The Hunt

The Hunt

Three men go hunting rabbits during a hot day. Heat and talking about events happened in the past make them angry, until they go totally crazy.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:1966
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   shoe,   maid,  

Three men go hunting rabbits during a hot day. Heat and talking about events happened in the past make them angry, until they go totally crazy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Hunt torrent reviews

Brad S (nl) wrote: Amazed at how Science and Biblical Truth are not in contradiction. Learned so much from this movie. Left amazed and in awe of God!

Stephanie B (es) wrote: saw parts of was funny.

robert p (us) wrote: (spoilers) Great movie, honestly i loved it, sure the whole witchcraft thing wasnt perfectly hit but who cares. The death scenes were so cool along with the story, from beginning to end the movie draws you in and finishes with a twist. One of my favorie things about this movie is the ending, there is nothing good about it (in terms of a happy ending) which is the kind of ending i enjoy. The whole concept and idea behind the movie is great, and id do the same thing if i was in some god freak town.

jacob c (jp) wrote: I do not like this movie at all!!! It's disgusting and dumb. Their trying to spoof James Bond sothey can at least try to make it as good as those movies.

Zachary R (ca) wrote: I will say this movie even though short, is very entertaining and I will even go out and say that we don't get much of why Saya is the last original vampire. That is the let down of this picture other than that we get Saya sent on this mission to a girls school in Japan to investigate disturbances of unrest involving genetically altered vampires. This movie has good action, and a pretty good plot line that can keep you interested to unravel the mystery behind this film. So, it is worth checking out. 8 out of 10.

Ilja S (fr) wrote: For what is it, Tomorrow Never Dies is thrilling and entertaining, but lacks in story and good acting.

Jacob D (au) wrote: Obviously I love this movie.

Dave R (ru) wrote: an enjoyable film that's based on a true story. it's about a guy -melvin - who's optimistic and hard working but can't get ahead in life. that, however, doesn't stop him from trying to get his piece of the pie. but the constant attempts to live beyond his means causes problems with his marriage. he goes from job to job and relationship to relationship. eventually a chance meeting he had years back seems as though it may bring him his dreams of economic's not a fast paced film or overly dramatic one but it's a nice sort of character study.

bloody w (ru) wrote: stupid pointless boring and unneeded. a absolutely dumb film that really seemed like a fan film someone made on a 5 dollar budget with clones of the same actors the script. the acting. the fight scenes its all bad here Mr.miagi acts like a idiot in this one and. Daniel seems to know no karate at all and long behold another love interest for Daniel and it gets worse master kreese comes back with friends who run a garbage dump seeking revenge. get it that's what the movie symbolizes garbage. just a awful film that really felt pointless the karate kid (1984) was a masterpiece that should have never been made into a bad franchise

Pallavi B (gb) wrote: This is a must watch movie for all the parents to show to their kids so as to bring the kids closer to the animals and nature per se.