The Illustrated Man

The Illustrated Man

A man who has a body almost completely covered in tattoos is searching for the woman who cursed him with the "skin illustrations". Each tattoo reveals a bizarre story, which is experienced by staring at the scene depicted. When the illustrated man meets a fellow tramp on the road a strange voyage begins.

The Illustrated Man is classic Bradbury, a collection of eighteen startling visions of humankind's destiny, unfolding across a canvas of decorated skin, visions as keen as the tattooist's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex Geo (us) wrote: This is the first time in a very long time that I feel so confused about a movie. Mostly, because I really tried to like it after it was recommended to me and after I had read so many favourable reviews. However I was a bit dissapointed. What I can definetely say is that I absolutely adored the soundtrack!! The performances (most of them) were good as well. And I loved the grotesque humour. Apart from some few scenes which were brilliant (my favourite is the funeral), most were artificially streched. And I found the plot disappointing even though I thought it was so promicing in the beginning. Maybe I just need to see it a second time?

Kyle E (gb) wrote: Haggis: You're a fool, Ed Harley. "A Grim Fairy Tale" Pumpkinhead is a film that surprised me a great deal. To be honest the only real reason I watched it was because it made sense around the Halloween season, but to my surprise, this is a very underrated movie. It has a nice slow buildup at the start and once the monster comes into play, the film shows off some great scenes. There's a lot to like about Pumpkinhead if you're a horror fan. It has a good and different(at least in birth and appearance) monster, a great middle of nowhere setting, and excellent atmosphere and sets. Ed Harley is a farmer and single parent of a young boy. They work together all day at a grocery store that Ed owns and their routine is interrupted when some city folks stop by the grocer on their way to a cabin. When one of the teenagers accidentally runs over Ed's boy, Ed takes his son to a local witch because he wants revenge. Hence Pumpkinhead is summoned. The movie has a look and feel that I just really enjoyed and I really like the simpleness of the villain and story. It's just a really fun and enjoyable horror film that kind of has a little of everything. There's a witch, a demon, a fairy tale, all wrapped into a revenge/monster slasher. It's tough to describe but that's what makes it worth a look. It has a feel that is truly its own. This may just look like another bad horror film. I mean a monster called Pumkinhead, come on. But really I believe it will surprise viewers who give it a chance. I definitely know it surprised me. Pumkinhead is an excellent horror film for around the Halloween holiday.

John P (kr) wrote: Probably the best killer worm movie around.

Tristan D (gb) wrote: Bud & Lou in their final Universal Picture also provide a send off for the studio's classic mummy movies. It brings back much of the wordplay and routines that had been discarded in favour of slapstick in their recent movies. As their last film for the studio that made them famous and second last together period there is somthing bittersweet about it but in the end it all works out. Abbott finally gets a girl and Costello gets the last laugh!

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