The Incredible Hulk Returns

The Incredible Hulk Returns

Dr. David Banner meets a former student, who has a magical hammer that summons Thor, a Norse god who is prevented from entering Valhalla. When the two superheroes stop feuding long enough to breathe, they are a team unmatched by any of their enemies.

It's been two years since the Hulk has surfaced, and Dr David Bruce Banner is on the verge of curing himself of the Hulk. A device he helped create, the Gamma Transponder, will rid him of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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kam l (ca) wrote: It was awful movie and had a horrible storyline. It was so generic and unrealistic.

Kyle M (jp) wrote: awesome movie, bloody

Alex P (de) wrote: then is she alive? is that the twist? i'd be pretty pissed off if she actually DID die.

Mariana A (de) wrote: Clearly, there was an important competition taking place here: whether the "plot" or the acting was more obnoxious.

Terri H (ru) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Keith v (ag) wrote: The only complaint I have against this movie is the late 80's/early 90's smooth R&B/jazz soundtrack. Otherwise, I can't recommend it highly enough.

Cline H (jp) wrote: moi aussi, j'aime bien les hynes.

Stephen C (gb) wrote: The film presents plenty of interesting ideas and sides to the origin of AIDS/HIV in North America via Patient Zero and how it's presented. The way that the ideas are presented go from wild and cheesy to harsh and chilling, sometimes within a span of a minute. The shift between the two have a tough time finding balance and sometimes the transition into a song is quite jarring.

Jonathon C (ru) wrote: A haunting portrayal that, with my preconceptions of history, I find believable, and accept this telling of history as accurate as can be expected. It seems to be balanced, which should make us feel a little bit uncomfortable. I very much liked the spiritual dimension, where both the Catholic French jesuits, and the Animist originals of the Algonquin, Iroquois and Huron tribes of what is now Quebec, essentially live in two worlds, where neither understands the other, nor see value in the positives each has to offer. The film is done in such a way that allows the viewer to see the positives and negatives of both world views, never saying that one is right or wrong, but it shows how those views affect the actions, behaviours and motivations of both sides; hence some viewer discomfort may result. It may make us grieve for the blindness of our European ancestors, no matter how well intentioned they may have been, in some cases. I also liked the magnificence of the Indian villages. They were far more complex than we are led to believe as children. There was barely a wig wam in site. Their dwellings were well constructed forts that any westerner of that era would have found impressive. It seems to have been a well researched film, and though the acting is awkward to begin with, it soon begins to flow and becomes quickly engrossing. Well directed by Bruce Beresford. An Aussie with an eye for the stories of the world that transcend cultural and national borders.

Andy C (fr) wrote: At first I read it as "John Carpenter's The Dead" which would have been way different. As is, very wordy, but those Irish sure do drink a lot.

Bradley K (br) wrote: A little on the slow side but what it lacks in energy it makes for with beautifully constructed tableaux of LA 80s chic!

Spencer T (ca) wrote: I really really enjoyed this movie. It was really funny, engaging, the acting was solid and at times exceptional, the story was creative and fun, as well the script. What I thought was best about this movie was the pacing of the plot, I thought the script was very effective in establishing an emotional connection with the characters and then when the problems start to hit the trio we as the audience feel with the characters.

Shane S (ag) wrote: its just a remake. the original starred Clint Eastwood, and I think he directed it as well. its a good, very unsettling film. this remake has an excellent cast and director. it could be pretty good.

William W (de) wrote: A sobering look at a typical British family's experience in between the two World Wars and the second of Sir Noel Coward and Sir David Lean's four collaborations. Though probably the least rewarding of the four films, it has its merits and shows Lean further blossoming into whom would be one of the greatest directors ever.

Paul R (fr) wrote: Check out this relatively unknown gem of a movie - Cypher. Directed by Vincenzo Natali who we have to thank for the splendid low budget mystery nightmare - Cube, we are once again treated to another great idea, this time executed extremely well indeed. It looks absolutely stunning with some great visuals and cinematography, it's meager budget was certainly eked out very well.We follows Morgan Sullivan, a sad, drip of a man who craves for a more exciting life and is bored with his mundane existence at work and at home. He starts a new job working for a global computer corporation called Digicorp. His job seems very simple - travelling to various conventions around America to covertly record the speeches that are made by Digicorp's competitors. His seemingly normal life suddenly changes when he meets a beautiful and mysterious woman who reveals some truths about what is really going on.Cypher is a superb mystery Sci-Fi thriller with excellent pace and a tight story. As more is revealed we are taken on a journey through corporate espionage, brainwashing and conspiracy. It's jam packed with enough twists to keep you guessing throughout. Exciting, compelling and ultimately rewarding, this is a film that I have always felt deserved far more acclaim. Watch this!

Adrin F (it) wrote: Mr. Woodcock egy hlye. Farley egy bolond. me, ebb?l ll egy film.