senseless comedy to make up 150 minutes. I can certify it as an approved movie. Thats all. It may not become NTR's all time best movies.

Max A (de) wrote: Garden State is a remarkably surprising movie with pacing that is just as telling as the phenomenal acting by Zach Braff, Natalie Portman, and Peter Sarsgaard, who's role serves as the control that we set the dynamic and evolving lead's characters against.

Joe I (fr) wrote: Amazing but most of all REALISTIC romance story... I just love these types... It also captures an unseen view of New York...

Jon A (ag) wrote: Standard tale of seemingly indestructable firm-jawed sheriff taking down the gang of bad guys, though with a slightly harder edge.

Melissa C (ag) wrote: Elvis and fast cars all I need for a good time..

Greg W (jp) wrote: ok drama gr8 cast as director nicholas ray tells another story of losers & outsiders hanging on

Adam A (gb) wrote: Somewhat well-acted, but familiarly scripted. The charm from the maincast does all in its power to make it funny though.

i C (es) wrote: 8.5/10classic right here

Joshua B (us) wrote: Dragging its cast down in a slump, Love the Coopers is a melodramatic, unfunny bummer that avoids the holiday cheer.