The Idiot

The Idiot

Upon Prince Myshkin's return to St. Petersburg from an asylum in Switzerland, he becomes beguiled by the lovely young Aglaya, daughter of a wealthy father. But his deepest emotion is for the wanton, Nastasia. The choices all are forced to make lead to great tragedy.

Upon Prince Myshkin's return to St. Petersburg from an asylum in Switzerland, he becomes beguiled by the lovely young Aglaya, daughter of a wealthy father. But his deepest emotion is for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elliot M (kr) wrote: It is not a bad movie. It just has too many overused mismatching parts.

Jennifer T (de) wrote: This certainly had potential but failed. Terrible acting and very confusing film.

Jeff K (nl) wrote: Totally laugh-free. Insane continuity issues. Jonathan Bennett has the comic timing of an umbrella. Even a fan of the first two won't be able to enjoy this one.

Raymond B (mx) wrote: I'd rate it lower if I could. Absolute garbage. Bad acting, cinematography, music, pacing and story.

Jessica L (us) wrote: Really love this. It has its fair share of cheesy parts and dancing/singing. But overall, it's funny and speaks to the truth of people's characters, about life, and about societal flaws.

Ryan O (es) wrote: Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired reopens the criminal case that made him leave the country over 30 years ago. While there doesn't seem to be any argument about his guilt or innocence in the case, what this film really does is re-examine the situation, the victim, the perpetrator and the US judicial system. Were there mistakes made on all sides?? Absolutely. This film allows you, the viewer to make your own decision on what really should be done, while also letting you know what the victim and her family think should be done. You'll be surprised. By the end, I can honestly say, I'm on the fence. Part of me feels that its been so long and its time to move on - but yet, the other part of me feels that if Polanski ever comes back to the States, he should be taken directly to jail. I'm just not sure. While the film does seem a bit over-long, the sensitivity and the controversy surrounding this case is something that shouldn't be missed. I remember when this film was the darling of the Festival circuit before HBO picked it up under its HBO Documentaries banner. The end result of this film is the portrait of a man who is complex due to cultural and personal life experiences and the faults that may exist within the US judicial system. This is a good film and worth a viewing.

Mitchell W (ru) wrote: Some cinephiles consider this a masterpiece, and when you approach Eastwood's portrayal of John Wilson/Huston as a "Brechtian" performance (per Jonathan Rosenbaum's suggestion), it becomes easier to understand why. Arguably Eastwood's most interesting dissection of his own work, it looks forward to other commendable films like "Gran Torino."

Andrew M (fr) wrote: the austin powers of carry on films. Down to earth farce that delivers well even with time.

Sandy R (it) wrote: A decidedly average and fairly routine World War II movie. Hell Is for Heroes meanders along due to it's slow pace until it reaches a more action packed final third and dramatic conclusion. The film has a strong ensemble cast and is directed by Don Siegel. However it's action sequences aren't very well staged and the film often feels disjointed. The climax in particular is awkward as it fails to come to a resolute conclusion. I didn't think this film was any better than your average episode of WWII drama series Combat! starring Vic Morrow, albeit padded out to feature length. There are far better and more precise WWII dramas out there such as Robert Aldrich's Attack and Samuel Fuller's The Big Red One.

Tasia S (br) wrote: I flippin loved this movie. What made it even better was the weird bat/spider thing that crawled across the floor at one point, and the bats flying through the air on strings. Bela Lugosi makes a pretty creepy vampire. The ending was definitely pretty shocking..

Irish T (gb) wrote: very good movie a must see

Raven D (nl) wrote: The initial premise of Superman having gone into hiding, withdrawing from the world, is simply brilliant. Brandon Routh is definitely Superman, and Clark Kent. His outfit, with the retro sepia colors, is excellent. And thats where my praise ends. Singer gets the hero, the mythos, the fanfare, the hope, but takes a fatal road... For whatever reason, he chose to focus on paying homage to the cheesy 80s movies (I have yet to revisit Superman, but the sequel has been dated and drowned in comedy and cheese). The best example of this misstep is having Kevin Spacey play Gene Hackman playing a cheesy, evil-for-evils sake villain, instead of just having him play Lex Luthor as depicted in the comics. This was 2006, and Lexs cold, ruthless business-man/villain persona had been around in the printed world for a while. What a waste. He pushes the throwback aspect to even more literal degrees by having Mrs. Teschmacher be something relevant again, and even including moments of Lexs henchmen stupidity. As if he felt the need to associate Lex Luthor, brilliant mastermind, with low IQ assistants. At least we didnt get Otis again. The movie then falls on its own homage-drenched weight, with help from a dull storyline, again taken from movies written a quarter of a century ago by then. I liked the scene in the Fortress of Solitude where hes beaten up by common thugs, letting us see him in a human light (albeit if this is just a result of kryptonite exposure), and the overall look and performance of Routh as Superman/Kent. But aside from that and a general feeling for Supermans classic heroism appeal, theres not much here to hold onto.

RB S (br) wrote: If I could only go back & time and put Anne Hathaway & James McAvoy in the previous year's Pride & Prejudice it would have been perfect.