The Imposter

The Imposter

The Imposter deals with the lifestyle and subsequent breakdown of a Christian rock singer. Kevin Max stars as Johnny C, a talented singer who is addicted to oxycodone. After his wife and child leave him, Johnny is fired from the band by leader James, played by Jeff Deyo. Johnny tries to make it on his own but gets swindled by a sleazy record producer and beat up by his drug suppliers. Finally out of options, Johnny travels home to see if his family will take him back.

The Imposter deals with the lifestyle and subsequent breakdown of a Christian Rock singer to be played by Kevin Max. As much as an inside look into the Christian music industry, The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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GG M (mx) wrote: This movie took me by surprise. I didn't think it would be as funny as it is.

Dave W (de) wrote: Good film with interesting character driven plot. A unique film that asks the question - "Can anyone be unhappy eating cake?" Humorous, mysterious, and just a plain good story it is worth the time to watch.

Jim J (es) wrote: How much havoc can a kiss create? but without the crazed/zany comedy approach? Indeed havoc is wrought but it?s a different sort of comedy. Indeed it snowballs, but it?s more like the entire mountainside slowly came down? you don?t notice it till it?s too late. It?s painful like the best of Ricky Gervais or Larry David, but deadpan beyond belief. In the uber-auteur tradition Emmanuel Mouret, the writer director, also plays the male lead. One of the best things about the film is its structure. Romantic comedy, yes by content, but not by the tired structure we?re used to. It cleverly uses a framing device/story-within-a-story to focus on the story of two ?best friends?, one married and the other one in and out of relationships. When the relationship moves to non-platonic, trouble spreads. The results forms the framing storyline. The timing is awesome and the camera mise en scene is exquisite. For example, there?s an awesome shot of the two lovers sitting in the edge of the bed with their backs to the camera al la Godard for a long part of the conversation where we don?t see their faces. Then they flop back on the bed and the camera tilts down to finally reveal their faces. The whole movie is like that. Your eye is carefully directed. It?s a French romantic comedy but its subtle approach pays off much bigger than the slapstick approach. The sad problem for me is that Emmanuel Mouret works are not well distributed. Shall We Kiss? and Change of Address have no NTSC DVD release yet? although Shall We Kiss is scheduled in February 2010 and available now in an Australian PAL version.

Chris C (fr) wrote: quality doc. about the lives of a few folks exonerated via dna after serving long prison sentences.

Alexander C (nl) wrote: Looks interesting will try to find and watch!

forcebucket B (ru) wrote: A criminally underrated movie that was far better than the oscar favorites of that year. *great movie

Scott P (mx) wrote: Halfway through the movie, I was liking this a lot more. It had some creative aspects, and I saw a lot of wonderful elements games like 999 and Zero Escape borrowed. There were some twists at the end I also really enjoyed, but that last half squandered tons of good will I did not expect to have going in.Some minor spoilers to follow:First and foremost, the use of time. In the flashbacks to all the other games, there is a definite timeline where the victim has to push themselves to get out of their predicament with fatal consequences awaiting at the last second. If someone could explain to me why they were given eight hours to sit around and do nothing the entire time, please, let me know. I was okay with it until we had a flashback to the wife and daughter kidnapping which Elwes wasn't at all around for, then coming back after two hours had gone by. Two hours between finding the photograph and deciding to try looking around again and turning off the lights. Second, the acting. Cary Elwes had two modes: growly Castiel/Karl-Urban know-it-all and family-man-Zoolander/Tyler Breeze. It was extremely distracting. Like, Hans Gruber as an American in Die Hard oddity.Third, everything that happens towards the end... just everything that happens. Just dumb, dumb, dumb. Since Benry and Miles were major roles, making a comparison to Lost's final season and things just happening seems apt without citing specific comparisons.Ugh, I was actually enjoying it for a while. If it were just a bit smarter, tighter, and creative, I'd probably have better feelings.

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Craig L (us) wrote: More memorable than Fellini's other works, this works on many levels.

Brent B (es) wrote: If you don't like this movie then you don't like laughing.

Jesper J (ag) wrote: Damm that airplane scene made me cry