The Inbetweeners Movie

The Inbetweeners Movie

High school graduation just wouldn’t be complete without an un-chaperoned, uninhibited and unforgettable final holiday. At least that’s what Will, Jay, Simon and Neil think when they book a two-week stay on an exotic Greek island. As their dreams of sun-drenched days and booze-filled nights are left hopelessly unfulfilled, the lads fight their way into the party scene with hilariously humiliating results in this smash hit UK raunchy comedy.

The Inbetweeners Movie follows four socially troubled 18-year-olds who set out on a wild sun and booze-filled vacation to a notorious Mediterranean hotspot as they try to break their lifelong losing streak with the ladies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason R (nl) wrote: Seriously?! I get a John Cusack movie once a year and this is the crap he offers.

Adam R (es) wrote: A vast improvement over the 1986 version of Manhunter. Effectively scary with Anthony Hopkins again in the role he plays so well. It's the kind of movie that still creeps you out hours after you've seen it. (First viewing - Summer 2006)

Kyle M (br) wrote: A 3.5-average of another adapted Marvel property matching its atmospheric tone, with some somewhat narrative depth that was successful within the character's aspect, while the soul has some cheesiness to the coolly-executed effects and action pieces. Also, Nicholas Cage displayed a bill-fitting performance with some of his usual ways to fulfill the character decently. (B)(Full review coming soon - with better wording probably)

Connor D (de) wrote: Good real-life story of a relentless woman who would stop at nothing to do the right thing. 7.1/10

william s (us) wrote: Rember when everyone hate the media? Good times!

Hannah D (es) wrote: lol @ their idea of computers in the 90s

Scott C (ca) wrote: Super cheesy, but I will admit Michael Dudikoff had charisma. Not without its fun bits.

jay n (ag) wrote: All great actors and actresses have some stinkers in the list of their work, this is one of those for Hopkins, Hawn and Holbrook. Goldie does the worst Russian accent ever.

Greg S (mx) wrote: One of the first films to deal with the Holocaust. Steiger turns in a strong, haunting performance. Depicts a painful character study, mirrored on a backdrop of the 60's inner city. I can see why this was recently added to the National Film Registry.

Richie L (it) wrote: A wonderful movie filled with drama, love, and talent. SPECTACULAR!

Simon S (gb) wrote: Sunshine is able to thrill and impress despite an uneven final act, largely thanks to strong performances and Danny Boyle's radiant visual effects.

James D (ag) wrote: As in the extended versions of the Lord of the Rings series this DVD is a must to that collection. Beside excellent graphics and story the additional discs give you how much effort went into this film.

Joey F (kr) wrote: I'm convinced Edgar Wright is the best comedy director working right now. Not only is this script one of the tightest and funniest I've ever heard, but the directing and cinematography borders on virtuosic. This is clearly the best of the Cornetto Trilogy in my opinion, and anyone who likes things should like this.

Michael K (mx) wrote: A Scifi Classic . . .

Crystal R (nl) wrote: This was really interesting since I really didn't know a lot about Daft Punk even though I like them.

David W (kr) wrote: Complete garbage with nothing of even decent quality the story structure is broken, characters without anything of interest in them, and a plot that is idiotic. Never in any world would this happen and the only proof to support our protagonist's (Josh I think either way really forgettable) claim is that the antagonist (The professor) is mean. It fails at even being christian propaganda!