The Image Makers

The Image Makers


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KissaHime (ru) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. I especially loved the heroines and the twin guys. The dogs always made me laugh with their various dance moves.

Stuart B (au) wrote: This was a great disappointment it could have been such a good movie but the acting was pretty shoddy and the one liners were poor. I thought Warren Kole was good in his role as Hogan and Izabella Scorupco looked tremendous throughout but those were the only plus points.

Stuart P (it) wrote: Unbelievably shit. The James Belushi character continually grabs his nuts.

Kristina K (jp) wrote: It wasn't drew Barrymore ... It's a young Thora Birch I love her and I used to love that that movie when I was a wee-one!

Cam S (ru) wrote: Some nice interplay between reality and fantasy. Dennis Hopper is cool.

Philip S (ag) wrote: A decent enough tv film/docudrama about the genesis of the Doctor Who series. It has a bit of a quirky feel to it, much like the series itself. Obviously, fans of the show will appreciate the film and its references far more than anyone tuning in to find out what all the fuss is about.

Jasmine H (br) wrote: The main characters are uncharismatic people who you really don't care about and the whole movie tries to force laughs through half-minded jokes and gags.

John F (jp) wrote: excellent movie dealing with the demons that goes on with trying to " keep it real " and the struggle with trying not to be a statistic.... it's hard to adapt being a felon, but in the end it's about WILLPOWER....

Thomas B (br) wrote: The plot at the heart of the film could be interesting but instead it's reduced to a by the numbers action film with no heart. Full review later.