The Ice House

The Ice House

The peaceful, secluded, country hideaway of three diverse, lonely, supposedly lesbian, women is suddenly shattered when their gardener discovers a partially decomposed corpse in the old Ice House on their grounds. The ensuing police investigation has the unfortunate repercussion of re-igniting the anger and hatred of the local community levelled against the women which started ten years previously when the husband of one of them mysteriously disappeared without trace. The same senior police officer from ten years ago is assigned the case and is determined to bring the women to justice this time around. The case is further complicated when his deputy, whose marriage is on the rocks, starts to take more than a professional interest in one of the women. What is the identity of the corpse in the Ice House? What really did happen ten years previously? Will all be revealed...

The peaceful, secluded, country hideaway of three diverse, lonely, supposedly lesbian, women is suddenly shattered when their gardener discovers a partially decomposed corpse in the old Ice... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mikoaj S (ag) wrote: The way Dany Boon plays a hypochondriac is so annoying that the first half of the film is nearly unwatchable.There is plenty of poor quality jokes in this movie-all the european subtlety of humour is lost to the slapstick.Also the overall impression leaves the viewer with a grimace of embarrassment during most of the showing.

David L (es) wrote: This is probably the most beautiful and fantastic performance ever given by man. I'm serious. The Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary is Brilliantly acted, sung beautifully, filled with fantastic spectacle and excitement! Rating: 100%/ Overall: Masterpiece

Gavin P (br) wrote: Interesting concept, executed poorly. It's essentially five vignettes, edited together, which look more like re-enactments, so it comes off as some cross between a documentary and a movie, rather than an actual documentary - could have used better scenarios too.

Charles H (ca) wrote: Settling into my theatre chair during the spring of 2007, I eagerly awaited the start of the Rodriguez / Tarantino "Grindhouse" double-feature. I can recall the lights going down, some cheesy retro music playing, and a "Coming Attractions" announcement leading into a hilarious fake trailer for a movie called "Machete." Well, we didn't have to wait long for the trailer to expand into an actual full-length feature. I was anxious to see the result -- admittedly, that is how I feel anytime the names of Rodriguez or Tarantino are attached to a movie. Now for my impressions of this blood-and-guts exploitation parody romp. This movie evidences yet again why there can be too much of a good thing. The three-minute trailer was excellent, but it is quite a bit more challenging to develop that into a full-length story of like quality, even for an accomplished director. There were expectedly ridiculous moments that made me laugh out loud, but the laughs were not elicited as often as I anticipated, and this is one loooong movie; in fact, the movie probably could have benefited from being cut by about 20 minutes. The positives mainly stem from the casting choices. Michelle Rodriguez's role had the potential to become the movie's most interesting character, but unfortunately she was not featured enough. Seagal and Lohan are good enough sports to allow Rodriguez to poke fun at their reputations. Jeff Fahey and Cheech Marin align their performances perfectly with their director's vision, essentially stealing every scene they appear in, as they have in the past when working with Rodriguez. Mostly, though, I felt like I had already seen the best clips, dating back to the first time I saw the mock trailer. In fact, it is unmistakable that Rodriguez used the exact footage from that trailer in this movie, editing those shots into, and between, longer scenes. Much of the remaining movie mimicked moments found in other Rodriguez films, such as "Desperado" and "Planet Terror," which is fine -- those are far better movies than "Machete" -- if but a tad lazy for a writer / director who in the past has proven his imagination does not shrink away so easily. I remain a Rodriguez fan and I enjoy the light-hearted approach he brings to his wildly action-oriented extravaganzas, populated with a disparate cast of actors and actresses. "Desperado," "From Dusk Till Dawn," and "Planet Terror" are movies I have re-watched several times and still I find them to be highly entertaining. Having seen "Machete" only once, I am left with a feeling that my initial viewing is enough.

Alec L (mx) wrote: Is this the height of popular indie filmmaking?

Jade C (mx) wrote: i loveee this film. A must see for percussionist, or musicians in general, if only to remember western music isnt all there is in music.

Sean C (de) wrote: I was hoping for a low-budget horror action film that would be fun. Instead, I got an Aliens rip-off. The first and third one are way batter.

Noah S (it) wrote: Richard Stanley's bizarre horror epic can be a bit of an acquired taste. It's style is a strange cross between Walkabout, Ken Russell, and Leone. Still, if your into weird artsy horror flicks with lots of metaphysical shit going on, you'll probably love this. Stanley definitely has a unique vision and in my opinion a satisfying one, which renders this film an usual treat.

Tanner B (it) wrote: Beetle Juice (1988) ??Deadening comedy from Tim Burton starts out well enough, as deceased couple get service from Beetle Juice to help clear out a dumb family from their home. Fun idea is tormented by unbelievable reactions from the dead couple (they're apparently dead, yet they don't act like it!) and an obnoxious performance by Michael Keaton. Good art-direction, Oscar-winning Makeup can only help so much.

I dont know w (ru) wrote: Looks to silly and predictable to enjoy.

Judy P (mx) wrote: Was there ever a better broad than Bette? And here she's a broad x 2!

Josep P (kr) wrote: Miedo y asco en Las Vegas [1998]

Kevin H (ru) wrote: A campy, outrageous effot from director Larry Cohen, Q : The Winged Serpent is an exercise in insanity from the beginning to the end. Featuring an inspired performance from Michael Moriarty and some great scene chewing by David Carradine and special effects that appear to have been done in a basement, this movie has it all. Great for one of those "so bad it's good" movie nights with friends...the funny thing is, this one really is good!

Miguel R (fr) wrote: Kindergarten Cop is funny and enjoyable, but also silly and annoying