The Immature

The Immature

Six high school friends who come to the quarantine and have to assume that they are far from their days of glory. With a lot of responsibilities above are all immersed in their various personal crises. But everything changes when a court to void the test they did to get into college ... so you have to repeat if they want their careers to stand.

Twenty years ago, while they were 12th grade students, Giorgio, Lorenzo, Piero, Luisa, Virgilio and Francesca were a high-spirited band. Then they graduated, integrated themselves into ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James O (de) wrote: Looks like an independent channel 4 film but worse. The first half hour is tedious, slow and accompanied almost constantly with a violin note. I didn't get much further.

Thaddaeus D (fr) wrote: my family really loves animated comedies especially involving animals

Marcus W (it) wrote: There are a LOT of teen dramas out there, this is one of the good ones.

Ian W (it) wrote: A movie about being down and out is never going to be happy and uplifting, so dont watch this if you are looking for nice bit of light entertainment. For Bukoswki fans only.

claudia20 b (ag) wrote: Dear God, how dumb are you...swastikas on the side will go down as the dumbest actor in Hollywood,your a grade D actor when will you learn to keep your idiot mouth shut

ANGEL SENT FROM ABOVE (ru) wrote: i lvoe this movie. it has a lot of sad parts, but it mostley showed love.

Celso P (fr) wrote: I <3 Eduardo Noriega!!!

Jamie C (ca) wrote: A buddy comedy film that has been done so many times before but the miss match cops work well together on set, We have Jackie Chan with the great action scenes and Chris Tucker for the comedy they make the old script work well that's funny and entertaining and worth watching.

sweetcanadachick k (ru) wrote: I sure like the movie its amzing when he talk to those animals

Private U (au) wrote: Stress me out why don't ya.

Mir Thufail Ahmed S (nl) wrote: one of the best movie of Salman.....simply love the simplicity in the movie what do u feel siku

a (ag) wrote: A delightful and atmospheric gothic tale from the european vault. A joint dutch, french and german production I suspect from the mixed cast, but everyone speaks perfect french (like I would know). If you like Bava, or Jess Franco's 'Awfull dr Orloff, do yourself a favor and watch this.

Justin S (gb) wrote: A tad too much slapstick for me, but Red Skelton definitely cracked me up several times. I wanted to murder that idiot driver by the end though. Just about every problem was caused by him, and the sheer force of his stupidity was tiresome. And I'm not sure what was going on with Red's fox howl thing. Sounded more like a wolf being slowly run over... or burned... or something else painful, but definitely not a fox.

Rhonda O (kr) wrote: nice singing and dancing

Talon D (gb) wrote: It's getting panned, though. It'll be a rental for me.