The Imperial Limited

"The Canadian Pacific's limited mail train running at high speed."

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  • Release: 1899
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  • Category: Short
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"The Canadian Pacific's limited mail train running at high speed

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Users reviews

Abu S (ca)

my top character is on it so think ti is a fantistick and good actioin

Box H (gb)

how healthy is it to impress upon your own children that they won't reach adulthood because of armageddon? there is nothing redeeming about this at all

Dave C (mx)

Great performances by Ben Gazzara and Denholm Elliott, but the prime attraction of the film is an unsanitized Singapore that is mostly long gone. Film sags towards the halfway line but throws in a fitting third act. A not so ugly American works as a pimp in 70s Singapore is an amazing character study

Eric S (nl)

Excellent movie, the acting, writting, directing, everything is clicking on all cylinders here, Michael Rappaport is great as usual

Eve Lyn B (it)

The lengthiness of these films allows for all loose ends to be tied and to tell a complete story. Great acting, great script, great locations. The music alone is stunning. I am rarely dissapointed by Bollywood films and this one reminds me why. The latest from India does not dissapoint

Jess H (ca)

t close :). . . Great performances as well, still not as great as Cello. The supernatural aspect is almost like an afterthought, but my stomach dropped in fear a bunch of times while watching this, so mission accomplished on the horror part. This movie is strictly about the main characters, and you get taken along for the ride as deeply disturbing secrets from their past emerge

Ketutar J (kr)

here were some hard moments, but it ends so beautifully :-). . . I loved this movie

Marc R (kr)

Go figure for yourself. Most films today do not know how to do comedy and if they tried to do a movie like this today, the minority would win out because some 10 people in a country might be offended even though it is a film and not real. Thank God we have these gems to look back on. The comedy film genre will never replace the legend that was Leslie Neilson and this genre of film is a much poorer place without him. I grew up watching this time and time again as a child (as my Nan will attest too) and every now and again, like now, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, just whack it on your Sky Q box and relax with the bird and enjoy. As stated above, this film (although not silly to me but I can see why people with no sense of humour would say such a thing) has stood the test of time in terms of gags and is bound to with Leslie Neilson about & who is the king of spoof

Marko Z (it)

It sure feels like a Tarantino movie, but an unusual and a bit forced soundtrack along with some remarkably dumb camera placements kinda takes you out of it

Private U (ru)

and it's dutch. . . . . It's like that but set in a mine. See my review for Dead Mary