The Indian Fighter

The Indian Fighter

A scout leading a wagon train through hostile Indian country unwittingly gets involved with a Sioux chief's daughter

A scout leading a wagon train through hostile Indian country unwittingly gets involved with a Sioux chief's daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dylan G (br) wrote: If it wasn't for the unnecessary human drama, this would have been as enjoyable as the first one! B

DeeJay B (nl) wrote: just terrible.. not even watchable.

Chris Z (au) wrote: Fantastic documentary.

Eric S (mx) wrote: One of the better brittish horror films of recent years!

James H (mx) wrote: Very much a feel good movie, but highly entertaining with fun performances, and a good script and story. There are some cliche's, but the winning direction overcomes them. Very funny and fine German film.

Juuso L (gb) wrote: Terrible mess.Kokoelma Diilimist toimistossa hengailua. Tyypit vain istuvat (joskus mys seisovat!) puvut ja selt suorassa, virtaviivaisissa ja tylsn nkisess toimistossaan ja puhuvat. Puhuvat ja puhuvat. Mitn muuta ei tapahdu. Rollaripaidat ja liike vain puuttuu, muuten oltaisiin Dressmann-mainoksessa.

Chris H (mx) wrote: A pretty formulaic thriller that while watchable is definitely one of Eastwood's weaker directorial efforts.

Justin W (ca) wrote: Another mediocre yet watchable sequel.

Favio V (kr) wrote: I'm watching Instinct (1999)

Louis M (br) wrote: People said that the 2014 film didn't have enough Godzilla. This one however was lacking one completely.

Jari L (de) wrote: Top Gun for kids. Get the soundtrack, forget the movie.

Private U (mx) wrote: Brilliant film, perfect acting. Bleak, funny, and extremely black. Flixter would appear to have the wrong cover for this one though as its a film set in a Liverpudlian working mens club, not an american martial arts film!!

Private U (gb) wrote: to really appreciate Natale Wood you have to see this along with t"This Property is Condemned" 1966 which also stars Robert Redford as a young Brad Pitt, "All the Fine Young Cannibals" 1960 and Marjorie Morningstar (1958) to real see how good she really is as a lusty desirable young woman. It makes her role in "Splendour in the grass" seem as over done and dull ( which it aint so you can imagine what she is like in these other movies) With inside Daisy Clover she gets to make fun of herself and the way Hollywood operates. it is extrermly funny movie, and I am sure it was intended to be but then as in now a general audience doesn't understand or get Parody which you cann't make without an true understanding and love of the subject material. the "musical" numbers in the film are blatantly over the top and "Your Gonna Hear From Me" is perhaps a curse that has been placed on casting agents for eternity I suspect the "Judges " for American Idol have heard it more then once. You have to relax and suspend your disbeliefe to enjoy this movie, if you can do that you will have a good there, ( there is a novel that it is based on and I am sure Jacklin Susann read it more then once while working on Valley of the Dolls)

Bill B (us) wrote: The first thing I have to say is that this film looks amazing, the crisp B & W photography is gorgeous from the first frame until the credits roll, and both Mitchum and MacLaine are fun to watch in their roles.His uptight laconic routine plays nicely against her whimsical free spirit, even as they spend the film dancing around truly depressing situation and refusing to allow themselves to commit to one another.Good film, worth tracking down.

Cathy H (mx) wrote: The best film of Colbert's career -- even if they didn't portray the true sincerity of Keith's memoir, they didn't totally do a hatchet job on their adaptation.

Anti R (kr) wrote: racist movie: there are two bad guys and as if by chance, they are both black ... No surprise comming from the racist "republican" Clint Eastwood