The Hustlers

The Hustlers

Saku and Ässä: two guys spend careless life. One day Ässä meet woman named Anna and boys careless lifestyle is in danger.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Finnish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dream,   fight,   marriage,  

Saku and Ässä: two guys spend careless life. One day Ässä meet woman named Anna and boys careless lifestyle is in danger. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ahmed H (mx) wrote: Very smart, edgy, dark and superb in its acting...Well done script and story. I can't say that I didn't see the twists coming, but the film still keeping me tensed and locking my eyes on the screen. Great character development especially Hauser\s...Poor editing and directing of art and cinmagraphy which took away from the movie. And to top it all off, Chiriqui was in it with a small role....She is stunning ;-) worth checking out......

Brody M (gb) wrote: I couldnt get into this movie at all & eventually I just turned it off

Sharmelle O (de) wrote: This is a wonderful movie about three daughters who come home, fall in love, and deside to have their weddings all on the same day. They go through a few obstacles on their wedding day but everything works out. The parents have planned a big vacation but due to the big wedding expences they have to cancel those plans and go some where else. But in the end the brides and grooms surprise the parents with a big gift.

Steve A (ru) wrote: Directed by Jaume Balaguero, who is probably now best known for [Rec]. This is the last in the Spanish horror hexalogy: 'Six Films To Keep You Awake' (Seis peliculas para no dormir). I have yet to see the others in the series but this was creepy, gory and fun in equal measures. Too silly to be truly frightening but an enjoyable hour or so for those who enjoy the horror genre.

Panagiotis N (jp) wrote: An extremely interesting example of how many things can go wrong in the very same film! At first glance, it seemed to have it all -a hot story from the author of "Les Rivieres Proupres", two super stars (Monica Bellucci and Catherine Deneuve), high budget from UGC... And it all ended up in disaster! So, who is to blame for this? I think it 's quite odvious the director lost every control over his material... The storyline just seems to add scene after scene without ever getting someplace, the music is totally irrelevant to the film, the cinematography is flat, even Monica Bellucci doesn't seem beautiful -a very brave choice, but it would work only if there had been some interest in the film itself...

Kevin B (gb) wrote: Interesting and uber-violent set pieces are cool to watch, but there's no value in the narrative, the performances, or scenes in which an undead creature isn't being rent asunder.

Millo T (gb) wrote: Between 2.5 and 3. Falls too much in topics, but it is not badly developed.

Onkel B (au) wrote: Just because it seems cute, DOES NOT make this garbage a decent film. It has bad directing!!! With awful acting(The worst), unrealistic, worst CGI's. And an awful story. No character development. Nothing makes sense, It's a predictable ending. Unfunny jokes, Overused gags. Everything is awful. This may be the worst movie ever made..........A complete waste of comedy talent. Lloyd sure does anything for an easy buck. Not to mention this movie is offensive. And looks 'Mentally impaired'

Shanda S (ag) wrote: Good movie. I like most Michael J. Fox movies.

Steve S (kr) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Nate T (gb) wrote: A somewhat off-putting but disturbingly riveting film. Preminger and Sinatra's only film together. A shame since it was so good.

Henry M (de) wrote: I really like the premise and idea that this film was going for, but in the end it's a movie with an uneven script as well as pacing that doesn't fit as well as it should. Bradley Cooper still managed to give a great performance, but I think they could've done more with this one.

Mohammed A (kr) wrote: It's good movie to watch