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The Image

Jean discovers that Anne cannot get enough of being humiliated by her mistress, Claire. Gentleman that he is, he decides to partake in the activities. Ultimately, Claire surrenders to him as well.

Jean becomes interested in friend Claire's kinky sex with slave Anne. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Trinity C (es) wrote: *screams*Evil clown!

David J (br) wrote: The movie was loud and sloppy, and I think they tried to mash too much killing, too much action in 100 minutes.

Sean P (mx) wrote: Interesting horror movie. Starts like there will be the usual gorrie film with everyone dying one by one. But it uses a double twist. Nice. The spirit of the warden and then later on, it seemed like an elaborate scheme to con the producer. Alot of people seem to be con artist, even at the start.The ending leaves a mystery though. I understand the gas chamber but the rest... :-S. The way the gay guy and the model girl supposedly died, was waste so no wonder they were con artists, making u wonder if the other deaths were real. But then.... Maybe the task 2 is coming as it ended with the English girl being traumatised and attacking the camera man I actually thought who would die.It gets a 3 not a 3.5 because of the key moment when the sister showed no emotion to her brother brutally being murdered by the warden spirit with the puncturing of his jubiler vein, with insane female inmates feasting on his body as cannibals (metaphor to how females generally are!) with her just running and not caring. The warden actors after, lead to the twist of the supposed acting being interesting though. Recommend to watch, 90 mins

jim w (kr) wrote: best documentary I've seen in awhile

Sam M (ru) wrote: If you're feeling really gay, then it could be somewhat satisfying. You can't get lower than this.

Vicki H (it) wrote: **SPOILERS**Where do I start? Reviewing this melodramatic movie that leaves youdead at the end (no pun intended), is going to be a task. I canhonestly classify it as the most depressing film I have seen in a longtime. The story is apparently based on a writing by the name of"Thrse Raquin," written in 1867 by Emile Zola.In short, the movie is about a young girl, who after her mother dies,is placed with her aunt and her sick, coughing cousin. Jessica Langeplays a controlling mother (Madame Raquin), who orchestrates Therese'slife at every turn. Her father passes away, and Therese is left with asmall annuity. No doubt for her own financial gain, she insists thatTherese marry her cousin. Unfortunately, he is not appealing inpersonality or looks, while she on the other hand is attracted tohandsome men and deals with an uncontrollable sex drive.When they relocate from the country to Paris, down a dark and dingystreet to open a shop, Therese meets Laurent, a friend of the family.It doesn't take long for the two of them to fall into a lust-driven,sexual relationship that borders on the ridiculous as they meet insecret. Her domineering aunt has no idea that while she is tending thestore below, her niece is copulating like a nymphomaniac upstairs inthe room she shares with her son. Though you are led to believe it islove between the two, I frankly thought it bordered on physicalobsession. Her lover knows how to control her need for him bypleasuring her at every turn, just as well as her aunt who manipulatesher to do her bidding.As far as Therese's husband, played by Tom Felton, he is a boring andidiotic man, and a mama's boy. His relationship with his mother isfrankly as sickly as his health (cough, cough), as his mother dominatesand coddles him into adulthood.Laurent, as sexually driven as Therese, wants her all to himself. Hesuggests that they orchestrate an accident to do away with her husband.After all, accidents happen every day. Therese is hesitant to carry outthe plan, but Laurent takes it to the end when the three of them goboating. He pushes her husband overboard, beats him with a paddle, andthey watch him drown. Of course, they are dragged back to shorefeigning a terrible boating accident wherein he loses his life. Hisbody is recovered, buried, and no one is the wiser, except for onefamily friend who has her suspicions.Of course, after the murder and time passes, Laurent and Therese marryand live together with Madame Raquin at the shop. Their relationshipturns sour very quickly, as guilt for murdering Camille and theirdebase personalities come to the forefront. In the meantime, MadameRaquin has a stroke, no doubt brought on by her excessive grief overher son's death, and is left unable to move or speak. As she isconfined to a wheelchair, she discovers through their yelling fightswith one another that they murdered her son.Well, where does this leave this sordid tale of dysfunctional family,adultery, lust, and whatever else you want to term it? It comes to anend where Therese and Laurent grow to hate each other so much they ploteach other's demise. In the end, they both go mad as a hatter, andcommit suicide in front of Madame Raquin, who finally obtains justicefor her son's murder. The scene is no Romeo and Juliet moment, believeme. Instead, it is a sad commentary to two selfish people who committeda senseless murder that leads to no happy ending.As far as performances, Jessica Lange, I thought carried the insatiablegrief about her son's death to a psychotic level. Whether it was theintention of her performance to do so because of the script, I have noidea. However, I thought it felt excessive. Elizabeth Olsen'sportrayal, as well as Oscar Isaac's, as the colliding lovers(definitely not star-crossed lovers), were well done conveying thecharacters' crazy drive for sex and ultimate demise due to guilt thatborders on lunacy.The setting overall, especially in Paris, is very dark and gloomy,which frankly mirrors the story. The costumes were mid-Victorian eraand dull in color for the most part.If you like depressing, dark, and dramatic period movies that leave youfeeling uninspired, this one is for you.

Tyler L (es) wrote: Wow, when I thought Sci-fi couldn't have crappier movies before, this disaster shows up on it. I honestly cannot believe how ridiculous someone had to be to come up with such a story. Genetically altered bats? I love how the bats managed to grow a full set of teeth. This is like Hitchcock's Birds thrown in a barrel of toxic wast, tarred and feathered. With bad acting, crappy plot and outrageous special effects; this movie is not only a pain-staking waste of breath, but a pain to watch. Uwe Boll has directed better films than this, and thats saying a WHOLE lot. Dont waste your time, this film is a trainwreck.

Geneva L (kr) wrote: Absolutely awful. I loved the blue lagoon and thought i would watch this but i was soooooooo disappointed. The acting was terrible and there was no scenes where they really show like in the blue lagoon as well as how they had to change the story. in the first one richard and emmeline lived as well as paddy, but in the second one the parents didnt? blah! In all honesty, i wish i had never stumbled across the second part. ever. i give it a -1 out of +10.

Brandon C (mx) wrote: Continuing my teenage guilty pleasure this movie was actually better than the first one, but I am giving it the same 3 stars, it is still cheesy, it is still badly acted, and it is still fun. If you can watch goofy horror movies without taking them too seriously this franchise is well worth revisting.

Kevin W (nl) wrote: Hong Kong melodrama from 1987 directed by Stanley Kwan, who would receive international acclaim with his following feature 'Actress'. This was based on the life of Ruan Lingyu, the Chinese Garbo, who was most famous for Goddess (an exceptional film from the 1930s), and her life story shares so many aspects of Rouge - the 1930s, suicide, social pressure, forbidden romances, so it's almost as if in many ways that Rouge is a training ground for what is Kwan's most acclaimed and famous film.Rouge has to be judged on its own merits though. It reminds me of Chen Kaige's 'Temptress Moon' in many respects, which also starred Leslie Cheung. Both are incredibly self-aware melodramas. This angle is deliberately played up and exploited - maybe because in the case of Rouge, the heroine belongs in the 1930s, the peak period for Chinese melodramas, which also throws her into a bit of a "fish out of water" situation in late 1980s Hong Kong.Fleur, a courtesan (perfectly played by Anita Mui) and Chan Chen-Pang (Leslie Cheung), heir to a wealthy family fall in love despite the disapproval of his family, who have decided that he should marry his cousin for the benefit of his family's name and future. Such is their love for each other that they agree on a suicide pact, though it doesn't quite go to plan. Fleur, who died, searches for her beloved in a modern Hong Kong some fifty years after her death.Whilst Fleur searchs, she engages the help and sympathy of a two journalists, Yuen (Alex Man) and Ah Chor (Emily Chu), a couple who are going through the motions and seem not too serious. Fleur's story makes them re-evaluate their own relationship, perhaps envying Fleur's passion, but also demonstrates how love has changed throughout the ages - they admire the sacrifices Fleur made and the lengths she went to in order to be with the one she loved. They concede they aren't that romantic.With the film's self-awareness goes a wicked sense of humour too - see the scenes where Ah Chor, who thinks Yuen has brought a woman (Fleur) home, doesn't believe she is a ghost and then finds out comically. Add much technical prowess; the 360 degree turn of the camera as Fleur and Chen's eyes meet for the first time at the brothel she works at, the way the camera glides as Yuen notices Fleur appearing and vanishing when she first visits him at the newspaper office asking to place an ad for a missing person. Fleur might be a ghost but she is shown as a real person; there's no effects, she has emotions, thoughts, a purpose. It's a superbly fleshed out central character for what is a stunning film both visually and emotionally.

Joshua D (de) wrote: as a nonfan of either Carell or Fey, I found the combination of their humor to be a quench of a laughing thirst.

Ryan C (mx) wrote: If you don't understand Dane Cook's appeal, you still won't after this film. It's just another poor Cook film that gives a few decent laughs and leaves you wondering if Jessica Alba fired her agent after this.

Carlos M (es) wrote: Despite its clichd and moralizing message about "the price you pay when you choose profession over personal life," this is an entertaining comedy that takes a caustic look at New York's fashion scene and has an unforgettable performance by Meryl Streep.

Bloodmarsh K (nl) wrote: 'Vertical Limit' is as cheesy as they come , and it's a shocking reminder that these ''actors'' were once taken seriously.