The Ideal

The Ideal

It's a high school summer job for Julia and Alexander - the chance to earn money and work with eccentric, charismatic social studies teacher, Mr. Zenidro. But something else awaits them in the empty, yet mysterious school building. As the past and present begin to blur together so do sanity and madness, and Mr. Zenidro draws them into a lesson on history one can't find in books.

The film tells story of Julia and Alexander who have chance to earn a lot of money at their high school. Their eccentic teacher- Mr. Zenidro, however, changes absolutely their plan and makes everything become chaos. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angelina C (it) wrote: A beautiful, poignant and a remarkable tale about a Holocaust survivor. The book that is.....however great literature is often not the friend of film adapters. The film had a promising start then became quite dull towards the half of the film. The one fatal flaw is that I couldn t feel the connection, the pain and suffering he went through when he was a child during the Nazi occupation in Poland. He,actor Dillane provides a flat portrayal that dooms Jakob as an adult. Jumping back and forth the way the film does only turns a complicated, traumatized man into a passive cipher

Kevin M W (ru) wrote: The fear of the inner city dirt and grit and slime exploited bigtime with this cautionary tale about a innocent and nave businessman (?!?) seduced into an affair that explodes in his face quite literally. Everyone performs okay, only wanting for common sense from the script in this okay thriller.

Sam G (jp) wrote: totally love this..had good reviews when it first came out but didnt do that well at the cinema,its just a nice film,and the music is great and sets the scenes well, at the time I didnt know what to expect I just went in thinking another brit flick yawn but I was pleasantly surprised lol and felt quite uplifted by the end.....sigh

Curtis L (nl) wrote: Not a bad movie. The twins were fun to watch. Overall I don't give it more because I didn't connect with anyone, and I felt like I was supposed be emotional at the end and wasn't.

Ben P (br) wrote: I watched this film one night years ago when there was nothing else on. It's pretty low budget I think, but that doesn't automatically make a bad film. Sure it's not spectacular in any way shape or form. But it did provide an evenings light entertainment.

Corbett L (us) wrote: One of my favorite movies. NOT FOR A QUICK EASY VIEWING, unless you've seen it a lot.If you love Soderberg's films, this is your chance to see directly into his brain and make friends.

Farah R (fr) wrote: Tom Hanks delivers yet another tremendously powerful performance. It's sensible he won the best actor Academy Award for that year.

Elgan D (it) wrote: Interesting true story, nothing too memorable apart from the ending.

Phil H (kr) wrote: Terribly disappointing gangster film with Rourke and Shakur plus Brody, Levine and Donnie Wahlberg! great character actor cast...poor film.Not much to say really, the plot is nonsense and has Rourke as a Jewish con just outta the joint and living with his Jewish folks! in the mean time he deals drugs, does drugs and not much else really. Levine is his mental weapon obsessed brother who also lives at home and walks around in his Y-fronts all day, Brody is his other brother who is an artist and errr...they all somehow get by doing nothing, really I mean it, nothing during the whole film.Shakur is another gangster (yawn!) who lost his eye to Rourke whilst they were banged up together so he spends the whole film acting tough and trying to kill Rourke, boring, predictable and totally a waste of time, oh and Rourke co wrote it.

Cory J (es) wrote: A group of male astronauts land on a planet populated entirely by women led by a queen who wears a hideous silver mask to hide her horribly disfigured face, and Zsa Zsa Gabor trying to act!

Edgar C (ca) wrote: Unique and hilarious laughs and stunts throughout. Very lovable characters and a funny story put to screen featuring the Marx Brothers.91/100

Cameron H (gb) wrote: Horrible script & poor acting lead to a bad addition to the Hellraiser films. Started out with promise but fell apart in first 15mins... and then kept falling.