The Hunted

Paul is on a business trips to Nagoya, as a computer-chip executive from New York, when he meets a beautiful and mysterious woman. Later, he finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length: 106 minutes
  • Release: 1995
  • Language: English,Japanese
  • IMDB link: The Hunted
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. . Later, he finds himself in the wrong place at. Paul is on one of his many business trips to Tokyo, as a computer-chip executive from New York, when he meets a beautiful and mysterious woman

The Hunted is a excited movies torrent of J.F. Lawton. This movie was introduced in 1995. You can check list actors in this movies torrent, such as Christopher Lambert, John Lone, Joan Chen, Yoshio Harada, Yôko Shimada, Mari Natsuki, Tak Kubota, Masumi Okada, Tatsuya Irie, Michael Warren, Bart Anderson, James Saito, Seth Sakai, Toshishiro Obata, Ken Kensei. The kind of movie are Thriller. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 5.9 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movie torrents. Share with your friends and watch this movie together

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Users reviews

Augustine H (ag)

r at least, respect Heath Ledger please!. One may dislike the subject matter, but no one should deny it's an artistic and beautiful classic. Of course we can list how great this movie is item by item, but I think this masterpiece should be looked as a whole. The forbidden yet pure love depicted is truly sentimental. If the plot is not about the controversial issue, Brokeback Mountain won't be that beautiful and touching

Carlos R (de)

I think this speaks for itself

Christopher B (br)

Just see it. Hilarious! Never would have thought this would be any good

Glenn P (de)

Eugene Levy and Emile Hirsch are great. Including absolutely no music to speak of was a turn-off. Nice idea, had great potential, some moments captured the 60's & the event, but some of the story add-ons were not necessary and drug the whole movie down

Grant H (it)

Hilariously bad performances from Kilmer and Shue. Not a very good movie. Ehhh

Nels W (jp)

The concept for a "continuation" of The Graduate should have been much darker, but these characters could have made a really good romantic comedy with some other plot. I agree with the pro reviewer on RT who says that the characters are much more interesting when they're just "being" rather than when forced to take fit it to the history of The Graduate

Noah R (es)

Outstanding work by Blomkamp's team. The effects were by far the best, most realistic mix of CGI and practical that I have ever seen too. Jackman and Weaver were especially underused. Sadly, some questions were left unexplored, and the characters were all pretty bland. Chappie was absolutely the most lovable robot I've ever seen on a screen too. I thought it was very thought-provoking and had a decent narrative

Olivier B (ag)

A masterpiece of gore and wacky moments

Panta O (ru)

his documentary just honestly shows us the world we live in and its values!. but the art is no exception. . . Amazing theories, mostly proven, will shake a trust in the art "system of valuation". In addition to the 85-minute film, in 1976 Welles also shot and edited a self-contained 9-minute short film as a "trailer", almost entirely composed of original material not found in the main film itself. Why? Well, in the time between the shooting of Reichenbach's documentary and the finishing of Welles', it became known that Irving had perpetrated a hoax of his own, namely a fabricated "authorized biography" of Howard Hughes (the hoax was later fictionalized in The Hoax). Irving's original role is to tell the story as de Hory's biographer, but his part grew unexpectedly - while French director Franois Reichenbach shot a documentary about de Hory and Irving before there were interesting moments for Welles, and after that they together shot additional footage with Reichenbach as a cinematographer. The story seems like a recounting of this amazing man's career, but very soon becomes obvious that de Hory's story serves only as the backdrop for a fast-paced, thorough but meandering investigation of the natures of authorship and authenticity, as well as the basis of the value of art! What is art? Many will attempt to give an answer, but at the end none of those would be satisfying! Especially when watching it, a viewer finds several narratives woven together throughout the film, including those of de Hory, Irving, Welles, Howard Hughes and Kodar. This is not really a documentary, maybe can be called that very loosely, because operates in several different genres and maybe can be described even as a film essay of the professional art forger, Elmyr de Hory's. This was the last major film completed by Orson Welles, who directed, co-wrote, and starred in it

Patrick D (es)

As Steckler says in the intro, this is a real good film for aspiring film makers. That aspect definelty made for great laughs. who's the bitch now. . . I also love the rendition of the motorcyle and bitch cab idea, where the hero stands in the bitch cab and points to their destination. This little gem is also quite atmospheric, especially in the opening scene, and the soundtrack fucking kicks ass. That's a real inspiration. You can tell Steckler just wanted to make a film SO bad and did this, which was apparently made for $20. It just has great 60s B-movie flair and seems to me, anyway, super original. Of the RDS films I've seen, this, along with The Thrill Killers, is my favourite