The Immoral Mr. Teas

The Immoral Mr. Teas

Mr. Teas is a door to door salesman for dentists' appliances. Everywhere he goes he encounters beautiful "well-developed" nude women, which of course stir his interest. The only sound in the film is the voice of a narrator and a very monotonic musical theme played on the clarinet or some similar instrument.

Mr. Teas is a door to door salesman for dentists' appliances. Everywhere he goes he encounters beautiful "well-developed" nude women, which of course stir his interest. The only sound in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frank C (ru) wrote: Best movie I've seen in a long time! Non-stop laughs. Just well-written and keeps moving . Best ever!

Brian R (kr) wrote: l like this movie good

Ali M (ag) wrote: Amitabh Bachchan is living the time of his life. At 65, he is getting author backed roles. He is playing as diverse characters as possible. He is getting to act against the finest actors and biggest starts of the current generation. What makes all this possible is he never disappoints. He is getting more effortless an actor by the day. Cheeni Kum is a small film targeted at the multiplex audience. It hits bang on target. The punch lines evoked laughs and the more serious moments did not make people go out and get popcorn. Amitabh is a chef in an Indian restaurant in London. Tabu comes in one day as a customer and before they know, the 64 year old is in love with the 34 year old. Now the task in hand is to convince Tabu's father, played by Paresh Rawal, to accept a man 6 years older than him as his son-in-law. Does he? Find out for yourself.

David W (ca) wrote: An interesting documentary with Werner Herzog's direction that makes it better. RIP Timothy Treadwell

Jason M (au) wrote: So much possibility wasted here.

Danny R (nl) wrote: Martin Scorsese's grand sweeping epic with visceral cinematic storytelling at its best in the tradition of the great Hollywood spectacles. A riveting tale of vengeance in the year 1863 that concerns a young Irish immigrant named Amsterdam Vallon, played marvelously by Leonardo DiCaprio in a powerhouse performance, who returns after years of incarceration to the lawless and crime infested section of lower Manhattan know as the Five Points, seeking revenge against the man who killed his father, the notorious, ruthless self-appointed rival gang leader of the nationalistic "Native Americans," a murderous, ferocious rogue named William "The Butcher" Cutting, played magnificently by Daniel Day-Lewis in a unforgettable virtuoso performance that deservedly earned him an Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations for Best Actor, and won him an BAFTA Award for Best Actor. Amsterdam's personal vendetta becomes part of the warring factions of gangs that erupt as he and his fellow Irishmen fight for the right to secured a place for themselves in the Five Points. Meticulously directed by Scorsese who gives us a film with engrossing human drama, and striking characterizations from the superb supporting cast that includes Cameron Diaz, Jim Broadbent, John C. Reily, Liam Neeson, Henry Thomas, Brendan Geeson and Gary Lewis, but its Daniel Day-Lewis that steals this film hands down with his stunning portrayal of the deadly and fearless Bill "The Butcher." Magnificently photographed by Michael Ballhaus, with extraordinary set design by Dante Freretti which recreates the New York City of the 1800s flawlessly. A unique and poetic film that is easily one of Scorsese's finest, it earned 10 Academy Awards nominations including Best Picture, Best Director: Martin Scorsese, Best Actor Daniel Day-Lewis. Golden Globe Award Winner: Best Director: Martin Scorsese, and Best Song: "The Hands That Built America" by U2. Highly Recommended.

Kevin G (fr) wrote: Not a bad flick to unwind with. Not familiar with any of the actors in the film but everyone seemed to fill their role well. I enjoy a good viking story and there are not many of these types of movies around. Well filmed with beautiful scenery throughout.

kenie r (br) wrote: Pretty Woman is such a classic. Its one of those movies that whether you've seen it or not you've heard about it and generally have an idea what its about. Of course the quick summary of this movie makes it sound ridiculous. A hooker and a businessman fall in love. But once you watch it and see the characters unfold and all their sarcastic little jokes between one another really is so cute and gives everyone hope to find love.

George K (jp) wrote: What a fun movie. I don't know how real the events were, but you can't help rooting for this guy (just like in real live).