The Hungarian Servant

The Hungarian Servant

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Tim K (au) wrote: Not a very good documentary

Sanal R (kr) wrote: Didn't imagine someone would take the term dark comedy this seriously, JGL with yet another unbelievable performance. Though its pretty hard to make sense out of it.

Gary S (es) wrote: dead snow is an interesting case of a horror movie, even for horror comedy standards. It comes off as a B movie so does it work as a horror, comedy, and a b movie? Actually yes. the film in many respects is a breath of fresh air for the horror movie genre. for once a horror movie managed to throw me off on multiple occasions and keep me interested in what was going to happen next. Not to mention the film was legitimately funny at times with the camp only helping matters. but while it helps with the comedy it detracts from the horror aspects which die off after the first third and the gross out can be really overbearing at times but inspite of that its a good watch for any horror fan.

ruban d (mx) wrote: A Sweet Love Story! such may cheeni kum hai kya?

James H (kr) wrote: Unusual and interesting film. The characters are well developed and believable. Fine performances all around. The cast seemed to really understand the characters they portray. Well written.

Michelle C (nl) wrote: not so good, i only watched it to see drew barrymore.

Robert I (ag) wrote: At times ridiculous art house vampire film that occasionally ventures into "Angel" backstory territory. I would recommend people watch "The Wisdom of Crocodiles" instead if they wanted a much better albeit similar plotted art house vampire film.

Art S (mx) wrote: Lyrical B&W portrait of African-American life in South Central L. A. in the mid-1970s, told in anecdotes with carefully chosen (and apparently not copyright cleared) musical accompaniment. Children feature prominently and a parallel is seemingly drawn between their existence and the lives of the sheep who occupy the abattoir in which the central character works (hence the title). The music also reinforces the sense that America offers no promises or opportunities to these people and that life is a grind ("this bitter earth"). But the movie feels more idyllic than that theme suggests and is certainly worth your while.

Roger C (nl) wrote: The future of computers...

Von W (au) wrote: sublime footage of shetland. the female lead lacks conviction though there is a nice old fisherman with a great white beard and the clothes and knitted shawls are lovely. *watch the extra 'home video' footage about the director, his dog and hiking pals.-it is well worth it*

Eric H (br) wrote: This movie was very watchable and a very faithful King adaptation. It was a mixture of horror and comedy with some good actors and a good score.

Ingmar A (mx) wrote: As far as the found footage genre goes, Grave Encounters manages to be cheesy but fun of you're willing to go with it.