The Idiot

The Idiot

Kameda, who has been in an asylum on Okinawa, travels to Hokkaido. There he becomes involved with two women, Taeko and Ayako. Taeko comes to love Kameda, but is loved in turn by Akama. When Akama realizes that he will never have Taeko, his thoughts turn to murder, and great tragedy ensues.

A Japanese veteran, driven partially mad from the war, travels to the snowy island of Kameda where he soon enters a love triangle with his best friend and a disgraced woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maureen M (it) wrote: I love this movie and the soundtrack. shame it never made it to DVD, I am wearing my VHS out. LOL

JH K (es) wrote: Es otra peli mala de Jackie Chan, pero, me gusta ver sus pelis malas. No obstante, esta estaba en ingls, doblada del chino al ingls, y puede que sea de las experiencias ms confusas y terribles frente a una peli, escuchar un doblaje lamentable, no por desincronizado si no por falso, desubicado y totalmente carente de cualquier sentimiento humano que te arruina todo. Aguant unos 38 minutos antes de quitarla.Claro, no hay dobladores de ingls, no hay escuela y eso que me he criado viendo pelcula dobladas, ahora aprecio un doblaje bien hecho...

Riu S (es) wrote: great film! so powerfull!

MacDara C (us) wrote: (Watched Sun 13 Apr 2008)

Joshua A (kr) wrote: Gives a nice timeline of the "Punk" scene. Great insight into the ideals and desires of the musicians who wanted to simplify structure, remove politics and simply "rock."

Maxwell S (kr) wrote: The most significant piece of cinema of the 90's, hands down. I would have said that regardless of it's last bold move, which was about as brilliant as cutting a woman's eye open with a knife leading to series of dream sequences, but this led this film to be not only the most significant work since the late 70's-present, but one of the greatest of all time.

Anand K (fr) wrote: So the bad guy concocts a plan where he confesses to a murder and spends 8 years in prison just so he can then be released by the woman's husband who sent him to jail where he got castrated, when he could have just skipped that step and went after her from the get-go? Yeah ok Hollywood.

peter g (au) wrote: this was ok found it abit fakeish but ok

MF J (ag) wrote: Yesterday i had the pleasure and the opportunity to discover this little jewel from the 80's on a huge screen at the Metreon film theater in San Francisco. This is definitely the film of another era, another generation and another time when the dude could ride his bike, get the girl and sing his feelings with all his heart and guts still looking like a hero and a total badass. I doubt by today's standards the film film would get the same fame but rediscovering it is like jumping back in time when eyeliner ruled and hair cuts were the coolest ever. The storyline is pretty simple and straight forward but manages to be entertaining, thanks to numerous musical numbers and Prince holding it all on his tiny shoulders, proving that he was a giant in his art and a master of the scene. The acting was actually quite good and overall the film was very well shot, lit and scored. It's a beautiful love letter to music, art and love, all recurrent themes throughout Prince's eclectic and vast career. Purple Rain is a cult object, a film that defy time and reality to offer a unique introspective inside the world of a genius who at 24 years old was literately ruling the world of music and pop art scene. The crowd was cheering and applauding making the experience even more enjoyable and amazing. Purple Rain will remain one of my best time at the movies and a great source of inspiration for generations to come.

Mark B (au) wrote: MEGAFORCE !!!!!! fuck ya .... riding on flying motorcycles and blowing kisses with a thumbs up

Fred W (ca) wrote: Excellent kidnapping exploitation flick. Not quite as brutal as Night Train to Terror or Last House on the Left, but adds elements either other film lacks. Themute boy who knows all about what is happening to Candy, but either can not tell anyone or is ignored and scolded when he does is a particularly nice touch.

Kim E (it) wrote: Genuine spaghetti western, and a classic sequel to a classic prequel.

Jordan B (fr) wrote: A truly endearing film by Ken Loach. The story is heartbreakingly beautiful and serves as a realistic window into the culture of northern England. Beautifully made film and one of my personal favorites.